Are you ready to get more traffic coming to your website? Do you want to build your success and reputation within your industry? If so, you have to pay attention to the backlinks you build. There are quite a few reasons this is important with the bottom line being if you want to achieve a good place in Google search rankings – and stay there – checking the backlinks you build is essential.

Google Penguin and Your Site

Google Penguin was an algorithm update rolled out by Google a few years ago that begun to crawl websites, penalizing any ones that posted low quality backlinks. This is the primary reasons that as part of any best-practices SEO strategy, backlinks need to be monitored regularly. Failure to keep up with the links can lead to serious penalties, including disappearing from the SERPs altogether.

Helpful Tip: There are now a number of automated tools that can be used to monitor the backlinks on your page. If any issues arise, they will alert you so you can make changes.

Backlinks to Avoid

There are many types of good backlinks you can have, such as links from site that are high quality, authoritative and relevant to your niche.  Example of good links are links on high quality blogs and news sites, high quality directories, and even links acquire through podcast guesting and podcast booking services.

There are certain backlinks that will hurt your site. Try to avoid backlinks from:

  • Gambling or adult websites
  • Unrelated websites to your niche
  • Website using aggressive or violent language
  • Sites you are not proud to be connected to

Take a Proactive Stance against Negative SEO Attacks

If you are in a particularly competitive industry, then you may be at risk for a negative SEO attack. This is when a competitor attempts to bombard your site with low quality links to trigger this response from Google. If you are proactively monitoring your links, this can be avoided.

Barnacle Links

A barnacle link is similar to a barnacle on a boat. While one or two may not do any harm, after a while a large accumulation can lead to issues. While these links are not necessarily nefarious in themselves, they should be eliminated or handled. They have no positive affect for your website; therefore eliminating them altogether is usually the best option.

Keep Tabs on Your Competitors

You can monitor your competitor’s backlinks just like you do for your own site. You may wonder what the benefit of this would be, and it is actually fairly simple. By seeing where their backlinks come from, you can also target the higher quality sources in order to try and get a link from the same sites.

Helpful Tip:  If you are in the process of hiring a web design firm, ask them about their SEO knowledge and keep in mind that the best web design companies will always perform a competitive analysis on your high performance competitors.

Take some time to manually review your backlinks from time to time in addition to using the automatic monitoring software. This will help ensure you are not being hit by any type of penalties due to the backlinks on your pages. Eliminating low quality or unrelated links from your site will not only help you avoid being labeled as spam, but also help you increase your rank in search engines.

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