The logo of your brand is emblematic; it should convey the essence and mission of your brand and needs to be concise and clear at the same time. The logos these days are creative and speak a lot about the brand (thanks to the creative logo makers in the market). There are few logos are visually aesthetic but are constructed in a bit detailed manner. They occupy lot of space and unfortunately are not eye catchy in few cases. However because of their detailed nature, it becomes easier to convey the mission of your brand (it can be said that it’s an old school strategy). When we speak about logos, less is often more! This stands true for font choice, colour, pattern and everything else! Minimalism can be tricky to achieve and if executed improperly, it can come across as too simple or boring! Few examples of minimalist logo designs would be ‘Apple’, ‘Airplane’, ‘Cloud Bed’, ‘Burj Khalifa’, ‘Lionlink, Snapchat, Audi and so on.

This post is to help you in understanding what is minimalistic logo design and how can it be beneficial for your brand. It will provide a food for thought for all those who are stepping into customer oriented and also for existing customers who are of opinion that their brand need refurbishing. If your brand is already embellished in hearts of people then there is nothing wrong in reviving it with a contemporary twist.

Definition of Minimalism in logo design

Minimalism in logo refers to philosophy of incorporating a minimalist approach into your logo design. These logos are chic, clever and have potential to push all the boundaries of creativity. In layman words, it refers to stripping away embellishments and transforming art to its simplest form so it becomes memorable and distinctive. The design required perfect use of colours, typography and white space!

Often people confuse minimalist logo with a plain and dull design! The truth is minimalist designs are used to reveal the ingenuity of design so that it becomes easier to connect to customers through its bare form.

Benefits of minimalist logo design

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, these are the words of respected Leonardo Da Vinci which are a perfect fit for this topic. Bringing simplicity and sophistication in your logo design can be hugely beneficial for your customers and customer prospects.

  • Easier to look at & remember: The industry is changing and customers no longer have time to study a particular logo for hours! One glimpse should be enough to get associated with the brand and minimalist logos provide that opportunity. They are evolving with least amount of ornamentation and thus make it easier for the customers to memorize. Adding complicacy to your logos make it harder for customers to recall! Do you think if you see logo of Snapchat or Audi for the first time, will you find it difficult to memorise it next time? This is the beauty of minimalist logos; they are simply designed to earn brand recognition.
  • Timeless: Minimalist logos never grow old; they leave forever mark in the minds of their onlookers. Has it ever happened with you that you found a logo attractive and since you didn’t know the brand, you searched it on internet? It personally happened with me after seeing Michelin tyres logo! Minimalistic logos have broad staying power and will grow with your business for years to come! Businesses these days want a clutter-free logo for contemporary brand and minimalist logo designs are attractive and successful in fulfilling this purpose.
  • Clean & crisp: We all hate traffic jams and congested places because as humans we are claustrophobic. Any logo which has too many lines, designs and patterns make it look clumsy and populated and often the essence of logo is lost. These logos lack the spark and charm which should ideally get generated after seeing any logo and can even confuse them. Minimalistic logos attract attention of people to what is important which helps in passing on the clear message to customers. If the logo is for car brand, it need not have car in it! The logo of Mercedes is a symbol of class, comfort and pride that this brand has to offer to all its customers.
  • Leave a mark in minds of customers: The span of our attention is lower than our memory! As a business, you get one chance to turn those heads and leave a mark in their minds. There is an adage which says that “fewer things people have to remember, the longer they will be able to remember them.” Do you think it would have been easier to remember Nike’s logo if it had characters and four assorted colours? Umm… most likely not!

It is true that less is more in case of logos but don’t forget to add little ‘you’ in your logo. If there is anything which you adore (could be anything from a specific shade of colour to a pattern), let the shade of uniqueness leak into your logo.

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