Marketing 4.0 is one of the most popular terms used in today’s business world. Many people have attempted to define it. Some have gotten it right while others have failed to shed light on what it entails. It is the process of creating an effective marketing strategy which incorporates both online and offline marketing strategies. As such, sellers and buyers are not limited to online places only. This happens to be the common misconception with the current crop of business people who think that the only useful marketplace is online platforms. However, for any business to be truly successful, it needs to have both the online and offline components.

It is good to be alive to the fact that digital marketing is a critical part of marking efficiency. However, the digital process cannot be successful without the traditional part of it. With the evolution of strong brands coupled with tremendous technological advancement, both components of marketing become extremely crucial. Perhaps one person has been at the forefront of defining this type of marketing and what it entails. The name of the legendary scholar happens to be Phillip Kotler. The legendary professor appreciates the fact that the online platform has the capability of reaching a larger clientele base. However, one cannot underestimate the potential of the offline world. It serves to create a strong differentiation. Marketing 4.0 can be analyzed using the following tenets.

Connection is key

Before buyers and sellers can access the markets, there is a need to create a robust platform where they can meet. It is at this point that digital platforms such as Google AdWords and Email marketing come into play. Other crucial online platforms for buyers and sellers meet before striking a deal is Coal Marketing platforms and Content Marketing. Here, perhaps most of the work needs to be done by the seller. He or she needs to concentrate on content which is capable of meeting the demand on the part of the client.

Additionally, it is on these platforms where long-lasting relationships can be established between the buyers and the sellers. Remember, it is a bit hectic for sellers to access clients all over the world using physical means. Technology, through the internet, has come to solve this problem. When one is a position of becoming more connected, they tend to build stable relationships. The seller can use this unique opportunity to assess the needs of potential clients and satisfy them. They thus draw interest towards the various products and service offerings conveniently and cost-effectively.

Shifting from 4P’s & AIDA and embracing 5 A’s.

As the world is experiencing a shift in the ways things are being done, marketing is also not left behind. From time to time, we have marketing strategies. They come and go. Some of them will work while others will not deliver their promises. It is that this point that marketers come with new strategies. We had the 4Ps of marketing and AIDA. Now, with marketing 4.0 we have the 5As of marketing. This new terminology works perfectly with current technology which calls for more interactions between the buyers and the sellers. The benefit of the 5As is the fact that they appreciate the role played by their predecessors in making marketing a success. Perhaps we can look at the meaning of the 5As of marketing, i.e. Ask, Advise, Assess, Assist, and Arrange.


Sellers need to inquire about the preferences of their prospective customers. The responses will reveal the various tastes and likings. From there they can develop product marketing strategies which are meant satisfy these needs. Remember, that any marketing strategy aims at fulfilling the needs of the customers


Sometimes, the client might not be knowing what exactly he or she needs. The seller should be in a position to detect this and advise that particular client. The advice should align to the needs and tastes of that specific clients.


No marketing process can be successful without finding out aha the customer needs. It should go beyond the present needs and also focus on future needs. A good marketer will be in a position to determine this and come up with strategies can work now and in the long run.


Marketing and business entail offering solutions to the customers. Marketers need to find out what is missing in the market and work towards providing it.


After finding out what the clients need, the next stage is meeting the expectations of these particular clients. The marketers need to deliver goods and services at the most convenient location of the client. The offerings need to be of the right quality and the agreed price.

Staying in touch with the customer experience

Customers want the best experience. It is what a marketer ought to find. Keeping in touch with this will assist the marketer to win the hearts of many clients. The marketer needs to listen and answer the various questions raised by the clients. Apart from what they are currently demanding, it is good to do a follow-up and find out what they might require in the future.

Additionally, find out the problems they might be experiencing with your current offering. Always strive to solve the present and future issues. You need to keep in touch most of the time. Marketing 4.0 encourages you to take all the data relating to the clients and use it to make a conclusive decision in the future.

Employ multiple marketing platforms

Use the various platforms available to reach your clientele base. Never settle for one platform. Remember, the clients you are targeting are on different platforms. There are several places such as websites and LinkedIn. Social media is also a powerful tool. When you cast your net wider, the probability of getting more clients is significantly increased. Before settling on a particular platform, you need to ask yourself what attracts them to the platform. Provide exactly that. Provide content which appeals to them. As such, you will capture and retain them

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