SEO is still a very important part of marketing. There have been changes to SEO over the years but this form of marketing can help a business gain traffic online and lead to additional sales. Broken Link Building is a technique that is used in SEO and it often used in a discrete manner. This technique will include fixing broken links and helping gain popularity online at the same time.


There are many things that can happen online. A webpage can go down and a person may get the error 404 Not Found. This happens and there are many sites that are often not found. Once a website is down the link to them often shows up as invalid and they are considered to be broken. If the site goes down, not all of the webmasters are told about this right away. For SEO uses this can be done for the webmaster.
Broken Link Building Trick
The first trick is to look for a site that may have links that are broken. This can be done with a simple Google reach. All a person has to do is type in their niche followed for inurl and resources and the information will appear in the search results. When the results come up to ignore the ones that are powerpoint, documents, or similar types of files. Once the choices are narrowed down there are sites that will check the websites. Some of the top sites to use are Screaming Frog or Xenu Link Sleuth. This information will give a person an idea of what the webpage was about and the topics that they have covered. There are some other methods of finding out this information as well. For users that are using Firefox as their main browser they can download the Linkchecker to find the broken links. For those that like the Chrome browser they can download Check My Links and this will tell a person the topic of the broken webpage. This method will take some time to do. A person will need to go through each of the pages that are broken and will tell them with the site is about. This will take some time to do but many people are willing to put in the time.

Fixing the Broken Links

To fix the broken webpage it to make one that is similar to a user’s own webpage. The user may have to add similar content or they can copy and paste the content from the site if they are able to retrieve it. After getting this dead content onto the webpage, the webmaster needs to be asked to fix the broken link. All a person has to do is sent the webmaster an email saying that a broken link was discovered and that the webmaster should check out the link again. At this time a replacement can be suggested. The replacement will be the information that was taken off the broken link and all of the SEO that went along with it. The webmaster will not know that the content can from the broken link. The replacement page should be clean and professional. It will then make it look like all a person was doing was trying to fix the broken link and they were not using the content for SEO purposes.
Benefits of Broken Link Building
There are many benefits to fixing a broken link. The webmaster gets a link that works and relevant information. When a person is fixing this broken link, they will get to add a backlink to it. The backlink is the source that was found on the site. This is a great link building technique and is a great way to get a number of bank links. This technique is also not commonly used by link builders. This way there are no too much competition and people to rush with to get the broken links.

Broken Link Building Tips

There are some tips for a person that is looking to get backlinks for SEO purposes by working with broken links. When a person is surfing the internet they should keep an eye out for broken links that are related to their niche. There are always broken links popping up. There are extensions that can be turned on and always kept active. This will make it easy if a broken link is found.

Reasons to Fix Broken Links

When a person is looking to fix the broken link, they do not have to research and verify the information. It is a good idea to check over the broken link and make sure the content appears to be high quality. Broken links lead to a poor experience for the users and no one with a website wants the users to have a bad experience. All a person needs to do is recreate the content that was found on the site and link this content to their new page that was recreated. This saves time doing research and in some cases will save time with the main design. When a person has a broken link on their site, they are more than happy to replace the broken link with a site that is working. A person can change the broken link to their new one or they can reach out to the webmaster and tell them the link is broken and suggest that they can it to the recent design link with the working content. The link is often changed right away lead to positive SEO.
When a person is looking to increase SEO and traffic to their website they should look for broken links and repairing them. This will help them gain some trust with the webmaster since they are willing to fix something that is broken. No one wants to be known for having broken links. Broken links will allow a person to build up their backlinks and is great for SEO. It is a win-win situation for all when a person decides to repair the broken links.

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