If your like me then you understand the importance of a photograph and you would do anything in your power to keep them safe. Most people keep a majority of their pictures that they take through their cellphone and stored on their cell phone’s archives. This is a great way to store photos since you can easily show them off to all of your friends while your on the go, and you can utilize the storage space that is already available on your phone’s memory. But what happens when something goes wrong with your phone, or God forbid it gets ruined and you lose all of those great memories? That is why you really need to consider some alternate back-up plan for your pictures and know how to back up the photos you take on your iOS phone.
One sure fire way you can ensure that your photos are being saved and backed up properly is by utilizing the cloud. The cloud, although most people are uncomfortable using it since they don’t know how it works, is actually a rather simple yet effective way of storing memory. The cloud is just an alternate storage hub that is capable of storing things from your iPhone automatically as they are retrieved making it easy for you, and super convenient. Although you may not understand how it works exactly, I can tell you it is no different than how the memory on your phone works, it simply extracts data and stores it in another place for safe keeping. Then whenever anything happens to your iphone and the memory gets erased or ruined you can always gain access to that data by logging into another iphone and using your Itunes account information and just like magic everything from your original Iphone will be there!
Another great way to back up the photos on your Iphone is by downloading and using the Google Photos app. If your already a google account user, which most people are, you can simply download the app and login with your google account information quickly and easily. If your not a google account user it is very easy to set an account up, and takes little to no time at all. After you log in you will be able to select the option for google photos to have access to all of your data and it will automatically start to back up every single picture on your phone. This is a really convenient feature that allows you to save a multitude of data and the app is completely free. This is also a nice way to back up your photos because even if your Iphone dies and you have no access to the phone itself or any other Iphone for that matter, you can always just log in to your google account using a computer and all of your photos will be there!
So let out a sigh of relief knowing there is hope for your photos even after you Iphone is dead. You can use either of these quick, convenient and reliable methods to back up your phone and also to give you peace of mind.

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