In this article we will rank the most popular social media sites for the year 2019.
We will begin with the third spot and end with the first spot. The ranking is based on user interactions and active monthly users.Twitter comes in at number three with 321 million active users, this is a couple of percent lower than for 2018 but still enough to claim the bronze medal. Twitter was the first major site to offer what is now known as microblogging with a limit per post of 280 characters users have to be clever and witty instead of just lengthy in order to get their argument across. Twitter is also famous for housing a lot of celebrities and politicians more so than other site and the news often cite Twitter posts as source. Famous active users range from Katy Perry, Barack Obama and the United State President Donald Trump.

What has been seen as its strength by many, the quick and short messages have also been criticized by others because it makes deep debate where both sides get a chance to lay out their arguments very hard. Even with its flaws Twitter is loved by many people and it claims the third place in this year ranking.

Instagram comes in at number two, the amount of monthly active users is one billion, three times as many as Twitter, a recent report claimed that 35% of adults in the USA has an active account. Many love Instagram for it straight forward approach of showing pictures and videos, the interface is easy to use and after Facebook bought Instagram and increased the integration between the two platforms making it even more approachable for many users. The term “influencer” that is now used on many platforms to describe a popular user with a big following was born on Instagram and many of us also know of at least one so called “Instagram celebrity” a person who first became a celebrity on Instagram instead of a celebrity who started using Instagram.

The users with the most followers include Selena Gomez, Cristiano Ronaldo, Arian Grande among many others.At number one we have Facebook the site that gave birth to the whole social media market. With over 2.4 billion users Facebook plays in a league of its own. Chances are you do not know anyone who does not have a Facebook account and for many people the Internet and Facebook is the same thing since all they use the Internet for is to go on Facebook. Facebook had humble beginnings starting as a way to rank classmates in collage for the founder Mark Zuckerberg but it soon took on a life of its own.
Even though the last couple of years have been shaky with Facebook being accused of enabling Russian influence in western election and the site selling user date they promised not to share the site is still flouring and Facebook is spending massive amount of money to stay number one.

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