The three most popular Linux OS version of 2019 are listed and discussed in this article. The list is in reverse order, starting with the third most popular and ending with the most popular version.

The third most popular Linux OS in 2019 is Linux Mint, Mint is a spin off version from the popular Linux Ubuntu, Linux Mint decided to branch off and start their own Linux version when the Ubuntu team added the Unity desktop environment as the default choice, Linux Mint instead focuses on a clean and classic desktop environment with the standard Mint shipping with the Cinnamon desktop environment. Linux Mint also has a clear focus on attracting Linux beginners with its easy to follow graphical set up and friendly community ready to answer any and all question no matter how basic it might be for a more advanced Linux user.

Since Linux Mint is branched off Ubuntu it is compatible with the Ubuntu software repositories and chances are good that if you find any software that is made for Ubuntu it will run just as well on Linux Mint with some minor tweaks.

At second place over the most popular Linux OS versions we find Manjaro Linux which is branched off from Arch Linux, Manjaro Linux shares some of the same thinking and philosophy as Mint in the sense that they branched off in order to make a user-friendly version of the Linux OS they spun off from.

Manjaro Linux has a graphical installation and unusually for Linux most of the settings can be tweaked graphically with no need to open up text files and edit, something that can be daunting for someone who is just learning Linux. Manjaro Linux is just as Arch Linux a rolling released which means that new parts of the OS is released as soon as it is deemed ready for use instead of being collected together with other parts and released as a brand new version, this has the added benefit of the user always having the latest software available and never having to worry about updating the whole OS system when a new OS version is released.

The most popular Linux OS version for 2019 is MX Linux, MX Linux is built upon Debian Linux’s stable branch, this means that MX Linux will not get the bleeding edge software but instead will get software that has been thoroughly tested and have been found to cause minimal problems, this is good for users who need low downtimes and who do not want to or cannot for one reason or another spend time and resources on troubleshooting after updates these users can include servers for companies and or webservers. MX Linux is using Xfce as default desktop and this makes it resemble the Windows desktop this can be an attractive feature to have when dealing with users who are transitioning from Windows to Linux. MX Linux is also light on resources which make it a good fit for servers.

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