Top 10 Paid Traffic Source for Your Ecommerce Site

With the world going digital, ecommerce platforms are one of the most thriving business sectors promising higher returns at minimum investment. Good quality products, quick delivery and excellent customer service are the three attributes to skyrocket your ecommerce business. However, despite being the best in these parameters, you may still fail to reap the benefits of your resources until you capture increasing traffic in your portal. Traffic can come in two ways-paid and free.

Of the two, the former is beneficial in many ways. Firstly, it pricks the conscience of your online audience in the same manner like conventional advertising. Secondly, concepts like Pay Per Click (PPC) reduces advertising costs as you pay only when a customer clicks on your add and drops into your site. Thirdly, paid traffic produces higher conversion rate. So, from all customers who visit your site, a majority shall fall for your commodity.

Now that you know the advantages of paid traffic, here are the 10 best paid traffic sources from where you can bring millions of customers to your ecommerce website.

1. Facebook Ads

The Facebook family abounds with 1.6billion global members of which more than a billion are 24*7 active. This makes the social media platform the best-paid traffic source for your ecommerce website. As people interact with their dear ones, they never miss out on the ad spaces in their feed. Amidst unlimited gossips, new-age consumers ensure that they enjoy online shopping and grab some good deals, if any. Besides these, Facebook stands apart from other traffic sources by means of its ad targeting options and Boosted Posts.

The first one enables you to define your target based on demography, location, psychology and behaviour, etc, and enjoy customised reach to the ideal audience group. Using the second one, you can not only fetch more traffic to your site but also generate likes on your brand, boost your posts on this platform and influence more people to install your mobile applications (if any). With such features, Facebook is undoubtedly the best means to get paid traffic.

2. Google Adwords

With more than 60% search market share, our very own Google uncle is another mind-blowing source. Thanks to the special advertising program Adwords, you can now advertise your site on the search engine pages and become accessible to your customers the moment they search anything related to your website. Most importantly, the advertised sites are the first ones to appear in the search engine results pages. Resultant, surpassing all other websites, people shall notice you at first and then scroll down to other options. While advertising through Adwords, you shall enjoy the benefits of unique ad models like PPC, Cost Per Mile (CPM), Pay Per Call, retargeting, local ads etc. Based on your business outreach, you can target people within a geographical boundary and increase the chances of selling products. Further, you can also create personalised banner ads, text link ads and rich-media ads within your budget.

3. Bing Ads

Where Adwords is a Google service, Bing is provided by Microsoft. If a major chunk of your customers reside in USA, this source shall prove worthwhile. According to comScore study, almost one-third of website searches in USA take place on this platform. The number is bound to increase as presently Bing also powers AOL searches. Furthermore, on comparing Bing with Adwords, we can conclude that Bing offers an extra edge and added advantage in two ways.

First, it delivers a higher traffic quality than Adwords. So, if 10 people drop into your site, Adwords ensure 5 or 6 conversions whereas with Bing you can get as many as 7 or 8 and if luck favours, it can be 9. Second, its ad costs are cheaper than its counterpart. Hence, if you calculate, Bing delivers more customers at a lesser cost than Adwords.

4. Instagram Ads

Spend anything between $1 and $5 and kick-start an interactive ad complain in Instagram. Of late, the photo sharing website has attracted more people than even Twitter. The increasing number of active members of this platform has urged businesses to advertise their products and win over the heart of global consumers. In addition to conventional ads in the form of photos and videos, you can also try out the carousel ads. At the same time, besides drawing traffic, you can influence people to like your posts and videos and install the mobile app. Above all; you can launch Instagram campaigns through Facebook. On one hand, you will pull your Facebook audience and on the other, manage an integrated ad campaign. This integration shall mesmerise you with unlimited traffic flow to your ecommerce portal.

5. Youtube Ads

Set up an account with Google Adwords and expose your ecommerce products in the famous video sharing platform. Like most business heads, you may be unaware that YouTube is the second largest search engine, after Google. From 6 to 60s, every single individual in this world love to watch videos. And that’s when you got to draw their attention towards your site. The best part about YouTube is its diverse advertising options. You may go for skippable and non-skippable video ads or banner ads and overlay ads which can be shown along with the video. The platform only changes you if your ads are seen for more than 30seconds. Further to these, YouTube also has its analytics to help you analyse your ad performance over a period of time, study audience preferences and make the necessary changes in your advertisements.

6. LinkedIn Ads

While other platforms are flooded with casual people, LinkedIn is dedicated to serious professionals and business. Hence, if your ecommerce portal features any B2B product, you may go with LinkedIn. Here, you can niche down your target audience by specifying the industry, organisations, job posts, seniority, etc. and bring relevant high-quality traffic to your site. As such professional people are more rational even if you get the minimum traffic; you are bound to receive at least 90% conversion. Another noteworthy thing is its flexibility of ad contracts. At any moment if you feel to back out, you can. So, you need not take the risks of entering into long-term agreements. Its two ad formats- Text ads and Sponsored ads provides the best possible means to connect with your desired market. Although you will have to shell out more for CPM or CPC, it is worth the conversion rate.

7. Yandex Advertising

If you are eyeing for Russian consumers, Yandex is the best source to generate high-quality traffic. With more than 50% market share, it is the largest search engine in the largest country of the world. Choose from various advertising options and make the most of your ad campaigns. Once you subscribe to Yandex, you automatically gain access to other websites in the publisher network via Yandex Direct. Thus, you get connected to many affiliate platforms where you can post your advertisement. With this, Yandex is not just a source but also a channel to reach similar platforms.

8. LookSmart

By virtue of its vast syndicated network of partner websites and search engines, LookSmart is another traffic source to get mass exposure. Its extensive PPC ad network provides affiliate opportunities while reducing advertising costs. Once you start advertising, LookSmart shall offer a $50 matching coupon. And if you are into affiliate marketing, brace yourself for a $250 coupon. More than being a source of paid traffic, LookSmart takes you through other relevant portals for boosting your advertisements.

9. 7search

The independent advertising network helps you to capture the ‘missing audience’ from Google and Bing. Its extensive PPC ad network facilitates ad placements in other websites and niche search engines. Niche targeting is an assurance as every traffic that you will generate will convert into a customer. Further, 7search has a wide usage across top-notch countries like Australia, USA, UK and Canada. Lastly, its prices are lower than Google and Bing. Hence, you get more quality traffic at lesser cost.

10. Baidu

It is the one and only platform for impressing the Chinese audience. With more than 70% market share, Baidu is the dominant search engine in China. Although its global market is less than 10%, it is highly preferred by the Chinese population. The search engine is also acknowledged for its high quality traffic and maximum conversions. You need to incur $2000 per month but considering the number of traffic and conversion rate, the price is worthwhile.

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