The content of any online and offline post plays a very important role in conveying the essence of topic and this is the reason why writers have a full time job! Along with the content, what matters is the displaying beauty, reader-friendliness and professionalism. There was a time when content on almost every website looked to be similar. In other words, it was next to impossible to guess the name of website with the snippet of its content! Every website was using standard fonts as typography was the last thing that mattered to anyone. People thought content alone can evolve audience and hence, least attention was paid towards font designing.

The notion changed when Google Fonts was released in 2010 and web designers started paying attention towards the font style. Font combinations are not only required to distinguish the look and feel of website but also to highlight and solidify the areas which require attention! This is to ensure that customers should not miss out on important details while reading the post in flow. Google font combinations are easy to download, straightforward and offer hassle free execution for all its customers. There are various combinations which can be optimal for your website and the good part is you don’t have to break banks for these beautiful fonts. This post is to understand top 10 beautiful pairings of Google Fonts to assist you in finding the one which can create variety of moods and effects in your post!

  1. Open Sans & Open Sans Condensed: Both of these fonts make a versatile combination and are perfect for headers. They are simple yet classy. People use it for headlines at their landing pages as they are large block of texts offering a great readability. It can be said that combination of these two fonts can create influential headers for any website.
  2. Serif & Sans- Serif: You always want to choose a font that can help in making easy distinction between headlines and paragraphs. Few people use same font of varied sizes for headers and paragraphs but using different fonts is comparatively influential. Serif & Sans-Serif contrast and blend with each other beautifully making them perfect for headings, sub-headings and body of the content.
  3. Ruda Regular & Roboto Slab: Sharp yet concise can describe this combination in best manner. Every alphabet is squeezed to occupy less space which makes the content look interesting and short.
  4. Playfair Display & Source sans Pro: Playful Display is one of those timeless designs which display old charm with contemporary touch. Together, these fonts provide an engaging and creative typography which allow you to personalise your content with clean and modern appearances.
  5. Spirax with Open Sans: Open Sans is a loose font that goes well with anything which has a story attached to it. Spirax is a fancy font with twisted edges of few alphabets to make them look imaginative and is perfect header for mystery and story contents. Open Sans complements this font beautifully to keep the essence.
  6. Corben with Nobile: Corben is a bold copper black font for prominent headers. The unique use of rounded serifs, make it bubbly and different from others. Nobile (noble in nature) is a gentle and simple font which is subtle and clean but can easily grab attention. A simple and slim font like Nobile makes the details and curves of Corben stand out even more.
  7. Dancing Script & Josefin Sans: Similar to its name, dancing script font flows as if it is dancing on the piece of paper where it is written. It is feminine and is considered to be appropriate for any products or websites with a female skew. Josefin Sans is a thin, subtle and sleek font that brings perfect balance between the two font styles.
  8. Palanquin & Dark palanquin: It is a versatile family of fonts consisting of characters with varied thickness. The character’s shape defines the thickness of this font. For instance, two walls of ‘O’ will have less thickness as compared to one wall of ‘C’. This is to ensure that boldness of a character should not occupy lot of space. Palanquin can be used for paragraph text and dark palanquin can make perfect title.
  9. Poppins & PT Serif: With its elegant stroke, Poppins give an original and singular touch to the title of the content. The characters are larger than palanquin and occupy enough space in a line. It can be paired up with PT Serif which is like an attentive font with sharp edges, less spaces, smaller and thinner text making it a perfect pair for Poppins.
  10. Cherry Cream Soda & Raleway: Cherry Cream Soda is an artistic and creative font which makes you feel that you have stepped back in 1950s. Raleway is a font with modern twist. Its interesting shapes and gentle design make a perfect pair with timeless Cherry Cream Soda.

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