The 10 Best Studio Monitor Speakers in 2018 Reviews

Monitor speakers are considered the best in terms of sound accuracy, this is because they are geared towards the production of music in a studio where clarity of sound is highly regarded. The common HiFi kind of speakers found on the street are not ideal. This is because they do not pay attention to driver details and comes with added bass or treble, this makes them unsuitable for studio production.The monitor speakers are widely known to give out the realest form of sound clarity that the artist wants us to evenly distributes the frequencies among the driver and then provides some powerful amplifier that is built in accordance with the size of monitor speaker. Today we review the best studio monitor speakers in 2018.

1. PreSonus Eris E3.5 – 3.5

PreSonus Eris E3.5 – 3.5
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The PreSonus Eris is worldwide used by audio engineers who want to hear every detail of their recording. The monitors deliver a smooth response with its dynamic output in “on- and off-axis” better than conventional 2-way monitor configuration.
This is made possible by their MTM (midwoofer-tweeter-midwoofer) which facilitates both the vertical and horizontal speakers’ placement. The nature of the dual Kevlar woofer helps greatly in breaking up reflected energy which ensures there is a more cohesive sound.

2. Mackie CR Series CR3-3

Mackie CR Series CR3-3
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The CR3 3” are known for their sleek performance and clarity of sound, they are mainly designed for entertainment and multimedia creation. The speaker features premium components like creative reference monitor, sound enhancing,high-frequency waveguide and uses a 50 watts power. When using this kind monitor, you are assured of quality professional sound and features in a friendly design perfect for work.

3. Dual electronic LU43PB

Dual electronic LU43PB
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This is a three-way speaker that can either be used for indoor or outdoor setting without the integrity of sound being compromised. The monitor features four polypropylene speaker, this speakers are surrounded by rubber which amplifies sound naturally.The mid-range of 25mmPolypropylene Cone and UV treated ABS enclosure that protects sound integrity to ensure there is clarity. This digitally optimized monitor is good for studio and music producers can be assured of nothing less than quality.

4. KRK RP5G3-NA Rokit 5 generation

KRK RP5G3-NA Rokit 5 generation
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For those looking for accuracy in mixing, recording, mastering and playback, then look no further, this is the best monitor that will offer you professional performance. The system features 1 soft dome tweeter which provides pristine clarity and an extended response of up to 35 kHz and bass response. The monitor has multiple input connection that ensures it’s compatible with any system configuration and can integrate easily.

5. M-Audio AV32

M-Audio AV32
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Are you are interested in upgrading your sound? Then this is the monitor for you. This is because it’s fitted with acoustically-inert MDF cabinet that is able to give the clarity of sound required. The monitor features a 10 watts power that provides an onboard amplification per channel, optimage IV wave-guide and optimized bass reflex that deliver extended bass and crystal clear highs. This monitor is ideal for producing any kind of media, gaming, listening to music and watching videos.

6. Edifier R1280DB

Edifier R1280DB
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This is a massive upgrade witnessed in edifier brands with this well-packaged R1280DB.compared to the earlier R1280T, this one has an extended accessories set that reflect its ability to handle more inputs and enhanced feature addition, the R1280DB comes with an IR remote, optical cable, RCA to 3.5mm cable, RCA to RCA and interconnected cables that are able to deliver power to the left drivers.


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This kind of monitor is designed for home studios to give the best quality required, it is compatible with an audio interface like US-2*2 and US-4*4. The monitor is able to create a high-resolution stereo monitoring system and delivers a natural response in any environment. The input connection is balanced so as to minimize noise and interfaces, the high tech components gives the required clarity of sound.

8. Rockville ASM5” 2-Way

Rockville ASM5” 2-Way
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This is an affordable studio monitor known to create new performance, it’s mainly designed for refined for vocal production. The monitor is designed in a way that is able to eliminate high-frequency diffraction, and be able to provide full monitoring accuracy. The monitor features rear firing port which is tasked with enhancing bass coupling and amplifying low-frequency response without affecting the accuracy and integrity of the sound

9. JBL LSR305 5” 2-Way

JBL LSR305 5” 2-Way
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For any serious engineer or music producer then this is the solution for you. This kind of studio monitor speaker is able to mix music that is in DAW software, editing video or any other task that require accurate, precise and detailed sound.

The monitor has advanced features that were acquired from their flagship M2 master reference monitor, which earned them an for acclaim of a renowned engineer Frank Filipe. The monitor also boasts of an innovative image control waveguide that creates a well-defined and incredibly dimensional stereo image.

10. Pairs of Rockville APM5C 5.25” 2-way

Pairs of Rockville APM5C 5.25” 2-way
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The Rockville amp comes in pair whereby each of the monitors is bi-amped. This simply means that the low has its separate amp and the high has got its separate amp. Each speaker uses 125 watts peak output power, and 65.2 watts RMS, this therefore gives you a total of 250 watts and 125 watts RMS when the 2 speakers are combined. The controls of the speaker are located at the back, this is done to make it clean and give it a modern shape. The monitor comes with all the standard studio inputs and outputs making it an ideal choice for audio engineers and music producers.

Types of studio monitor

Active monitors vs. Passive monitorsActive monitors are the kind of monitors that have their own inbuilt amplifier and utilizes their own active crossover. They are very popular to those who love home recording as they have a plug and play design and are easy to use since you only connect them to your DAW or mixing board. The good thing about these is that they eliminate the need to buy separate amplifier and crossover so as to match your speakers

Passive Monitors on the other hand do not have inbuilt amplifier, hence the need to have a separate amplifier. The best part of this is that if you use a high-quality amplifier, you get tremendous control over the sound quality because it has its own settings

Near field vs. Far fieldNear field monitors are specifically designed for close range activities, usually, they are placed approximately three to five feet from you. This allows you to hear the sound direct from the speaker instead of hearing the sound that has already bounced the room. This therefore minimizes the effect of poor room acoustics, and they are ideal for self-recording.

Far-field monitors on the other hand, are placed further away from the listener and have the ability to handle louder volumes than near field. When using this kind of monitor, you will definitely hear more of the room noise as the sounds bounce around the room.


There are millions of monitor out there which calls for a lot of consideration and carefulness when purchasing one. Research on different brands and find one that meet your desired needs, always be sure when deciding to either purchase active or passive type or near field or far field monitors as they work differently.

Woofers, speaker size tweeters, power, frequency range, cabinet and connection are key features that should be taken to consideration before making any purchase. A good monitor will deliver good result and it’s recommended to check for reviews before buying, this will help you to know the experience people have encountered while using it.

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