The 10 Best Running Shoes For Men in 2019

Is to have good footwear. If your feet are not happy, you will not enjoy your exercise routine and possibly give up. Using one of the 10 best running shoes for men in 2019 is the way to keep your feet happy.

If you are not sure which of the myriad of running shoes made the 10 best running shoes for men in 2019 list, continue to read our review. It is filled with the information you need to know about the best running shoes made.

Then our buyer’s guide will provide you with some tips on what to look for. Having some tips to guide may save you time and money. Why waste those on shopping for inferior running shoes?

Table of the Best Running Shoes For Men

01. Saucony Men’s Running Shoe

Saucony Men's Running Shoe

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Made from synthetic and fabric materials these shoes will provide comfort and breathability to your feet. They will also be durable enough to withstand a lot of hard exercise. The rubber soles are designed to help you keep your footing.

Then the tread is made to last you a long time. A reinfo9rced toe area helps protect your toes from any injury or banging that may occur. The padded collar and tongue provide the extra comfort you are looking for in a running shoe.

The lace up styling makes sure the running shoes stay secure on your feet and provide great support.

02. Nike Running Shoe

Nike Running Shoe

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The revolution is on over at Nike. This shoe provides good breathability with its mesh upper and leather overlays. Then the reinforced toe section provides protection for that vulnerable area of your foot.

The tread is designed to help channel water away from your foot. This protects you from slipping. Plus, the padded collar ensures that your ankle does not become irritated as you work out. A reinforced strip across the heel of the shoe helps provide the necessary support any athlete needs.

The Nike swoosh decorates the side. This lets you know you are wearing a genuine Nike product.

03. Saucony Men’s Running Shoe

Saucony Men's Running Shoe

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The bright blue color will keep you visible even in low light conditions. This is good when you exercise on the road. Then the synthetic and mesh materials used to construct these shoes provide breathability.

Reinforcement over the toe and heel sections provide support as well as good protection for your feet. The rubber sole sports a tough and durable tread that works to keep your from slipping.

Like other shoes, the padding in the collar and other parts of the shoe will make sure your feet are comfortable and happy. Then the laces make sure the shoes are snug and secure.

04. New Balance Trail-Running Shoe

New Balance Trail-Running Shoe

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Breathability is key when exercising long and hard. Keeping your feet breathing makes exercising a lot easier Then the mesh and synthetic materials add durability and strength to the shoe.

The reinforced toe and heel tells you that the shoe will protect your feet as well as last a long time. Plus, the rubber tread contributes to the traction you need to stay on top of your game.

A padded tongue adds some comfort for your feet. If your feet are comfortable, you can concentrate better on what you are doing. A handy loop on the heel makes putting on and taking off these shoes easier.

05. Skechers Lace-Up Sneaker

Skechers Lace-Up Sneaker

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Made from leather and synthetic materials, these running shoes are tough, durable and comfortable. The double stitching also contributes to their long lasing nature. Then the rubber sole overlays the toe area for extra protection and traction.

The tread is designed to help you keep from slipping as you work out. Its rubber construction provides the strength and traction you need. Plus, the interior construction contributes to the comfort of your foot. The extra padding helps you to work out longer.
Two loops make it easy to put the shoes on and take them off and the lace up design keeps the shoes securely on your feet.

06. Nike Downshifter Running Shoe

Nike Downshifter Running Shoe

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The lightweight shoe will feel like you do not have any shoes on at all. They are that comfortable. The mesh upper allows your feet to breathe while adding synthetic materials for strength and durability.

The innovative rubber sole is typical of Nike. It provides traction and confidence, making sure you do not slip. Its reinforced toe and heel area contribute to the overall strength of the shoe as well as protect vulnerable areas of your feet.

The padded collar and interior ensures that your feet will be comfortable and happy as you work out. The laces ensure security and a snug fit.

07. Skechers Memory-Foam Sneaker

Skechers Memory-Foam Sneaker

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The mesh tongue and mesh inserts allow for your feet to breathe easily. They also provide a little extra comfort when combined with the padded interior and collar. Then the leather and synthetic construction add to the overall durability and strength of the shoe.
A rubber sole with grooved tread makes sure you do not slip that easily as you play or run. The memory foam remembers what your feet like best and keeps that shape. The reinforced toe makes sure to protect as well as contribute to the shoe’s durability.
The lace up design keeps the shoe securely on our feet.

08. Brooks Glycerin Running Shoe

Brooks Glycerin Running Shoe

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Made from synthetic materials the quality is not sacrificed in the construction of this shoe. The synthetic materials combine with the mesh upper to make sure your feet can breathe. Then the reinforced toe and heel contribute to the longevity of the shoe.

You get solid protection for your feet as well as good comfort with the padded interior. The lace up tongue works with the padded collar to make sure your feet are secure inside and comfortable.

Its grooved tread works to keep you from slipping on wet surfaces as it channels the moisture away from your feet.

09. Brooks Adrenaline Running Shoe

Brooks Adrenaline Running Shoe

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The silver and blue coloring will keep you looking stylish as you work out. Then the mesh upper allows your feet to breathe with ease as they enjoy the padded interior. The padded collar protects your heel from any irritation.

Plus, the stylish tread on the rubber soles works to keep you standing up all throughout your work out. Strength and durability are the names of the game with this version of the top running shoe in 2019.

The lace up sneakers fit securely on your feet and should not slip up even when you make the hardest of turns or twists.

10. NIKE Revolution Running Shoe

NIKE Revolution Running Shoe

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When you need a revolution in your exercise routine, Nike is there with the right mesh shoe. The mesh construction provides the breathability and contributes to the comfort of the shoe. Then the padded interior works to make sure your feet do not hurt as you work out.

The nicely designed rubber tread and sole should last you a long time while keeping you from slipping on moist surfaces. The padded collar protects against any irritation your feet would normally feel when you exercise.
The foam makes sure that your feet can handle the punishment you dish out with ease.

Our Buyer’s Guide

Finding one of the 10 best running shoes for men in 2019 should not be that difficult. Even with many different kinds on the market today. These helpful tips should help guide you to the best of the best:


what kind of exercise are you doing? Will it be heavy and hard or light and easy? This information helps you pick the shoe with the right construction material for your purpose.


you want a good, durable, non-slip tread that will channel the water away from your feet. They also need to be durable and long lasting as well.


mesh is good for breathability but you need durability as well. Make sure to get a pair that has strong upper reinforcement.


padded collar and tongue are good. But make sure the whole interior is padded right. You want your feet to be comfortable throughout all your workouts.


having reinforcement over the toes and heels is good. This protects your feet as well as adds to the long life of the shoe.


make sure you know what kind of protection you have and how long that protection lasts.


these shoes should be affordable. You want a good shoe but not at the expense of your budget.

Some Final Words

To have a good and successful workout you need a good running shoe. That just goes without saying. Using one of the 10 best running shoes for men in 2019 is using a good running shoe.
You can have confidence that your feet will not falter in the middle of your exercise routine. Plus, you know your feet will be comfortable as you work out.

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