The 10 Best Rear View Cameras in 2019

Rear view cameras will be a mandatory for all vehicles to have in the near future. There are different brands of the same exiting in the current market. Some are wired while others use wireless connection. The wireless connection sends videos to the driver through Bluetooth. Some have an option for mirror mounting while others don’t. They differ in prices, lenses, sizes and shapes. Some automated cameras flip open when the car is in reverse mode. Here is a list of The 10 Best Rear View Cameras in 2019 & Buyer’s Guide to help you decide which one is best for your needs:

Table of the Best Rear View Cameras

# Preview Product Price

Pyle Backup Car Camera Rear View Mirror Screen Monitor System with Parking & Reverse Safety Distance Scale Lines, OEM Fit, Waterproof & Night Vision, 170° Angle Adjustable, 4.3

$57.78$79.99 (28% off)


Camecho RC 12V 24V Car Backup Camera Rear View Wireless IR Night Vision Backup Camera Waterproof Kit + 7

$63.99$99.99 (36% off)


Rear View Safety Backup Camera System with 7

$195.63$249.99 (22% off)


Heavy Duty Vehicle Truck Bus Backup Camera System,Waterproof Night Vision Rear View Camera with 7 inch Monitor+66ft 4 PIN Camera Cable for Bus Truck Van Trailer RV Campers Motor Home(12V 24V)

$109.99$149.99 (27% off)


Wireless Backup Camera and Monitor Kit for Car/SUV/MPV/Van/Camper 9V-24V Rear View Camera System IP68 Waterproof Night Vision Reverse/Continuous Use Optional



Rear View Backup Car Camera - Screen Monitor System w/ Parking and Reverse Assist Safety Distance Scale Lines, Waterproof & Night Vision, 7

$35.00$39.99 (12% off)


Backup Camera and Monitor Kit For Car,Universal Wired Waterproof Rear-view License Plate Car Rear Backup Camera + 4.3 LCD Rear View Monitor

$25.99$39.99 (35% off)


Emmako Backup Camera Wireless and 4.3 Mirror Monitor Kit For Car/RV/SUV/Van IP68 Waterproof Night Vision 9V-24V Parking Camera System Reversing Use With Guide Lines



Digital Wireless Backup Camera System Kit, IP69K Waterproof Wireless Rear View Camera + 7’’ LCD Wireless Reversing Monitor for Trailer, RV, Bus, Trucks, Horse-trailer, School Bus, Farm Machine,etc

$199.00$299.00 (33% off)


Camecho DC 12V 24V Vehicle Backup Camera System 2 x Rear View Camera Support Night Vision Waterpoof & 7

$79.99$139.99 (43% off)

01. Pyle Backup Rear View Camera

Pyle Backup Rear View Camera

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Color reproduction is upbeat and the video output is of unbeatable quality. Count on it for a wide performance and extensive viewing angle of up to 170 degrees. Video output can be in colored or auto white balance. It comes with a mirror monitor screen display and a PAL video system and it can connect to two video sources. Flexibility allows for it to be built into a mirror panel because of its slim bar style housing. Waterproofing features are good to counter bad weather and it is resistant to fog.

02. Camecho RC 12V 24V Backup Camera

Camecho RC 12V 24V Backup Camera

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Its redefined structure and moderate size makes it perfect for use on tracks, vans, farm cars and campers. The package is inclusive of a wireless receiver and transmitter. Depending on the environment it can transmit signal up to 40 feet. The monitor of the camera allows for two channels for video output. You can mount it on the dashboard or roof. Image rotations can be made horizontally or vertically so that you can view normally by button or through mirror viewing. The camera is mud proof and waterproof making it durable.

03. Rear View Safety Backup Camera

Rear View Safety Backup Camera

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The viewing angle of this camera is extensive and can reach up to 130 degrees. The package is inclusive of a monitor and a camera with brackets. When in the night and it gets very dark, the 18 preinstalled infrared lights will allow you to see up to 50 feet which is a very long distance. As per the IP69K rating, the backup camera is fully water prof and mud proof increasing its durability. TFT color monitor has a universal mount. The camera comes with cables, aircraft grade connections and everything needed for installation.

04. Dallux Heavy Duty Backup Camera

Dallux Heavy Duty Backup Camera

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Thanks to its defined engineering process, it has the highest IP rating making it weatherproof enough during all-weather seasons. The pixel has a very high resolution power and produces a digital image. The image provided from the backup camera view is super sharp. Installed with 18 infrared lights, you can see up to 50 ft. when it is dark. 130 degrees is the maximum viewing angle you can use on the mirror. This is a guarantee of safety without any blind spots.

05. LeeKooLuu Wireless Backup Camera

LeeKooLuu Wireless Backup Camera

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Wireless camera systems are easy to install and this one is not an exception. The signals transmitted are strong. Waterproofness allows it withstand bad weather conditions during all-weather seasons. 7 infrared lights are installed in the camera to ensure you can see a far distance especially when it is dark and raining. It allows or viewing until 135 degrees. There are no chances of flickers or signal interface. The monitor can be powered by a fuse or cigarette lighter by an on or off adapter while the reverse camera is powered on by the reverse lights. This automatic system makes it convenient.

06. Pyle Rear View Backup Camera

Pyle Rear View Backup Camera

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Color reproduction is authentic and top notch. Lux performance is low while allowing you to view everything until an angle of 170 degrees. Since it is a wired cam, it has an adjustable swivel angle. The widescreen monitor has a PAL video system that has the ability to connect to a camera source that has dual RCA jacks. You can mount it on the dashboard-both the backup camera monitor and the backup camera. Mounting on the license plate is possible because of the slim bar style housing. It is highly waterproof to withstand bad weather and night vision is fully enhanced.

07. Chuanganzhuo Backup Camera

Chuanganzhuo Backup Camera

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The package is inclusive of a backup camera and a monitor Kit for the car. Waterproofness is a guarantee that it can fully unction in bad weather without any inhibitions. Mounting can be done on the license plate of the car due to its slim style housing that makes this possible. The monitor starts up automatically and in synchrony displays the video from the rear view camera when you back your car. After back up, the screen turns back to the original scenes when in standby. It allows for use with car DVD, STB, VCD, camera, satellite receiver and other video equipment.

08. Emmako Backup Wireless Camera

Emmako Backup Wireless Camera

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Installing this wireless backup system is easy to do. Long cables make everything complicated and look messy. This camera is recommended for use on vehicles that are under 30 ft. if installed on vehicles past this limit it can result in signal interference. Waterproof capabilities allows it to work well despite any weather conditions. The installed 7 infrared lights make it possible to see a far distance in the darkness or when it is raining. You can view the backup camera until an angle of 135 degrees. The camera is put on with the reverse lights.

09. Yuwei Digital Wireless Camera

Yuwei Digital Wireless Camera

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Installing this set of wireless view camera takes a very short time-it actually saves you money and time. Connection needs to be done by a wireless camera to the DC 12V-32 and the camera begins to work immediately. The module is powered instantly by a cigarette lighter. There is no additional wiring, no interference. This wireless system is convenient even for vehicles of up to 150 ft. and the signal transmission is stable. Despite changes in the speed of the car, the camera signal isn’t affected at all. It supports four channels.

10. Camecho 12V 24V Backup Camera

Camecho 12V 24V Backup Camera

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The TFT has a widescreen that has a very high resolution power. You can switch picture viewing by using the normal button control, or remote control. The package is inclusive of a remote control and stand. Two rear view cameras can be adjusted in any location. Highly waterproof, it can withstand any weather conditions while working just fine. There are 18 individual infrared lights to allow you see a far distance when it is dark or raining. It is recommended for use on larger vehicles like trucks.

Features To Consider When Selecting the Best Rear View Camera


Sensors are necessary for converting light into videos and this could be in two different ways. An analog form or a digital form. One uses less power as compared to the other so the power source will be important when selecting the sensor that is compatible with your vehicle.

Parking lines

Many backup car cameras have onscreen instructions to guide you when backing out of a dangerous scenario. However, some cameras may not allow for this safety option. Some allow for removing during installation so that you can be able to use a selectable feature of parking lines that is inbuilt on touchscreen receivers.

Mirror Image

Cameras vary and some have an option to select the view that is in your monitor which is reversed to re-display that on the back view mirror. Others do not allow for this option.

Viewing angle

Rear view mirrors ensure you have an awesome and healthy view angle horizontally and this angle can be extensive up to 190 degrees. As usual, when you go wider, you are able to see behind at a glance.


There are several ways you can fit the rear view camera to ensure functionality is maximized. Mounting styles range from license plate mounting, lip mounting, bracket mounting and Vehicle specific mounting.


Designs of rear view cameras can lure you into purchasing a substandard gadget with poor functionality making you lose your hard earned money so easily. Performance is the ultimate determinant of a rear view camera. From The 10 Best Rear View Cameras in 201 & Buyer’s Guide above you can be able to access some of the highly recommended cameras to buy for your vehicle. This is a way to enhance road safety and is a good investment to make. Other factors like type of vehicle and budget are subsidiary and can be looked at as well before placing an order for one or two gadgets.

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