The 10 Best Rated Electric Pressure Cooker in 2018 Reviews

These days, an electric pressure cooker is all the rage. They are very versatile as they can prepare stew, meat and soups in a fraction of time compared to the stove and other methods we use at our home. An electric pressure cooker works in a magical way, food goes in and in a short amount of time they come out cooked.

The science used here is very simple, the steam created builds up to make pressure, the pressure, in turn allows a localized high temperatures that is then used to cook food faster. Cooking with these pots will give you a great experience as you can save more of your time. Here are the top ten best pressure cooker for 2018.

1. Instant pot DUO60

 Instant pot DUO60
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The main reason why this instant pot 7 in 1 is the leading bestseller is simply because the results that it also work as a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker and a lot more. The pressure cooker comes with 14 integrated functionalities and also include a 6qt stainless steel cooking pot. When it comes to safety, its UL certified. This means that it’s manufactured with 10 safety have to master the feature and instruction that comes with the manual as this cooker is not a plug and play.

2. Instant pot LUX60V3

 Instant pot LUX60V3
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Just by the name, this is obviously a third version of LUX series of the instant pot. This is highly energy efficient pot saving up to 70% of energy. The pot works as a slow cooker, steamer, sauté, rice cooker and a warmer. The pot produces very little noise and the steam generated is very less making concentration in the pot intense and speeds up matters of safety, this pot is UL certified therefore you don’t have to worry.

4. COSORI 6QT premium 8 in 1

 COSORI 6QT premium 8 in 1
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Being a third generation pressure cooker manufactured by COSORI, this is the best multi-user programmable cooker for anyone who wants to replace eight kitchen appliances. The cooker performs eight tasks namely; rice cooker, slow cooker, pressure cooker, steamer, sauté, warmer, yogurt maker and hot pot. Also, the cooker features an amazing 17 programs that making cooking quicker and easier. The cooker is UL certified and therefore it meets all the security standards.

4. Instant pot DUO plus 60

 Instant pot DUO plus 60
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This is an upgraded version of bestselling kitchen cooker from the instant pot. The cooker comes with 15 smart programs that that will quicken your cooking experience. The cooker replaces 9 of your kitchen appliances as it can perform their tasks. These are the programmable pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, egg cooker, sauté, steamer and a new feature sterilizer. The cooker is safe and currently it’s among the bestselling cooker in Amazon.

5. Breville the fast-slow pro

 Breville the fast-slow pro
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This is undoubtedly a popular cooker in the market in general, this is because it exceeds the expectation of an electric pressure cooker you could get at the same price. The cooker is a high tech appliance as it automatically adjusts time, pressure and temperature between slow and fast cooking modes to give maximum flavor and texture to the food.

6. Power pressure cooker XL 6 Quart

 Power pressure cooker XL 6 Quart
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You will be surprised by the 6-quart pressure cooker flavor infusion technology. This appliance is attractive with a stainless steel housing which is warranted for a period of 1 year. The inner cooking pot has 6 quarts and this fastens your cooking experience. With its high tech, the cooker is energy efficient and also you don’t have to be there during the cooking process as it has a preset timer.

7. Cuisinart CPC-600

 Cuisinart CPC-600
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If you want to eat healthy without the hassle of waiting for long hours, then this is the best kitchen aid for you. The cooker saves up to 70% of the time and further it cook in several different is also used for browning meat and one does not have to be there, the inbuilt timers beep to notify you when your food is ready.

8. GoWise USA 8-quart

 GoWise USA 8-quart
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This is a new model of programmable 8-quart stainless steel pressure cooker. The pot contains a microprocessor that is used to monitor temperature and pressure based on the amount of food being cooked. The cooker also replaces 10 cooking appliances in your kitchen. The cooker is known for its speed and energy saving, therefore, making it the best kitchen aid for you.

9. Wolfgang puck automatic 8-quart rapid pressure cooker red

 Wolfgang puck automatic 8-quart rapid pressure cooker red
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The Wolfgang red pressure cooker is made up of stainless steel with a red lid and red bottom cover. The color symbolizes it, there are 1200 watts heating elements that ensure the pressure is quickly build up and the food is cooked faster without losing its natural taste and nutrients. The pot also has a keep warm mode that ensures your food does not get cold and this saves time and energy that could be used for reheating.

10. Bella 6Qt 10 in 1

 Bella 6Qt 10 in 1
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This is another best kitchen appliance that will help you save up to 70% of your cooking time. This is done possible by the 1000 watts power absorbed that ensure enough pressure is generated to fasten the cooking process. Not only will this work as a steamer, it also come in handy when preparing fish and vegetables. The cooker also functions as a slow cooker for a period of 12 hours. Other features in it include pressure cooker, rice cooker, browning, warmer and searing.

Features to consider when buying electric pressure cooker

  • Safety

This is very important and one therefore needs to consider the security features of the cooker and whether they are UL certified. This will help to overcome any danger that may arise.

  • Warranty

This is also important to check as they are premeditated to last for several years. You don’t have to keep on changing parts of your cooker within a short period. Lifetime warranty is considered the best.

  • Pressure levels

Different pressure cookers differ in their level of pressure. Therefore, it’s very critical to know the level of pressure a cooker can attain before you purchase it. If you want the fastest cooking, it’s recommended to always buy the pressure cooker that has the highest psi.

  • Type – non-stick or stick

There is always a general belief that non-stick cookers and items are not mixing well. On the other hand, high-quality pressure cooker lasts long. If you choose non-stick, you should be prepared to replace it sooner but cleaning and replacement are always easy.

  • The size

It’s important to keep in mind that size matters, a small family will need quite a small pressure cooker compared to a big family. Also, the available space for installation is crucial to check, this is to avoid stuffing in your kitchen.


Hundred dollars will give you the best pressure cooker, enjoy cooking your healthy and delicious food for the shortest time and you will be amazed by the result. Remember that this is a long-term investment that will serve you for years. Therefore, before buying your pressure cooker, it’s good to check for reviews, this will help you to understand what other people think of the product after they have used it.

Always avoid low-quality bargain cooker when checking on price as they might come with the sacrifice of safety or longevity to use. For ease of cooking, remember to read the user manual, this will help you to know the safety precaution that must be met.

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