Top 10 Best Pocket Radios in 2019

Even though carrying a pocket radio has become old-fashioned for the young generation, the people from the previous generation still find it handy. Therefore, the design and size of the pocket radios have improved over the time and it has become something that people can show off gracefully. Moreover, a pocket radio can have multiple useful features such as a clock, alarm, timer, and even torchlight. Moreover, you can listen to the songs with the powerful inbuilt speakers they come with or via headphone. Check out the top 10 best pocket radios in 2019 below.

Table of the Best Pocket Radio:

01. Sony Portable AM/FM Radio

Sony Portable AM/FM Radio

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This is undoubtedly the best pocket radio available and the product features under Amazon’s Choice for the same. The sound quality is outstanding due to its high-quality built-in speaker and headphone jack. There is a telescoping antenna available which is instrumental in getting clear signals. Besides, you get a carrying strap for convenient carry. It is a battery powered radio like others and there are LED indicators for tuning and battery status showing. The size is compact and the weight is light enough for convenient carry in the pocket.

02. C. Crane CC Pocket AM FM

C. Crane CC Pocket AM FM

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This is an elegant looking pocket radio and it delivers clear audio thanks to its powerful antenna. The sensitivity is excellent and it comes with one-touch memory presets. The radio runs on 2AA batteries and it has an inbuilt speaker as well as headphone jack. The backlight is quite convenient and there are a sleep timer and alarm with the clock all of which are very handy. Besides, there is the belt clip to hand the radio and you can remove it in case you do not need it. All the controls are intuitive and it gives you better control over its operation.

03. Memorex Portable AM/FM Pocket Radio

Memorex Portable AM/FM Pocket Radio

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With this pocket radio, you will able to tune to different AM/FM channels wherever you want. This will give you an amazing sound experience as it comes with the dynamic bass system. You can also listen to music privately by inserting your headphone. This comes with earbuds and is an ultra-lightweight product. This is ideal from travel and is powered by two AAA batteries. Due to its portable size, you can store it anywhere you want and you can even carry it in your weather kit. This is also easy to use and has smooth volume controls.

04. Vondior Digital AM/FM Portable Pocket Radio

Vondior Digital AM/FM Portable Pocket Radio

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If you are looking for something compact to listen to AM/FM then this pocket radio station is the one for you. This is ultra-lightweight and has long lasting batteries. This is handy and can be placed anywhere. This has also got amazing sound experience and has a built-in speaker in it. This is the perfect item to gift someone and is suitable for people of all ages. In this, there is a digital display of the radio stations and it is also very easy to operate. Additionally, there is also an alarm clock in this.

05. Kaito Pocket AM/FM Radio

Kaito Pocket AM/FM Radio

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This is another great pocket radio that will give you a classic experience. This has a tuning LED indicator and is very compact. This has a built-in antenna and there is also a monophonic earphone jack. The radio has got good frequency coverage of AM/FM and is ideal for travelers. This will allow you to listen to various radio stations even when you are in remote areas. This is very lightweight and is powered with the help of batteries. This is very handy and can even fit in shirt pocket.

06. DreamSky Mini Portable FM Radio

DreamSky Mini Portable FM Radio

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This is a great piece of pocked radio which can be used when you are traveling. You can use it conveniently when you are walking, jogging, or cycling. With this, you can tune in to various stations very conveniently as it allows you to search both auto and manual. This can also be used as an alarm clock and there is a wide LCD screen which is very easy to see. This is very compact in size and there is also a lock button for accidental operation. You can carry it anywhere you want and is powered by two AAA batteries.

07. Panasonic Pocket AM/FM Radio

Panasonic Pocket AM/FM Radio

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In this pocket radio, there is an LED tuning indicator light which will let you know about the battery level as well as the reception. You will be able to get clear and dynamic sound and there is also a headphone jack which allows you to listen to music privately. This is ideal for fishing trips, sporting events, and other outdoor journeys. You can use it easily and tuning of the channels can be done with a single finger. Included with it is a strap which is perfect for carrying it.

08. Vondior AM/FM Portable Pocket Radio

Vondior AM/FM Portable Pocket Radio

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If you want to listen to the radio without any distractions, then this is the one you are looking for. This pocket radio will give you authentic pleasure and has got powerful batteries. This has an amazing sound performance as it has a large speaker. With this, you can get connected to a news broadcast from anywhere. This will give you a long lasting enjoyment and is a perfect item to gift someone. This is handy and can fit in anywhere. This is also lightweight and there are fewer buttons which will not complicate the user.

09. Sangean AM/FM Digital Weather Alert Pocket Radio

Sangean AM/FM Digital Weather Alert Pocket Radio

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This is a digital AM/FM tuner which comes in a compact size. The pocket radio has got 19 random presets and you can set to your favorite station by just selecting a button. In this, there is a built-in speaker which will let you listen to the clear sound. There is also an alarm which will wake you up at the right time. With this, you will be able to save power, as it gets automatically turned off after 90 minutes. This has a digital display and also looks very attractive.

10. Retekess Portable AM FM Stereo Radio

Retekess Portable AM FM Stereo Radio

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With this, you will be able to listen to both AM and FM on separate modes. The pocket radio is very handy and very good to gift someone. This is ultra-lightweight and you can even insert a headphone. Using this is very easy and there is a lock switch which prevents accidental operation. The battery is very powerful and will last for a long time. This is ideal for traveling, jogging, cycling, and in the gym. This is handy and the micro-USB charging jack allows you to charge it from any USB device.

Buyer’s Guide – Things To Keep In Mind:

If not for you, you might be buying a pocket radio for the elder members of your family. You will always want to ensure that you buy the best portable pocket radio within your budget. The following buying guide is tailor-made for achieving that purpose.

Portability –

The portability of any object is determined by the size and weight of the product. Therefore, the pocket radio you are buying must be lightweight and compact enough to carry in your pocket. Besides, some of them come with a strap or a handle for carrying around easily and prevent accidental slippage or drop.

Radio Stations –

Different pocket radios have different options and presets for a certain number of radio stations. The pocket radio you are buying must have as many preset as possible and there must be an option to customize as new channels come up quite often. The antenna must be telescopic so that it can catch the signal clearly to provide the best output.

Features –

There are a lot of features that a pocket radio can have. Having a memory function is quite convenient and somewhat a necessity. It helps you to start from the last radio station you tuned in to. Having a headphone jack as well as the inbuilt speaker is also mandatory. The quality of sound has to be top-notch as it is the main point of any pocket radio. The bandwidth has to be width and it should accommodate AM and FM and NOAA will be a bonus. Some of them serve multiple purposes such as an alarm, clock, and others. Having an LCD screen or various lighting option can be cool but will consume more power.

Apart from that, you should consider the battery life and the power source. Some of the modern ones have a solar system but most of them have the conventional AA battery backup.

Conclusion –

A pocket radio is a cool gadget to own. Listening to the radio like music from new albums, weather reports, and local news can take away the stress and distract your mind for something informative. Having a dedicated device to listen to music in your room with the powerful inbuilt speaker is a favorite time spending activity among teens and adults. Go through the descriptions and choose the best one within your budget and as per your requirements.

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