Top 10 Best Mig Welder Under 500 in 2018

MIG stands for Metal Inert Gas and the term is commonly used in welding. It creates strong and durable joints in less time. It is commonly used in shops and factories. You can also make repairs around your home. It is suitable for use on stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, and various such metals. It is highly productive and the welding process becomes more economic. You can also use it on alloys. With a MIG welder, you can do welding at various positions and it is perfect for multi-pass welding. There is very less skill required though you need to learn to use the welder perfectly from the manual. Check out the top 10 best MIG welder under 500 in 2018.

Table of the Best Mig Welder Under 500:

01. LOTOS MIG175 Mig Welder

LOTOS MIG175 Mig Welder

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This is a 175-amp MIG welder and it comes with spool gun and wires, a regulator as well as a mask. It operates on 200 to 240V and there is automatic dual frequency. The product is suitable for welding of stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, and various such metal materials. The setting up takes a few minutes only and the power efficiency is 80%. It is highly reliable and durable and there is an overload protection. It is definitely one of the most versatile MIG welders you can buy.

02. Hobart Handler MIG Welder

Hobart Handler MIG Welder

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This MIG welder is suitable for iron, copper, brass, and titanium. It is also effective for cast iron, magnesium alloys, flex aluminum and likewise. It operates at 115V and the output amperage is from 25 to 140 amp. There are 5-position controls available for the voltage controls selector available. You can have a smooth welding at almost all thicknesses. This is a perfect DIY welding tool to have and it is easy to use and set up in a few minutes.

03. Lotos MIG Wire Welder Flux Core Welder

Lotos MIG Wire Welder Flux Core Welder

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Lotus is one of the most trusted brands in the MIG welder category. It is suitable for mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and various other metal materials. It comes with a high-quality aluminum wire feeder and the performance is superior. It is highly durable thanks to its transformer technology and the setup takes less than 10 minutes. There is a ground cable quick connector and there are the least chances of wire crushing or tangling.

04. Super Deal Black Commercial MIG Welder

Super Deal Black Commercial MIG Welder

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This MIG welder is powerful and it is also intuitive. The lightweight product will give delicate treatment and has got high precision. This is easy to operate and includes a comfortable grip. In this, there is a convenient flux and will prevent oxidation after welding. This has got many advanced options and will tackle even the toughest jobs for you. This is to weld out and has variable speed controls. There are ten levels of wire feeding and there is also a torch with safety control. You can use it anywhere you want, as it is very handy.

05. ARKSEN Wire DIY Home Welder Automatic Feeding

ARKSEN Wire DIY Home Welder Automatic Feeding

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This is a smart MIG wielder which is also very compact. This has a powerful stainless steel body and is an exquisite gas welder. The durable paint makes the product last for a long time. This is perfect for welding machine purpose and is also convenient to use. There is a self-release inert gas which will prevent in the oxidation of the welded part. You can adjust the speed of the welding and it is perfect for many other applications. This comes in a portable design which is lightweight and easy to carry.

06. HIT 140 Amp Mig 120V Welder

HIT 140 Amp Mig 120V Welder

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Using this MIG welder is very convenient and it has got many amazing features. This can work with or without shielding gas and it can even weld a carbon shield which is up to 3/16 inches. You can plug this into a 120-volt outlet and its output range is 140 A at the peak. There is an indicator light for overload and for heat control, there are infinite heat settings. With the product, you will be getting 6 ft. MIG torch MIG nozzle, gas hose regulator, and many other items.

07. Klutch MIG Inverter-Powered Wire-Feed MIG Welder

Klutch MIG Inverter-Powered Wire-Feed MIG Welder

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This is a versatile MIG welder which can handle commercial and industrial tasks. This is very powerful and is very smart when compared to a small transformer. It is also lightweight and will give you the ultimate welding control. At a range of 30 – 140 amperes, this is perfect for stainless steel, aluminum, and mild steel. This will work great on 120 volts. This is portable and gives better welds with less input amperage. You will be getting many accessories with this and it has also got voltage controls.

08. Clarke 240-Volt Fluxcore/MIG Welder

Clarke 240-Volt Fluxcore/MIG Welder

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The MIG welder comes with a chipping hammer brush combo and also includes a face mask. This has got a variable dial to change the welding range. This can easily be operated from a standard 120-volt outlet and also included are grounding and welding leads. The product comes with a thermal overload protection and the welding range is 30 to 90 AMP. This can weld mild steel and rods and is also a lightweight product. It will give you solid craftsmanship and will work best when combined with gas.

09. MIG Welder Flux Cored MIG Welding Machine

MIG Welder Flux Cored MIG Welding Machine

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In this MIG welder, there are extra sensors which will give high protection. There are also voltage and temperature sensors and includes other functions like built-in arc force, hot start, and anti-sticking. In the digital meter, you can see the variable amperage control and it will also display the simultaneous welding current. This is a very versatile product and is also extremely low in weight. This can work with diesel generators and will avoid any failures caused due to voltage spikes. This operates in a very quiet mode and you can even use it at home.

10. Forney 140-Amp MIG Welder

Forney 140-Amp MIG Welder

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This MIG welder can weld up to ¼ inch and is available at a compact size. This comes with a gas hose and flowmeter and the processes are Flux Cored and Gas MIG. This is lightweight and can do repair welding by using household current. The machine is based with multi-step transformer and has a higher duty cycle. In this, there is easier spool access and includes a large cabinet. The input power is 115 volts and the maximum output is 140 AMP. This has got many other features and you will also be getting accessories.

Buyer’s Guide – Things To Keep In Mind

If you are buying a MIG welder for the first time, the following buying guide will be extremely useful in understanding the products and choosing the best one from them.


The Amperage plays one of the most important roles in a MIG welder. It determines the thickness of the metal that you can weld. The range varies from 90 amp to 180 amp and accordingly, the range varies from 2mm to 5mm. Therefore, depending on your needs and your regular welding requirements, you should choose the amperage of the welder accordingly. For normal home works, the lower one will suffice but for professional and automotive works, the higher one is better.

Thermal Protection

A MIG welder tends to get heated up with time and therefore, a thermal overload protection is going to prevent your welder from overheating. Similarly, a short-circuit protector is required to provide protection against the surge of power.

Spool Gun

If you are welding metals and alloys like aluminum, there is a greater chance of getting tangled with it is fed through the normal feed pool. Instead, you will need a dedicated spool gun to handle and weld such metals.
Type – There are two types of MIG welder available that are common and they are gas-shielded and flux-core wired. They are designed to keep oxygen away from the weld. There are pros and cons in both but somehow, the gas-shielded ones are better.

Duty Cycle

There are different percentage rating of MIG welders available. It signifies the amount of time it can be operated based on its amperage and time cycle. For example, if a MIG welder is rating 80% duty cycle over 100 amp and 1o minutes, this means that you can operate it safely for 8 minutes at that peak amperage. Then it will need 2 minutes break before starting again. The higher the percentage, the more efficient the welder is and you can use it for the continuous welding process.


Most of the welding processes need a MIG welding and keeping one at home will come very handy. It is widely used in simple welding needs, automotive repair, welding shops, industrial fabrication, and likewise. However, they are not a good option for fine welding works, artwork, or welding thick metals. There are various accessories that some of the MIG welders come with and they are torch, gas regulator, safety equipment, and welding mask. There are many expensive MIG welders available too with various new features but under 500 dollars these are the best you can get.

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