The 10 Best Makeup Mirror With Lights in 2019

Depends a lot on the type of mirror you use. It does not always depend on the styling tools. If you cannot see what you are doing, then mistakes happen. Using one of the 10 best makeup mirror with lights in 2019 will let you see what you are doing. Mistakes will be a thing of the past.

Not sure which mirrors made the 10 best makeup mirror with lights in 2019 list? Then continue to read our review. It is filled with the information you need to make a smart purchase.

Then our buyer’s guide directs you to the right mirror with its helpful tips. Getting the right tips makes shopping for a new make-up mirror easier and may even save you some money. Finding one of the 10 best makeup mirror with lights in 2019 should be a lot easier.

Table of the Best Makeup Mirror With Lights

# Preview Product Price

Conair Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror - Lighted Vanity Mirror; 1x/7x magnification; Polished Chrome Finish



Gotofine LED Lighted Vanity Mirror / Natural Bright Light Makeup Mirror with adjustable 3.5 Inches 10x Magnification Spot Mirror, Movable & Two Power Supply Mode (White)

$35.99$49.99 (28% off)


10X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror - Daylight LED Travel Vanity Mirror - Dimmable Touch Sensor,Brightness Memory,Cordless, 6.6



7x Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror. Warm LED Tap Bathroom Vanity Mirror. Wireless & Compact Travel Mirror

$23.99$29.99 (20% off)


Makeup Mirror with Lights , LED Lighted Movable Vanity Mirror Bright LED Magnification Large Screen Touch Dimmable (10x)


Jerrybox Makeup Mirror 180° Rotation LED Vanity Mirror with Touch Screen Dimming, Portable Convenience and High Definition Cosmetic Mirror (Makeup Mirror)



Fancii 10X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror - Daylight LED Travel Vanity Mirror - Compact, Cordless, Locking Suction, 6.5

$26.99$39.99 (33% off)


Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror with 5x Magnification, White Finish



Fancii Daylight LED 10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror - 8.0

$26.99$45.99 (41% off)

01. Conair Lighted Makeup Mirror

Conair Lighted Makeup Mirror

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Two views are better than one. With one side you get the standard normal view all mirrors provide. But flip it over and you can get 7x magnification to see those tough spots you may have missed.

Measuring 7 x 9.5-inches you get a soft halo-like light to brighten your face. You can see exactly what needs to be done with ease. The chrome plated mirror uses a 20-watt light bulb and the power switch is attached to the electrical cord.

The mirror will look elegant on your makeup table while providing you with the help you need to apply your make-up correctly.

02. Gotofine Lighted Vanity Mirror

Gotofine Lighted Vanity Mirror

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You will find that LED lights are everywhere. That is because they do such a fine job in lighting up an area. This includes your make-up mirror. You can position this flexible mirror to any spot you want within 180 degrees.

Then you get up to 10x magnification to see those tough spots on your face. The battery-operated mirror has no cords to tangle or get in the way. Plus, you control the power and brightness level with a slight touch of your finger. The sensor switch is on the mirror itself.

A power cord is included for power source options.

03. BEW Lighted Makeup Mirror

BEW Lighted Makeup Mirror

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Getting 10x magnification is a bonus you cannot do without. This power allows you to apply your make-up without error. Then a simple light touch powers the 16 LED light chips providing you with more than enough light to see what you are doing.

Plus, you can maneuver this light mirror to ay position within 180 degrees. Flexibility is key to make sure you did not miss a spot on your face. 4 AA batteries, not included, power this mirror and keeps a cord out of your way.

The plastic base has a place for you to store some of your more essential make-up items.

04. Upper West Collection Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

Upper West Collection Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

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You get 50,000 hours of light action with this LED light make-up mirror. Plus, you also get up to 7x magnification. Both features allow you to see those hard to reach places when applying your make-up.

Suction cup technology attaches the mirror to your make-up table. Then its battery operation removes any hassles a power cord brings. Then the mirror will rotate up to 360 degrees giving you plenty of options as you apply your make-up.

When you buy this mirror, you get a padded bag to protect it as you travel. Then the company includes another bag for any extra batteries you want to carry with you.

05. Herwiss Lighted Mirror

Herwiss Lighted Mirror

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You can view the sides of your face with ease with this 3-sided mirror. Then the 10x magnification and 16 LED lights make sure you see every inch of your face as you apply your make-up. The 10x round mirror is removable if it is in your way.

You can use either 4 AA batteries to power this make-up mirror or you can use your computer. It comes with USB charging capabilities. Plus, the mirror will adjust up to 180 degrees. This means you will not be making any make-up mistakes.

A 30-day money back guarantee protects your investment in this make-up mirror.

06. Aooeou Makeup Mirror

Aooeou Makeup Mirror

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The sensor switch holds the key to how you use this lighted make-up mirror. You just touch the mirror to turn it on and then continue touching it till you get the brightness you need. Your light touch controls the 22 LED light inside.

Then, a 10x round mirror can be attached to give you that close-up look for a final inspection of your application. The 12-inch mirror can rotate up to 180 degrees. You will feel like a starlet when you use this mirror to apply your make-up.
A memory function saves your brightness preference.

07. Jerrybox Trifold Makeup Mirror

Jerrybox Trifold Makeup Mirror

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3 views are better than one. You get to see yourself as others see you which will enable you to apply your make-up a lot better. Its LED lights brighten up your face, so you do not miss a spot and the mirror can rotate up to 180 degrees.

Then to get power you can either use 4 AA batteries or plug the mirror into your computer or power bank. Either way, you get a lighted mirror to make applying your make-up a lot easier.

The mirror will shut off automatically after 15 minutes. It also folds up nice for convenient packing for your next business trip.

08. Fancii Lighted Makeup Mirror

Fancii Lighted Makeup Mirror

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Its 10x magnification makes sure you do not miss any hairs you want removed from your eyebrows or other parts of your face. Then the LED lights brighten your face, so you can see what you are doing with ease. Suction cup technology keeps the mirror locked to your make-up table.
Then it will rotate a full 360 degrees as well as adjust to any angle you prefer or need. This battery-operated mirror folds up nice and small. You can take it anywhere you travel including camping.
A travel bag and a money back guarantee accompany the mirror when you purchase it.

09. Jerdon Two-Sided Makeup Mirror

Jerdon Two-Sided Makeup Mirror

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The two sides allow you to see your face as other people see you. This gives you an opportunity for a final inspection before going out into the world. Then you get 4 different settings and adjustable magnification to make sure your face is eye turning.
Measuring 13.8 by 3.75 by 12.25 inches, this mirror will fold up flat, so you can put it in your suitcase without taking up a lot of space. A built-in electrical outlet lets you power your styling tools as you apply your make-up.
A one-year warranty protects your investment and lets you be completely satisfied with the mirror.

10. Fancii Daylight Makeup Mirror

Fancii Daylight Makeup Mirror

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This 8-inch circular make-u mirror comes with suction cup technology and 360-degree rotation. You can attach the mirror to your make-up table then maneuver it to fit your make-up needs.
The 14 LED lights make it seem like it is still day time when you use this mirror. You won’t miss a spot with the lights and the 10x magnification. Its chrome finish will look stylish on your make-up table.
Batteries make sure that there is no cord to get in your way. It is a great mirror to take on vacation or your next business trip.

Our Buyer’s Guide

You may think that all lighted make-up mirrors are built the same. That is not the case especially with one of the 10 best makeup
mirror with lights in 2019. Here are a few tips to help you locate one of the best of the best make-up mirrors:


other than applying make-up what will you use the mirror for? Will the mirror meet those styling needs?


LED lights are generally the best and most economical but go with your preference here. Plus, round or square mirrors do the same task. Again, it is up to your needs.


cords provide constant power and you do not need to think about replacing them after a little use. Battery operated mirrors provide flexibility and versatility. Get the one that works with your lifestyle.


always look for the best guarantee possible. This way you know you are protected and can get your money back without hassles


these mirrors are not budget breakers. They should fit n with your normal expenses.

Some Final Words

2018. You want to look your best. That is understandable and one way to turn eyes and heads is to use one of the 10 best makeup mirror with lights in These make-up mirrors make it possible for you to apply your make-up r doing your styling with ease.

They also bring the confidence that you are not missing any spots is your application. To look your best, it pays to use the best all the time.

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