The 10 Best Macbook Pro Cases in 2019 Reviews

Just drop one to see how fragile. This fact is the reason why you need to protect your laptop with a hard, protective case. Not just any case but one of the 10 best Macbook pro cases in 2019.

These protective cases are designed to keep your laptop in excellent condition. How do you find one of the 10 best Macbook pro cases in 2019? Just continue to read our review. It is designed to give you the information you need.
Then our buyer’s guide will provide you with helpful tips on what to look for when you go searching.

Being prepared is half the battle of shopping. You do not want to be stuck with an inferior product and waste your money.
Finding one of the 10 best Macbook pro cases in 2019 should not be that difficult.

Our Macbook Pro Case Review

1. UESWILL Soft-Touch Hard Case

UESWILL Soft-Touch Hard Case
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You need to own a 15” MacBook Pro and have no CD drive and no touch bar. Its smooth texture will feel good in your hands, but it is designed to protect your laptop at all costs. It will hinder scrapes, scratches, dents, etc., while giving you access to all your ports.

It comes with proper vent holes to make sure your laptop does not overheat. The hard case will also let your laptop close completely. Made from polycarbonate, this case is durable, strong and tough.

The best way to find out if this case is compatible with your Mac laptop, check your model number and compare.

2. Inateck Apple MacBook Sleeve Case

Inateck Apple MacBook Sleeve Case
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This beautifully designed protective case will work with Macbooks measuring 11 ½” and smaller. To make sure, its interior dimensions are 12.2 x 8.2″. Your laptop is not the only device you can carry with you. The main compartment holds your laptop and the other ones hold your necessities.

Like paperwork, homework etc. You even get flannel lined pockets for your cell phone. You also get a small flannel carrying case for other electronic devices or important items. This biodegradable laptop case is also made from chemical-free materials.

Velcro closures keep your laptop inside when not in use.

3. Kuzy – Rubberized Case for Older MacBook

Kuzy - Rubberized Case for Older MacBook
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You may not have upgraded your laptop to a newer version but still, need a protective case for it. This plastic hard case is designed for older Macbook pro versions. But it must be the one measuring 13.3 inches and have retina display.

Then, rubber coating helps keep this case from sliding away with your laptop. You can reach all your ports with ease. Plus, there are enough air vents to make sure your laptop does not overheat.

The case will not stop you from closing your laptop all the way. Also, it is easy to put on and take off.

4. Kuzy 13inch Hard Case Cover

Kuzy 13inch Hard Case Cover
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If you have upgraded to the newer Macbooks, you may find this plastic hard case will fit your laptop. It is designed to serve the new 13.3” Macbook. The rubber coating provides a silky, smooth texture. It will feel good in your hands and you will be able to close your laptop all the way.

The rubberized exterior should keep your laptop from sliding as you work. Besides access to all ports, you can use this case if you have the CD drive feature. You can also access the battery check button with ease. No cutout design comes with this case.

5. Gmakin Macbook Sleeve

Gmakin Macbook Sleeve
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If you do not like or want plastic covering your Macbook Pro, then maybe this unit is more to your liking. This handmade protective case is made from top quality materials to provide you with the protection your laptop needs. The felt interior will help protect your laptop from bumps etc.

The faux leather flap and bottom section will provide the strength the case needs to protect your computer. An extra storage section will house your other electrical necessities. Or you can use it to hold other items as well.
A one-year warranty protects your investment in this laptop protective case.

6. Mobility Macbook Sleeve

Mobility Macbook Sleeve
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Made from Neoprene, this protective case protects your laptop from the normal scrapes, scratches, bumps, etc., that come your way. It is designed to protect the 13” Macbook pro laptop only. A front external pocket will hold your mouse, charger or other electronic equipment.

Bot pockets have zippered closures. The whole protective case is water-resistant ad does not weigh a lot. The overall measurement of the back is 11.2 x 14.8 x 1.3 in but that is the external measurements only.

To make sure this bag is compatible with your Macbook laptop, check all the instructions and the mode number. That will ensure you are getting the right bag for your laptop.

7. UESWILL Smooth Frosted Hard Shell Case

UESWILL Smooth Frosted Hard Shell Case
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If you have a 2008 to 2012 13” Macbook with CD drive, then you may be in luck. This plastic case is designed for those models. This does not work for later Macbook upgraded laptops. The smooth texture feels good against the hand while it protects your laptop.

But that smooth surface is also tough. It will prevent scratches, scrapes and more as it protects your laptop. You can close your computer all the way and you will have access to all ports and CD drive. There is also enough ventilation to keep the computer from overheating.

8. Se7enline MacBook Pro Case

Se7enline MacBook Pro Case
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If you have a 2106-17, touch bar Macbook Pro then this is the case for you. It fits the 13” size even if it does not have a touch bar. The frosted, colorful design will keep you and your computer looking stylish and good.

The plastic case will snap on easily and you will still have access to all your ports. Plus, there is enough air flow to properly vent the heat out from your laptop. These vents protect your laptop from overheating.

Its rubberized feet will keep your laptop from sliding away as you work.

9. Valkit Macbook Pro 13 Sleeve

Valkit Macbook Pro 13 Sleeve
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This laptop protective case will give a professional touch to your style. You will look like a professional when you take your laptop out of this case. Its internal measurements are 12.35 x 8.62 x 0.71 inches. This means you can only fit a 13” Macbook pro inside.

Its slender look and light weight make sit easy to carry or place in another bag. If you want to be remembered for more than the slim good-looking case. You can use the business card holder to hold your business cards.

A magnetic closure will keep your laptop safely inside.

10. Snugg Macbook Pro and Air Sleeve

Snugg Macbook Pro and Air Sleeve
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A lifetime guarantee accompanies this professional looking laptop protective case. Its magnetic closure ensures that your laptop will remain inside where it belongs. But this case is made only for Macbook 13” laptops and Air 13” laptops.

A business card pocket will hold your small cards plus an exterior pocket will keep your papers safe and sound. Made from Pu leather this protective case will protect your laptop from those accidental bumps and drops that come.

You also get port access made available by laser precision cuts during manufacturing. Just make sure you compare model sizes to find out if your laptop is compatible with this protective case.

Our Buyer’s Guide

Finding a protective case for your laptop may not be as easy as you think. One size does not fit all. You may need some helpful tips to find one of the 10 best Macbook pro cases in 2019. Here are some of those tips:

  • Compatibility- as we said, one size does not fit all. You will have to check your model number then compare it with the manufacturer’s list to see if the case will hold your laptop
  • Size- size is important. If the case says for 13” then don’t try to squeeze a 14” laptop inside. Go for the case that will fit your laptop size.
  • Access- make sure you have access to all your ports and CD drive. This is important as you do not want to remove the case to get access to one or two ports.
  • Cover- this is up to your preference. Hard plastic is good but if you do not like the look then go for a different style. Leather, fake leather, flannel are good also.
  • Warranty- check to see if you have any warranty coverage. How long is it and what is covered?
  • Price- make sure you find one that won’t break your budget.

Some Final Words

When you buy an Apple product it makes sense to use Apple products to protect them. Macbook Pros are no different. Get the 10 best Macbook pro cases in 2019 that fit your Macbook laptop. Nothing less will do. You want one of the best to protect one of the best.

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