Top 10 Best Living Room Table Sets in 2019

Buying your home can be fun, but choosing Living Room Table Sets can be a bit tricky. That is usually the first room in your house that the guests will see, so the colors must match the pattern, and everything must be suitable for that first impression. Once you have chosen the sofa and the chairs, the tables in the living room are the most critical pieces in this room. They will also be the most used and most noticed furniture in the room. The Top 10 Best Living Room Table Sets in 2019 & Buyer’s Guide below will give the best tips to select perfect living room table set for your house.

Table of the Best Living Room Table Sets:

01. Furniture of America Beltran

Furniture of America Beltran

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One way you can have a luxurious look in your living room has this table. It comes in an elegant Traditional style. Also, it features a faux marble top and wooden Cabriole legs. It is made of high-quality materials: dark oak and wood veneers. The dimension of this dining room table is 18.25in H x 48in W x 24in D.

02. Ashley Furniture Medium Brown

Ashley Furniture Medium Brown

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You will love this table if you are searching for a living room table that comes with a signature design and features plank style shelves. The table set comes in three sets; 2 end tables and a cocktail table. It features a sleek design. The table is designed to clean and crisp lines which wonderfully with contemporary styling.

03. Ashley Furniture Dark Brown

Ashley Furniture Dark Brown

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Ashley furniture is a living room table that comes with a signature design. It is a contemporary coffee table set with a sleek, dark and utterly chic. You will love how this table will transform your living room with its sleek dark-brown design. It rectangular top and square end table are constructed with strong tapered legs.

04. Roundhill Furniture 3307

Roundhill Furniture 3307

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Roundhill furniture is a unique living room table featuring a black/brown textured finish. If you want to transform your living room into something attractive, then you need to include this table. Its legs come with plastic guides. The table packages include two end tables and one coffee table.

05. Ashley Furniture Murphy

Ashley Furniture Murphy

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This Ashely table furniture features signature design and comes as a three-piece living room table set. The table has an excellent looking medium brown finish which gives your living room a different touch. It is easy to assemble as it is accompanied by simple to use assembly tools. The beautiful craft of this table gives it a pleasant and rustic industrial design.

06. Ashley Furniture with Chrome Finish

Ashley Furniture with Chrome Finish

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So many tables are available in the market today, but, this is a phenomenal one-one of its kind. It comes with a madanere contemporary design. The package includes a three piece table set which consists of a cocktail table and two end tables. The table has an eye-catching design with a chrome-tone finish.

07. Ashley Furniture with a Rustic Brown finish

Ashley Furniture with a Rustic Brown finish

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Ashley Furniture features a Rustic Brown finish and a signature design giving a functional and stylish look to your living room. The table set is a round coffee table set that sets a scene with a rustic refinement. Also, table set comes with a storage shelf that is conveniently placed under it. It comes as a set of three tables.

08. Coaster Home Furnishings

Coaster Home Furnishings

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Coaster Home Furnishings table set is a three-piece set featuring a contemporary white finish. Its cross design support comes in black and white. The structure is useful when holding bulky items. The end table measures 22inches W x 20inches D x 22.5 inches H and the coffee table measures are 47.25x22x18.5 inches (W x D x H).

09. Furniture of America

Furniture of America

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Furniture of America is another three-piece table set that you can buy to set it in your living room to give it a new and fabulous look. The set comes with a coffee table and two end tables. The meals come with a convenient center drawer and an extra storage shelf beneath. The table set is made of solid wood and wood veneers providing it with superior stability and strength.

10. Ashley Flash Furniture

Ashley Flash Furniture

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Ashley Flash Furniture is a living room table set with a Signature and Logan design. It comes as a three piece table: Two end tables and a coffee table. It gives it durability and stability the table is created of wood, human-made wood and veneers. It comes with fixed shelves offering that extra storage. It is easy to assemble.

Top Best Living Room Table Sets Buyer’s Guide

It may seem very simple to look at a room or area and decide to leave quickly and enjoy a good meal, although there may be many important things to consider when choosing Living Room Table Sets. First, you must see the budget, perhaps the style, but the other main thoughts could be the size and use of the present and the future.


Size is something essential to keep in mind when choosing the dining room table. It must be adapted to the room or area and have room to walk or have additional sheets and more chairs for larger meetings. Another consideration is the size at the moment and the house in which it is placed. That can be the home for an extended period or just short mail.


It may seem simple like “I need to buy what I can afford,” which is very real. However, what is now affordable may not be what will work for years to come. If this is the case, it may be better to postpone the purchase for a period. You may be shopping at thrift stores to save a few dollars and get a table and chairs that can grow with your family or in the future.


Very often, it is nice to combine the rest of the decoration in the adjacent living areas. The dining room can take on its appearance and be very different from the rest of the house without looking in its place. As styles come and go, and what is fashionable and what does not agree with an entirely new fashion, it may be better to stay with a more traditional look or design.


If you invest in Living Room Table Sets, functionality is necessary. Be sure to choose the furniture that will serve the purpose for which it is intended. You must define your needs in advance and look for furniture that meets those needs. Consider factors such as the comfort of the object.


However, the good thing about Living Room Table Sets is that they can be moved to give a new look to the living room. Sometimes, by just walking around the table and the furniture in the room, or in any other room, you can breathe new life into one place and make the whole house more vibrant. Use the tips above to make your decision.

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