The 10 Best Inflatable Water Slides in 2018 Reviews

Inflatable water slides are made from nylon material which is inflated with a blower and then a hose pipe is attached to it so that kids can use it to play in the water while in their swimming suits. Many water slides are made for kids but there more expensive models that adults can also use them together with their kids.

The water slides are mostly used during summer seasons when it is too hot and the water slides are one of the ways you can cool yourself. The inflatable water slides are a good source to ensure that kids are exercising, this is because they will enjoy the fun hence have more exercise instead of just having common games.

There are many inflatable water slides on the market. The following is a list of top ten best water slides;

1. Intex water slide

Intex water slide
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this the coolest water splash that will help cool your summer and it has five air chambers, six heavy duty handles, and a sturdy twenty gauge construction. The water slide is bundled with a repair patch in case of any punctures. It has a maximum weight of one hundred and seventy-six pounds. To have it wet you connect the hose pipe.

2. Intex surf

Intex surf
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Intex surf water slide is yet another good product, to make it wet you need to attach a hose pipe for sprayers. It has a landing mat which is underneath that offers extra has a maximum weight of one hundred and seventy-six pounds. The water slide is bundled with a repair patch.

3. Triple pool kids water slide

Triple pool kids water slide
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This is an inflatable waterslide that every kid would love. It is designed so that the end bumpers collect water for a large spray landing. The landing lagoon funnel water and pad on the slide for a long wet ride and the water cascade along the sides keep the ride smooth.

4. Banzai sidewinder falls inflatable water park

Banzai sidewinder falls inflatable water park
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This is one of the best water slides that is bundled with blower motor with a GROUND FAULT CIRCUIT INTERRUPTER to ensure convenience and maximum safety. It has two anchor bags that offers maximum stability when it is in use, to make the slide wet you need to connect a detachable water spraying hosepipe. It has a maximum weight of the user as one hundred and twenty lbs. And a combined maximum of one hundred and fifty lbs.

5. Blast zone pirate

Blast zone pirate
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This a water slide which is big that has both water slide and a mini bouncer with a netting and a commercial vinyl bounce base. This slide has a number of features which includes; sprayer assembly with water flow regulator, UL blower, GROUND FAULT CIRCUIT INTERRUPTER and ground stakes. The gross weight of the water slide is six hundred lbs.

6. Retro jump inflatable water slide

Retro jump inflatable water slide
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Retro jump inflatable water slide is very easy to set up and also very easy to take down. It is built in with a material that is puncture resistant. The product is bundled with an air blower. It is basically meant for kids where we have one slide, one splash pool, and only one climbing wall. The product is best used for outdoor activities.

7. Sportspower inflatable water slide

Sportspower inflatable water slide
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This model of an inflatable water slide has only one slide, one water cannon and finally one splash pool hence only one kid at a go. The sportspower water slide takes less than two minutes to inflate air in it and in addition, has a ground fault circuit interrupter just in case water is splashed. On the base, it has an anchoring system that ensures stability when the slide is in use. It meets the ASTM safety standards hence very safe to use. The total measurements of this water slide are one hundred and eighty-six inches by eighty point four feet.

8. Blast zone hydro rush inflatable water park

Blast zone hydro rush inflatable water park
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This is a water slide that is specifically designed in such a way that it carries a capacity of six kids and the kids are of the age above three years. It is a quality construction since it has a water slide and a sprayer. It measures eighteen feet length, a height of eight feet and a width of eleven feet.

9. Banzai sidewinder falls

Banzai sidewinder falls
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Banzai sidewinder falls is the best because it offers a continuous airflow and this is advantageous because it increases stability when in use. It has a combined user maximum weight of four hundred lbs. it is made from UV resistant material which in turns makes it durable.

10. Little tikes rocky mountains

Little tikes rocky mountains
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The fun part of this water slide also includes climbing the wall. This product has two slides has a single water splash. It holds a maximum of for the r kids and has a combined weight limit of three hundred and fifty lbs. it has a surprise bucket that pours water on kids climbing the wall making the kids have more fun. It has a curved water slide.
With water slides there three types of water slides;

A. The standard water slide. This the water slide that has three parts only that is the climbing area, a slide, and the splash pool.

B. The second is the one that has more features, the features include crawl tunnels and water cannons that will be used by the kids to play.

C. The third type is the slide which must be located in a real pool to enable the kids to land on water when they come from the slides.

Factors to consider before purchasing an inflatable water slide

Check the durability of the water slide

Before purchasing a water slide always ensure that the one that you will purchase is made of strong material that will last longer.

The number of children, weight, and age of the kids.

Before purchasing a water slide it is always good to consider the age because some water slides are meant for little kids below the age of four others above the age of four. Also the number of kids it can hold.

Consider safety.

Safety is everything, before purchasing a water slide always make sure it will be safe when your kids use it, maybe consider the slides and the stability.

Consider the price

In most cases the price of something matters, but it is good to always look at the quality of a product since it is better to buy something which is expensive but of good quality rather than buying cheap that will not last.

It is very clear that the slides offer fun and are also healthy for kids because they enable them to have exercise. On the other hand, it is also part of leisure activity and helps the kids to be active. The review above gives the top ten best water slides and also before purchasing them there are factors that should be considered and durability is the key factor. This is because it is always good to have something that lasts longer than a product which is just there to offer one-time service.

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