The 10 Best Indoor Mosquito Traps in 2019​ Reviews

Mosquitoes can be extremely annoying and irritating if they are flying up and down your house. Forget about the buzzing sound they have, but also mosquito bites are very painful and at times itchy and not forgetting the fatal viruses like West Nile virus, yellow fever virus which can lead to death if not treated well.

Hence we should try our best to have no mosquitoes around us. In this modern day there very many ways to eradicate mosquitoes but most of the ways include toxic chemicals which are not good for the environment and also have long-term effects on human health. Therefore it is advisable to have indoor traps because they have zero percent of toxics.

The following is a list of top ten indoor mosquito traps;

1. Mosquito repellant bracelet for kids and adults with natural Citronella.

Mosquito repellant bracelet for kids and adults with natural Citronella.
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The mosquito repellant bracelet works very fast, and it has no chemicals that are toxic or can harm a kid. The product is available in different colors. Therefore, kids may have a variety to choose from in case they are stubborn when it comes to having them on their wrists. Also, the product is available at a reasonable price as compared to what it does and the protection it offers.

2. Aspectek twenty warts Bug zapper.

Aspectek twenty warts Bug zapper.
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This is a very powerful mosquito killer; it gets to kill mosquitoes by attracting them using two ultraviolet light bulbs. It has a mesh screen on it that protects your family to have contact accidentally with the electric grid. The bug zapper is free from any chemicals that may be dangerous to your family. Because it’s an electric trap, it needs installation which is simple, the electronic is hanged attached to the hook of the unit. Its maintenance is also another thing which should not be an issue because the plastic tray at the bottom is the only one that is washable but the electric grid is self-cleaning.

3. Mosquito repellant stickers

Mosquito repellant stickers
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These are the best mosquito repellant killers that even the kids will enjoy putting them on the walls. The stickers stand out to be the best because they are portable even when traveling because they use just a small space in your bag. Also, the stickers are most preferred due to their long life, compared to other natural repellents like lotions you don’t need to apply all the time. All you need is to stick them on the wall, and you have done keeping in mind they are chemical free. Due to their funny features, they create the art spirit in kids.

4. Travel insect repellant bug spray.

Travel insect repellant bug spray.
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Bug spray is a product that is made in the USA which is bundled with a free mosquito guide. Just like the above mosquito killers bug spray is not an exemption since is chemical free hence very safe to use. An added advantage is that the bug spray can also kill ticks hence can be used on dogs. The spray is portable because it ways four ounces hence one may have zero reasons to complain about its portability.

5. Bugzoff electric fly swatter

Bugzoff electric fly swatter
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This is the best mosquito killer it acts as a lethal mesh towards mosquitoes and other flying insects that may be irritating when flying up and down your house. It is easy to use it simply because you need to swing it and it kills very many mosquitoes with just a single swing. Also it chemical free therefore very safe for your family. This product is available at a reasonable price compared to what it offers effective and convenient solutions to you.

6. Elucto electric fly swatter

Elucto electric fly swatter
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The Elucto electric fly swatter is the most reliable and convenient mosquito killer because it zaps mosquitoes in just one zap. Just like any other natural mosquito killer, the Elucto fly swatter is nontoxic therefore very safe to use. The swatter works very fast in the eradication of mosquitoes in a room, and therefore it is reliable. Also, the product is available in the market with a reasonable price and also one year warrant and is bundled with 2 AA batteries but also works well with the Polaroid AA batteries.

7. 15D Electronic insect killer

15D Electronic insect killer
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This is among the best mosquito kill because it covers a radius of half an acre. It is recommended that should not be used within twenty-five feet of area that is intended for human activity. It uses a fifteen-watt bulb. The cartridge is replaced after every thirty days for better results, and it is advisable to always use the user manual during the replacement. This mosquito kill is always recommended for outdoor use.

8. Ultrasonic pest repellant by INNAV8

Ultrasonic pest repellant by INNAV8
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This is not an exemption; ultrasonic pest repellent is a non-toxic product in your house hence very safe to use it. The ultrasonic pest repellant produces a pressure which very loud as a siren to mosquito and other pests within your house. Also, it has an electromagnetic shield that prevents mosquitoes from coming into your house. The best part about ultrasonic pest repellent is it also repels other insects and pests and also rodents that may be so irritating, hence very effective.

9. Ultrasonic pest repeller

Ultrasonic pest repeller
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This is the newest version of ultrasonic pest repeller; it has an ultrasonic and electromagnetic frequency that keeps away not only mosquitoes but also other pests like rodents, spiders, flies and also rets. For better results, it is advisable to use one for each room. The product is very safe to use because it has neither chemicals nor toxic substances that may be harmful to human health. It has an added advantage because it does not require maintenance.

10. Boomile mosquito Bug zapper light

Boomile mosquito Bug zapper light
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The boomile is designed in two in one light bulb. This a non-toxic product hence very safe to use with no fears. It is very easy to install them because they don’t need extra wires only a socket. It is also eco-friendly and has a lifespan of fifty thousand hours. This bulb can be used both indoors and in outdoor activities.

Factors to consider before buying a mosquito trap

  • Reliability

On the reliability, one should consider the best trap that will offer the best services- killing the mosquitoes. Also a trap from a reputable company.

  • The Features of the trap

Considering the features include looking at a trap that is not technical when it comes to assembling and a trap that is safe to use in a place where there kids.

  • Your property size

Before purchasing a trap always consider the size of your property to purchase a product that will efficiently serve you to the maximum.

In conclusion,

it will be better always to have a clear picture of what your family needs. This is achieved by understanding the above factors before purchasing a mosquito trap. According to the above review, the natural mosquito traps are the best because they offer maximum protection and are non-toxic hence very safe to use them. Considering the above mosquito traps it is clear that they are the best, reliable and efficient to use and has no technicality when it comes to assembling, therefore when you want to buy a mosquito trap consider the above top ten mosquito traps and experience excellent results.

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