The 10 Best Face Paint Brands in 2018 Reviews

You can find many face painters at parties, festivals, and public markets. They will add to your child’s fun by decorating their face with different colors of face paint. If you cannot afford a professional face painter to decorate your child’s face. Then use one of the 10 best face paint brands in 2018.

These paints are like the ones professionals use. If you are not sure which paint brands make the 10 best face paint brands in 2018 list. Just continue to read our review. It is designed to give you the information you need.

Then our buyer’s guide will provide you with some helpful tips on what to look for. Your search for the best face paint brands should be a lot easier.

Our Face Paint Brand Reviews:

1. Snazaroo Face Paint Pack

Snazaroo Face Paint Pack
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Even if you have sensitive skin, you can use this set of face paints. There is no real foul odor to them. In fact, they are fragrance free. They have also been reviewed by a dermatologist and a toxicologist t make sure they are safe for your child’s skin.

A face painting guide with different easy to use designs are also included with this multi-paint pack. 10 colors and other accessories are included to make your face painting experience enjoyable.
Cleaning your child’s face is also easy. The paints are all water-based and come off with a little soap and warm water.

2. Bo Buggles Face Paint Kit

Bo Buggles Face Paint Kit
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2 paintbrushes, 9 colors and gold and silver glitter help make up this face paint kit. Plus, you get approx. 30 stencils holding different designs you can paint on your child’s face. The stencils are not rigid but flexible enough to follow your child’s facial features.

You also get 2 sponges to help you clean up afterward. Each paint tub holds about 4 grams of paint. 2 drops of water are all you need to get your creative face painting talent started.

A plastic tray holds all the supplies. Then a little warm soapy water or make-up remover will remove the paint from your child’s face.

3. MiniKIKI Face Paint Crayons

MiniKIKI Face Paint Crayons
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Instead of using paint and paint brushes, you can use crayons. These specially designed crayons come in a pack of 12 and will cover our child’s face like face paint. The self-contained crayons will not mark up your hands or your table like paint can.

This face paint is also non-toxic and is dermatologist approved. This paraben-free formula makes sure the paint is safe for your child. Besides painting your face, you can paint your hands, arms and other parts of your body as well. Your creative talent can be released with this face paint kit.

4. neon nights UV Body Paint

neon nights UV Body Paint
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You get 8 great neon colors with this face and body paint kit. The paint glows when you place your face or body under black or UV lights. Each paint container holds about .7 fluid ounces of paint.

This brand of face paint will not stain clothes or furniture fabric. They are easy to clean up and all you need is a little soap and water. To get the full effect of this paint, avoid using LED black or UV lights.

This variety f neon paint is also non-toxic and safe for kids, teenagers and adults.

5. Artiparty Face Paint Set

Artiparty Face Paint Set
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The 16 paint varieties that come with this kit provide you with enough options to be totally creative. Three brushes are included make sure you have enough to do the job right. Face painting with these paints will brighten any party.
The paints are non-toxic and are hypoallergenic as well as being paraben free. Kids with allergies should be able to participate in the face painting fun. The 10ml of paint in each tub should paint up to approx. 150 children sized faces.

These water-based paints are easy to clean off once the party and fun are over.

6. FolkArt Multi-Surface Paint Set

FolkArt Multi-Surface Paint Set
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2 ounces of face painting fun come in each bottle of face paint. There are 12 colors included in this set, enough to create all sorts of individual designs. They are called multi-surface paints because they work on more than just faces.

You can paint wood, clothing, canvas, glass, and more surfaces. There will be no limit to your artistry. You are also not limited to a brush. You can use a sponge or any other paint applicator to apply these paints.

These non-toxic paints can unleash the creative talents hidden inside of you. But be careful. These are not easy to clean paints and may stain clothing.

7. Blue Squid Face Paint Kit

Blue Squid Face Paint Kit
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Everything you need to creatively paint faces is included in this face paint kit. You get 2 brushes, 4 sponges, 2 glitter paints, and 30 stencils. You also get 14 different colors to paint those face designs. The glitter comes in silver and gold.

A plastic tray holds all your supplies except the stencils. The non-toxic paints are 100 percent safe for those people who are vegans. They are also paraben free, hypoallergenic and FDA compliant.

These water-based paints go on easy and stay on till you remove it with a little soap and water. A lifetime money back guarantee is also included.

8. Colorful Art Co. Face Paint

Colorful Art Co. Face Paint
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11 colors and one silver glitter tub of paint await your face painting talents. The three included brushes and 30 stencils provide you with enough tools to make the best designs possible. These paints are FDA compliant.

They are also paraben free, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and are safe for both vegans and children. These paints should also avoid eczema troubles. Stencils are included but the manufacturer’s online guide will allow you access to more designs you can use.

Like all other water-based face paint, these paints are easy to remove. Just a little soap and warm water and your child’s face is as good as new.

9. Mosaiz Face Paint Crayon

Mosaiz Face Paint Crayon
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You can call them sticks or crayons. Either way, this face paint will go on easier without the mess regular face pants bring. The 12 assorted colors include gold and silver paints. These crayons will paint faces, arms, legs and more. They are not limited to your child’s face.

The hypoallergenic, non-toxic and FDA compliant face paint is safe for almost all kids to use. Clean up is as easy as regular face paint. A little soap and water and your kid’s face is clean again.

You can paint over 150 faces with these face painting crayons.

10. Snazaroo Classic Face Paint

Snazaroo Classic Face Paint
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This is an individual paint color whose tub holds up to .6 fluid ounces of red paint. Other individual paints color tubs are also available. To be creative you need to buy several colors. No fragrance is included to bother your child’s nose.

Then, this dermatologist and toxicologist approved face paint is easy to remove. A little warm water and soap and this water-based paint come off real quick. You should be able to paint over 50 individual children’s faces with one tub of this face paint.

Besides a variety of colors, you should be able to find sparkle and metallic colors as well.

Our Buyer’s Guide

To enjoy quality face painting, you need to use the best of the best. Using one of the 10 best face paint brands in 2018 is using the best face paints available. Here are a few tips to help guide your search:

  • Purpose- is t for party fun, festival earnings or just entertainment
  • Style- are they actual pant with brushes of crayon styled? Either way is okay. It is your application preference that matters.
  • Application- are they good for faces only or can you use these paints on other surfaces and body parts?
  • Variety- how many colors are in a package? How many brushes do you get? How many sponges and glitter paint. As always, the more the better for each.
  • Cleaning- are they easy to remove from skin and clothes? Do they stain at all?
  • Quantity- how many faces does each tub or crayon paint? The more the better.
  • Warranty- what is or isn’t covered? What type of protection do you have and for how long? What is the return policy?
  • Price- usually these are affordable and will fit in with your budget.

Some Final Words

Children love to have their faces painted. It allows them to be different, to express themselves and it is a lot of fun. One way to brighten up your child’s birthday party is to use one of the 10 best face paint brands in 2018.

These paints usually do not stain, can be used on just about any child safely and the come in a variety of colors. You can express your creative talents by using these 10 best face paint brands in 2018.

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