The 10 Best Fabric For Sofa Slipcovers in 2018 Reviews

You want to protect it from any damage that may happen from errant guests, messy kids, and overactive pets. It is not easy to keep furniture in top condition when life has its way. One alternative is to use one of the 10 best fabric for sofa slipcovers in 2018.

These fabrics are designed to protect your furniture from everything your family throws its way. If you are not sure which fabrics made the 10 best fabric for sofa slipcovers in 2018 list. Just continue to read our review. It is designed to provide you with the information you need.

Then our buyer’s guide will provide you with some helpful tips on what to look for. Your search for fabric to protect your furniture should be a lot easier.

Our Fabric for Furniture Review

1. Easy-Going Stretch Slipcovers

Easy-Going Stretch Slipcovers
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Finding the right fabric for your furniture is not always easy. It has to fit, be tough and easy to keep clean. This polyester stretch fabric has elastic bottoms to make sure they stay on your chairs. It also comes with anti-slip foam to keep the slipcover in place.

The thick fabric is non-toxic, and it is designed to protect your furniture from daily use. While it is attractive it is not waterproof and not made to protect against liquids or pet action.

It is easy to keep clean. Just throw it in the washing machine using cold water, mild soap, and the gentle cycle.

2. Chunyi Jacquard Sofa Covers

Chunyi Jacquard Sofa Covers
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This polyester sofa cover comes in several sizes measuring between 72 and 92 inches. Its form fitting style is made better by the 15% spandex material used. The spandex supplies the elastic touch you need to keep the cover on your sofa.

The key to getting the right slipcover is in your measuring. Make sure you measure your sofa and other chairs carefully. Any extra material can easily be tucked away between the sofa and its cushions.

This slipcover will completely cover your whole sofa with no problems. Then machine wash in cold water without using bleach. Then tumble dry on the low temperature setting.

3. Classic Slipcovers Twill Slipcover

Classic Slipcovers Twill Slipcover
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Your house may look like you left for an extended trip overseas, but your furniture will be protected. Decorative bowties keep your new slipcover securely on your sofa. You get a set in front and another set in the rear. Just make a nice knot and your furniture will still look good.

If your sofa measures between 84 to 96 inches in length, then this slipcover is for you. Made from cotton, this twill slipcover will not take away any comfort your sofa brings. It is also very durable and should withstand normal daily use without any issues.

Machine wash to keep clean.

4. Boshen Stretch Seat Chair Covers

Boshen Stretch Seat Chair Covers
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You get a lot of choices with this version of a sofa slipcover. You can match your décor by selecting one of its 9 available colors. Then you can choose from 4 different sizes to cover your expensive furniture.

This slipcover is designed to handle all daily dirt issues. From baby mistakes to pet activity to spilled liquids. This slipcover should handle it all. You can find a slipcover to match any furniture measuring between 35 inches to 118 inches approx.

Machine washable but the slipcover does not need ironing. Foam strips help keep the slipcover from slipping off your sofa.

5. Argstar Couch Slipcover

Argstar Couch Slipcover
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This slipcover works best on 3 seat sofas. But those sofas must be between the sizes of 74 and 88 inches. The anti-wrinkle format keeps the slipcover looking its best. Then the 15% spandex make sure the slipcover is form fitting.

Straps are included to make sure that the slipcover attaches to your sofa securely. When you machine wash, do not use any bleach. Also, do not put it in the dryer. Hang drying is the best way to go.

Matching your room’s décor shouldn’t be much of a problem. The slipcover comes in 8 different colors.

6. Sure Fit Cotton Sofa Slipcover

Sure Fit Cotton Sofa Slipcover
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Your sofa will never have it so good. This slipcover is made from 100 percent cotton. The slipcover will add to the comfort and softness your sofa already brings to your life. It is made to fit sofas that fall within the following measurement- 34 x 72 x 40 inches.

Two bowties in front add a decorative touch as they securely hold the slipcover in place. There should be two more in back as well. Just tuck any extra material between the sofa and your cushions.

The material is machine washable in cold water on gentle cycle. Just do not add any bleach.

7. Gorilla Grip Slip Resistant Slip-Cover Couch Protector

Gorilla Grip Slip Resistant Slip-Cover Couch Protector
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While this slipcover is not designed to protect the whole chair, it will protect the important parts. You get back, seat and arm protection when you place this cover over your chair.

The no-slip grip backing combines with 2 2” straps and two seat anchors to keep it in place. Made from suede type materials you will not lose any softness of comfort when you use this slipcover. Just make sure not to over-stretch the straps. The extra tension could cause them to break.

While not waterproof, it will still protect against pet hairs, dirt, and other issues.

8. Chunyi Sofa Slipcover

Chunyi Sofa Slipcover
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You can cover all of your sofa with this 2-piece slipcover set. The 85 percent polyester material will slip over your couch and keep it safe from all the dirt sent its way. One piece covers your sofa and the other piece will cover your cushion. This makes for better protection.

The 15 percent spandex material provides the elastic fit you need to help keep the slipcover in place. The two pieces will cover any sofa measuring between 72 and 92 inches in length. Any extra material just needs to be pushed down between the sofa and the cushion.

9. RUBEDER Stretch Sofa Slipcover

RUBEDER Stretch Sofa Slipcover
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This one-piece slipcover is designed to protect those sofas measuring between 74 and 91 inches in length. The polyester fabric is comfortable and not interfere with the softness of your couch. Its 15 percent spandex provides the elasticity you need to keep the cover in place.

Then foam pads are included to help tuck any extra material between the sofa and cushion and keep it there. Also included are some straps to make sure the slipcover stays securely in one spot.

When you clean it use cold water, no bleach, and no tumble dry. Ironing is okay on the cool setting.

10. Comfy Bedding Sofa Slipcover

Comfy Bedding Sofa Slipcover
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Made from microsuede polyester, this slipcover is made to be durable, strong and protective. It is also made to fit those 3 cushion seat sofas measuring between 74 to 96 inches. An elastic band located on the seat portion helps keep the slipcover in place.

Any extra material can be tucked away between the sofa and the cushion for a tighter leaner fit. The color should not detract from your room’s décor. It is machine washable. Just look for the cleaning instructions when you purchase this unit.

Extra straps are included to help keep this slipcover attached t your sofa.

Our Buyer’s Guide

Most slipcovers come in a variety of colors. This means you shouldn’t have too much trouble matching your room décor. But to make sure you are getting one of the 10 best fabric for sofa slipcovers in 2018, here are few helpful tips:

  • Purpose- which piece of furniture are you covering? Which room is the furniture located? Is it a high traffic high use room?
  • Style- what fabric is it made of? Is it soft and durable? Does it come in different colors?
  • Fit- make sure you measure your furniture carefully. Getting the wrong size can be frustrating and waste a lot of time. Will it cover your whole sofa or chair? Or just a part of it?
  • Design- does the material stretch? Is it waterproof? Does it come with straps, anchors, bow ties or foam pads? Will it handle pet hair and liquids?
  • Warranty- How much coverage do you have and for how long? What is the manufacturer’s definition of normal use?
  • Price- simply, make sure it will fit in with your budget.

Some Final Words

You have a large investment in your furniture. Replacing it will not be inexpensive. Thus, it stands to reason that you will take the time and money to protect your furniture. To do that you should use one of the 10 best fabric for sofa slipcovers in 2018.

These slipcovers are designed to make sure your furniture lasts you a long time. They will cut down on cleaning costs, repair costs and replacement costs. Using one of the 10 best fabric for sofa slipcovers in 2018 is a smart furniture move to make.

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