Top 10 Best Crossbow Under 500 In 2018

A crossbow is the best start for hunting down your prey. For those who believe in quality, it becomes all the more important to wisely choose a crossbow. Accurate hit gives you the joy of enjoying one of the oldest interests of mankind. To keep this sport living among us, you need to get the best kind of crossbow. Our list features the top 10 best crossbows under 500 in 2018. In this list below you’ll find a reasonably priced crossbow that includes all the features needed to kick-start your enthusiasm for archery.

Table of the Best Crossbow Under 500:

01. CenterPoint presents Sniper 370 Crossbow Package

CenterPoint presents Sniper 370 Crossbow Package

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Take the time to explore yourself with this high-quality crossbow. Designed to give the ultimate accuracy, the CNC-machined cam shoots the arrow with an amazing speed of 370fps. It’s narrow 18-inch axle-to-axle width and the lightweight, durable rail lets you maneuver the bow in any direction. Setting up this bow is easy by following simple steps from the instruction manual. What impresses many is the superb drawstring weight of 185lbs that shoots the bow farther than you would expect and at maximum accuracy. Some other things like high-quality fitting and screwing will make you feel the quality of this crossbow. At last one thing that you would really like is that this bow gives you much better quality than other expensive bows.

02. BARNETT presents Whitetail Hunter II 78128 Crossbow 350fps

BARNETT presents Whitetail Hunter II 78128 Crossbow 350fps

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Known as one of the best bows available in the market the Barnett crossbow features an ergonomic design that lets you get the perfect hold over your weapon. With a drawstring weight of 150lbs, you can shoot the bow at a speed of 350fps and that’s amazing to enjoy wide distance shootouts. Designed to be lightweight weighing 6.4lbs handling this bow is comfortable. Equipped with the Anti-Dry Fire trigger system to keep your hand safe from any damage and keeps the bow is pristine condition. No more hassle on your part in setting up this bow as it comes with maximum assembly. A setup of just 5 min is what you need to get started. With this package, you get two Headhunter arrows for perfect shooting.

03. BARNETT presents 330fps Recruit Terrain Crossbow

 BARNETT presents 330fps Recruit Terrain Crossbow

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Enjoy hunting to the full with this high-quality crossbow that is made with the latest technology. This powerful bow features a drawstring weight of 140lbs which in turn gives an output speed of 330fps for your arrow. Special attention is given to keep the bow well-balanced so that you can accurately hit the target. As all the components used in this bow are of stainless steel durability and satisfaction follows along. Its metal injected molded trigger does not wear out with time but gives the same quality results even after long use. Bows with about same quality cost double than this one. So purchasing this bow will give you all the benefits that are worth the price you pay.

04. Carbon Express presents X-Force Blade Ready to Hunt Crossbow Kit

Carbon Express presents X-Force Blade Ready to Hunt Crossbow Kit

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Presenting a crossbow that is dependable for its accuracy. With a drawstring weight of 165lbs, this bow shoots your arrow at a speed of 320fps. You get a punch of power at every press of the trigger. This bow is considerably lightweight as compared to the ordinary bows weighing 6.5lbs. Aluminum rail ensures proper balance and stability of this crossbow while its ergonomic design lets you use it with ease. On the other hand, it’s easy to assemble this bow by yourself without any hassle. You get a whole ready to hunt kit that includes rail lubricant for a smooth shooting each time, 3 cross bolts, 3 bolt quiver, and 3 practice points.

05. Karnage presents Apocalypse Crossbow

 Karnage presents Apocalypse Crossbow

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Premium quality craftsmanship and superb quality are what you can experience from this crossbow. This bow has a good balance and fitment that lets you chase your target with accuracy. With a comfortable handgrip, this crossbow has a 6-hole buttstock that can be changed or adjusted as per your convenience. No need to buy those expensive bows as this one gives you the amazing shooting speed of 370fps which many bows do not have. By this, you’ll be able to enjoy hunting even more fully than ever and that too at a great level of accuracy. You should get this bow if you want to move forward from a beginner level crossbow and get something better.

06. Barnett Recruit presents Youth 100 Crossbow Pack

 Barnett Recruit presents Youth 100 Crossbow Pack

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Get this powerful hunting tool in your hand moves out for adventures. This high-quality crossbow is admired for its compact body that lets you handle it comfortably. Known for its incredible performance and accuracy coupled with stability. If you’re thinking to purchase a bow for a beginner to gift him then this would certainly be the right choice. An average drawstring weight of 100lbs is comfortable for young archers to start their practice at a speed of 256fps. This bow has a red dot sight that gives you accurate hit at every shoot. You get a set of Barnett Headhunter arrows with this package to give a kick-start for your hunting.

07. KILLER INSTINCT presents Furious 370 FRT Complete Package 2017 Model Crossbow Kit

 KILLER INSTINCT presents Furious 370 FRT Complete Package 2017 Model Crossbow Kit

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This is a durable and well-made crossbow at a price lower than the expensive bows available in the market. Featuring the Frictionless Release Technology, this bow has a release of a 2lbs trigger with clean and accurate shooting every time. As this bow is free from uneven vibrations due to its built-in noise and vibration silencers you can concentrate more on the target. Lightweight construction makes it easy to secure the target without causing strain on your arms. It’s 5 positions compact collapsible stock for aggression posture for holding the crossbow. The folding foot stand provides extra clearance that you can use as a resting or shooting stand.

08. KILLER INSTINCT presents KI350 High Performance Crossbow with KI LUMIX Scope

 KILLER INSTINCT presents KI350 High Performance Crossbow with KI LUMIX Scope

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The build quality is quite impressive with this bow for the price it’s available. Putting all the parts together and making this bow work is an easy job. What might make you boggle is the amazing speed of 350fps that lets you hit the target with amazing accuracy. Lightweight construction makes it easy to use this bow in different positions while its well-balanced design does not push pressure on your arms. A high-quality 3.5lbs trigger coupled with CNC enhanced flight barrel enhances the power of this crossbow. Its Silent Grip rubber coated beats down sound and vibration for an amazing shooting experience. Equipped with the Lumix scope eyesight with multi-brightness setting gives an improved vision with rheostat illumination for a better point to the target.

09. BARNETT DROPTINE presents STR Crossbow 380fps

BARNETT DROPTINE presents STR Crossbow 380fps

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At an amazing shooting speed of 385fps, this crossbow gives you the benefit of enjoying the large distance shooting experience. Even though of its extensive power, this crossbow weighs just 6.9lbs. If you’re confident enough to get the experience of a powerful weapon with a drawstring weight of 155lbs this crossbow has many benefits to offer. The flight track is made from CNC machined aluminum that ensures smooth, noise-free shooting. As all the components used in this crossbow are made from stainless steel you get the proper balance to hit the target accurately. High-class bows with the same features cost about double than this one and that’s why this bow is one of the best buys in the market.

10. PSE presents Fang Series LT and XT Compound Bow with Scope and Arrows 2018

PSE presents Fang Series LT and XT Compound Bow with Scope and Arrows 2018

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This upgraded crossbow is designed to give a high-quality output for long distance shoot. With a speed shoot of 350fps, you get the joy of enjoying shooting with a lightweight crossbow that is well-balanced and stable. Anti-dry fire trigger ensures your safety. This crossbow is equipped with the 4×32 scope to give you improved vision. The average length of this bow makes it versatile to be used by a wide range of people both men and women. Many of the users explain this bow as the most affordable kind of crossbow that does not bring regret to the buyer.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Compound Under 500


No matter what features you would look before buying a crossbow the first on you should see is the quality of the components. To say, crossbows made from stainless steel components tend to give longtime service without any flaws. This also ensures that you can enjoy great accuracy and well-balanced hold over the crossbow.


When you think of buying a crossbow all your joy in hunting depends on the output speed of the bow. Known as fps you should get a crossbow that on an average has 300fps. The more drawstring weight the more speed you can get. But all the more you should also consider whether you’re going for a long distance shooting or short distance.

Other features:

There are certain features that are a must have to give you a high-quality shooting. It includes scope, easy setup, stable limbs, anti-dry trigger system, lightweight structure. All these features combined together make it possible for you to get the best accuracy at a reasonably priced crossbow.

Hunting with the Best Bow

Do you enjoy hunting? If yes then, you’re one of those who make this world’s oldest sport living today in this modern era. High-quality crossbows make the best way to move out for an adventure and enjoy exciting things every time. Keeping in mind these interests, we’ve curated this list that gives you the joy of buying the best quality crossbow at a price you would love to pay. Getting one of these products gives you unrestricted satisfaction and joy.

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