The 10 Best Backup Cameras in 2018 Reviews

Cameras have become a useful part of technology in our lives. Although cameras are exciting and interesting to use their quality and performance varies based on a number of things. It fully lies in the specification of a certain camera to offer expected performance. Knowing your camera is very important.It is also important to know what you expect in terms of features, capabilities, and performance. Backup cameras have gained popularity because of their capabilities. The ability to be able to alleviate the visibility of a possible blind spot comes in handy. Backup camera is mostly used in cars, trucks, buses and other large vehicles.

The performance of each backup camera depends on the intended vehicle.The following are the 10 best backup cameras in 2018 and a buyers guide;

1. e Rapta

e Rapta
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The e Rapta (ERT01) is an exclusive backup camera with outstanding features in place. It has 149° view using its camera. Its camera is made up of the adjustable lens. This facilitates better back view. The camera is made of a rubber ring. The ring material facilitates its waterproof feature.The Rubber ring is made from resin which has high Rurity.The other outstanding feature is the power used by the camera. The camera uses a range of 12-24 v DC. Its camatability is made of copper that is highly pure.

2. Coolwoo

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This backup camera is a high definition camera. It’s camera has an outstanding capability to generate clear night images. This is made possible as it has 4 layers of Nano glass. The filter glass is equipped with chips of 7080 HD . with this feature the camera offers best night vision.The camera has fulfilled the international IP set standard of waterproof level 68. It has attained the standard due to the material used in the camera. The camera is made with an extraordinary craft sealed with glue. This assures a waterproof experience no matter the weather.The coolwoo backup camera takes care of the back view using its 175° view that ensures there is no blind spot. It also stands out with its ability to function with any monitor that has a DVD navigator and the RCA.

3. LeekooLuu

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This camera comes in an exclusive package with an leekooluu monitor. Its screen is an LCD. The camera is most preferably for trucks, pickups, and cars.The first feature is the waterproof ability in accordance with IP68. The camera has an LED IR system for lighting. This ensures a clear night vision using its 135°view camera.The LCD monitor has an amazing feature that facilitates rear and also front view. The monitor has 2 inputs for the video. With this ability, you can use both rear and back view. The monitor coordinates both views automatically.


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The auto – box M1 W is a wireless backup camera. If you are in need of a wireless backup camera this will be suitable. Its installation is easier as there is no wiring involved.The camera is also inclusive of an LCD screen monitor 4.3” view. The backup camera has met the IP 67 standard of waterproof. The camera connector size also makes it easy to quickly install it.Its connector is 5 mm. This size ensures that your license plate is also clearly visible. If you would like your camera hidden, you can attach it to the number plate using a 3 M available sticker.The screen also has a 360 rotation ability to enable, placing it at an angle of comfort.

5. TTP- C12B mini

TTP- C12B mini
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This backup camera can carry out a number of functions. Unlike other backup cameras, this is unique. It can act as a surveillance, front camera, reverse or even side camera. This camera exclusively facilitates all these features.It also makes your reversing easy with its 170° view angle. Its lens is of high resolution to get the best quality pictures. The camera make facilitates water resistance.Using its HD camera you are assured of a clear and perfect night view. The camera is made with the front view as default. You can, however, change this. If you are looking to get a camera that offers more this is one to consider.


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This camera has an impressive ability to connect to a smartphone and even tablets. This means you can view your camera via your smartphone acting as the monitor. This is made possible using the app. After downloading the app you can always receive calls or messages while still connected to the camera.Although it uses an app, it has the ability to create WIFI. You just need to find the SWD on the WIFI list and connect. The other amazing feature is because it is wireless. It also complies with waterproof standards.This ensures a perfect view no matter the weather condition. The camera has a high definition 120° view and uses a power of range DC12-35 v.

7. I strong

I strong
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The backup camera is inclusive of a 4.3” LCD screen. The camera has very high-quality standards. This camera can be used under any weather condition because of its IP68 waterproof feature. It also works perfectly at night using its IR vision capability.The monitor has 2 video inputs the V1 and V2 that facilitates either front side view or back view. The monitor works automatically.The backup camera has a clear 135° view and its color is of the license plate. The camera is wireless and this makes it easy to install. You can also easily install the monitor using the adhesive sticker which is double-sided.

8. Camecho

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The first impressive feature is the wireless ability. It has a high-frequency transmission of 2370 MHZ . its transmission covers about 26- 60 Ft normally. It has an 18 IR system for the LED. This system provides lighting when the light is down.Its high definition view of 510×492 pixels provides clear pictures. The lens is at an angle of 120 °. The camera is also waterproof.It also has a big screen monitor that is 7” inch and is colored. This camera works best in box trucks, buses, motor coach, camper, and trailers.

9. ESKY EC170-08

ESKY EC170-08
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The camera has a unique solid stainless surface. The backup camera is also waterproof. Its images are of high definition and also has the CMOS color. The high definition image is due to its 170° lens and the 628×586 pixels.The camera size is just perfect for installation at the license plate. The camera is also adjustable to any angle. The lens is specially made to produce clear images even at night.


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It’s a nice backup camera that has an exciting feature. It has a touchscreen experience on its interface. It has 4.3 “ screen mirror. The screen offers a performance that is anti-dazzling better than the blue screen. It has a recording feature.The feature facilitates recording in the 1080P high definition. Its camera is waterproof and the lens is outstanding.

The front camera has a 170 ° view while the rear one has a 110° view. It’s camera also works perfectly under low light.It also has the gravity sensor feature. This feature always activates the camera before a collision.

It has a recording feature that works under loop even when memory is used up.

Better buying a backup camera consider the following ;

  • The lens of the camera.
  • It’s capability to work with any monitor.
  • It’s ability to withstand different weather conditions.
  • Night vision capability whether It has an IR or not.

These are the best backup cameras that will perfectly give you a good experience in your car, truck, bus, camper or any other vehicle.

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