WordPress has been widely used over a long time and still its gaining more popularity because of the ability to create a website with it. If you are working or even thinking about starting a certain project, website creating should be the first thing to run in your mind. Therefore this has led to an increase in usage of WordPress to create the website.

The website is very important when it comes to business because it will showcase your products/items, provide essential details of your working experience, provide the potential customers with vital information they may need. Therefore the WordPress has developed to what we call content management systems (CMS) which stores and presents information required for websites to the visitors. Below are the 5 Type of Websites Build with WordPress. They include:

#1. Blog or personal website.

WordPress has been mainly used to create a personal website. This is because the main reason for the creation of WordPress was to create a website using it. However, WordPress can still be used to do much more than creating websites. The main advantage of creating a personal website using WordPress is because the procedure is not long. it is very easy to create this type of website using WordPress. some of the simple step to make a personal website include:

  • A domain name
  • Web hosting
  • Website building platform
  • Add website content
  • Finalize or getting started.

Following the above 5 steps,you are able to create a personal website using WordPress.

There are different recommended themes for the blog/personal website, they include the personal,cleaned and the wimple pro.

#2. News and Magazine website.

It is very easy to create this type of website using WordPress. news and magazines websites are mainly for a business purpose such as advertising some information regarding the products of a company. one can use this type of websites to advertise the product he/she selling and much more. Therefore WordPress is search engine optimization friendly and it allows many visitors to your website. some of the WordPress themes for news and magazine website in WordPress are the Tagazine, MekaNews, and viralBlog

#3. business website

Business websites can be also created using WordPress effectively. The business websites are meant for business activities such as selling of items, showcasing the available services offered by a company and many more. creating a website for a business using word press will save you from spending a thousand dollars that could be used to design the website. WordPress will, therefore, a better solution to anyone wishing to create a business website. WordPress has more than a thousand amazing business themes that can be used when creating a business website. some of the themes for business websites include the BizCorp and startBiz.The two themes are mostly recommended when creating a business website using WordPress.

#4. The eCommerce website.

The eCommerce website is a type of websites designed in order to enhance online transactions. The online transactions include sending and receiving money through the internet. Nowadays WordPress is making things simple because it can allow you to create an eCommerce website that will enhance the online transactions. The WordPress contains several amazing plugins such as WPE commerce, easy digital downloads and the woo commerce that makes the e-commerce functional.

#5. The job board website.

This is a kind of websites that are developed in order to facilitate easy working between employers and workers. Through this type of website, WordPress will allow the user to create a job easily and the employers will post the jobs and at the same time the people to work on them will respond to those jobs. there are various sites such as the ProBlogger, the smashing magazine, and many more sites. Therefore WordPress will allow the user to create a job board website freely.

In conclusion, WordPress has really helped in creating different types of website and it is widely used by very many individuals who develop a website using it. Statistics show that 31% of the websites that are being used have been built using WordPress. therefore the 5 Type of Websites Builds with WordPress are the personal website, news and magazine website, business website, eCommerce website and the online job board website. However, there are many more websites build by WordPress such as the business directory, online community, portfolio knowledgebase, niche affiliate, and many more websites.

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