The popularity of WordPress continues to grow among small business owners and entrepreneurs because the famous CMS is constantly maturing into a powerful platform for everything from landing pages or “squeezed” to marketing sites, organic e-commerce platforms and more.

More and more individuals depend on the Internet to continue their business. Most transactions are currently made online. Electronic commerce has multiplied in recent years. According to the e-commerce development team, e-commerce will become the single largest market in the world and take globalization to the next level.

As such, it isn’t surprising that many people trust WordPress and are increasingly looking for excellent WordPress plugins for e-commerce. WordPress, which has been on the rise since its launch for the first time, has been equipped with many excellent options for those who are thinking of adventure in the world of e-commerce. Custom Web Design Company reported that WordPress plugins are the best and most economical way to access the e-commerce platform for new businesses.

One of the significant benefits of using WordPress is the flexibility offered by a large number of WordPress add-ons, small plugins that extend WordPress functions. As a small business owner or business owner, some WordPress extensions should be considered “must haves” for your WordPress site.

#1. WP maintenance mode

The Maintenance Mode add-on adds one of the many customizable home pages to your website that lets visitors know that your site is out of scheduled maintenance. Registered officials have full access to the site, including the front end, but regular visitors to the site receive a simple and elegant message that tells them when and where the site should be expected.

#2. SEO smart links

SEO Smart Links provides automatic benefits for SEO in the form of internal links, networks between web pages and associations based on keywords. The add-on provides additional features for SEO, such as the ability to customize keyword lists, insert meta tags into links and more. The optimization of your search engine and search ranking is a key element of any website, so this type of add-on is crucial to your online success.

#3. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the most popular add-on for e-commerce currently available and a good reason. This add-on helps you sell anything, integrates with WordPress and gives the store owner full control. Developers can modify and change the code according to their needs. Not only does it allow you to sell anything anywhere, but it also helps you organize shipments of your products, accepts all major credit cards, bank transfers and bank transfers, and provides a solid and powerful framework for expanding your store from basic to advanced. Also, there are more than 300 extensions available these days that allow you to optimize the functions of the plugins according to your specific needs.

#4. VaultPress plugin for your e-commernce

Payment service, VaultPress uses an additional component to automate the immediate backup and recovery of the entire WordPress site. Everything, from publications, pages and comments to the WordPress database, is complete, including the WordPress configuration. VaultPress is a high-level backup and recovery service that provides real protection for your business or company based on WordPress. More information about VaultPress can be found on

#5. WP Security Scan

This add-on checks your WordPress installation to detect vulnerabilities and problems that are easily overlooked. Along with the simple analysis and reporting tool, this add-on provides many automated security measures that make WordPress more difficult to hijack and more reliable for your client or member base. This plugin is mostly popular and mostly known as the best plugin for any e-commerce business.


Regarding the choice of a platform for your new website, there are many possibilities, and in the subject of content management systems, WordPress is at the forefront. By using the progress in the development of WordPress themes by expert WordPress developers, it is possible to take advantage of the platform for all forms of applications. Many e-commerce themes and plugins can make your website look and feel full of experience. The addition of content materials is very fast, and all the normal WordPress properties are retained. The advantages with above plugins is that some are offered free and some charge low per month or year according to the package that you want pay for.

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