How to Stay Updated as a Web Designer

Keeping up with the web design is not an easy task. The main challenge web designers experience in keeping up with the new development is the constant changing of the products. Each and every day there are new JavaScript projects, a new app and so much more. Notably, it is difficult to keep up with new development in technology, however as hard as it may sound it is important to keep up. In order to remain in the know on the new trends in the web design industry, here are some goods tip about this from Tulsa Website Design:


Blogs are one of the best tools that the web designers can use to remain informative and competitive in this sector. Therefore, it is advisable for the designers of the website to invest their time and resources and subscribe to various blogs offering information on the subject. Blogs usually offer useful contents for various consumers. Through reading several design blogs, the web designers stand an opportunity to learn new skills. In the course of learning a new web skill, it enables the individual to create new trendy elements in the course of the career. For a web designer who is interested in remaining competitive in the field, there are several blogs available in the market. Some of the blogs the designers need to have interest in are; Design Shack, The Next Web, Webdesigner Depot, UX Mag, Designmodo, Fast Company Designer, Creative Bloq and others. The above blogs are ideal and not only offer the new trends in the design market but enable the web makers to become creative.


Following People on Twitter is the other essential strategy an individual in design can use in remaining updated in this field. Twitter is one platform where there is adequate information to aid in understating how the technology is progressing. It is easy to get this information from Twitter since all you need to do is just follow a few web oriented accounts, hence after following them, you will directly get a lot of information directly to your handle. The benefit of using Twitter is the limitation of 140 characters, as a result, there is the aspect of getting straight to the point making understanding easy. Majority of the people use the Twitter for a social course of checking on their friends, thus it will even be more useful when a web practitioner can check a few good web resources enabling one to learn something new. In order to come across the web professionals in Twitter, it will require due diligence in finding them since they use specialized social networks for the purpose of sharing information with one another. Some of the common sites worth checking in Twitter include; Github commonly known for sharing entire projects. Codepen is the other site that is favourable for those interested in showcasing front-end concepts by CSS, JS and HTML. The above sites are crucial in enabling the designers to remain at level with the changes in the industry since they post new stuff each day. Thus as a result of browsing through them, the web developer is in a position to be updated on new products.

Attend a Conference

Attending a conference I know is one of the things the majority of freelancing Web Designers do not like. The cost of attending a conference is pricey and comes with other demands such as logistics. However, all you need to do is to be choosy and pick one that is valuable and worthwhile to your design career. Thus after attending, it is advisable to make most out the experience and attend as many sessions as possible, it is also important to network with the movers and shakers of the industry. In the course of attending the conference, it is essential to participate in the panel discussions and other available forums. As a freelancer in the web industry, be curious to know what is new in the industry and in the process you may learn a new product coming to the market.

Subscribe to Design Annuals and Magazines

Having a look at the design magazines and annuals are an effective way to analyze what is trending in the market and also to look back at last year top design work. The main reason why magazines and annuals are considered the best source of information in design is as a result of the detail and in-depth information that is difficult to find elsewhere. The editors of the design magazines and annuals go an extra-mile in categorizing as well as displaying information that can be used for future reference. In the course of keeping the designers abreast, the magazines and annuals offer a wide range of tutorials and articles on the new products taking over the market. The Ads floated in the magazines are of great significance when it comes to new software and tools. Magazine and annuals offer many lessons to the designers through the manner it’s published and printed. Physical examination of the magazine reveals the quality of the paper used and the size of the publication. Therefore, upon looking closely it is possible to know the different techniques used that may enable the designer to gain a new lesson.

Attend Local Meet-ups

Just like a common phrase, no man is an island. Thus it is important for a freelance Web Designer developer to meet up and network with the like-minded professionals. Hence as a strategy to remain on top of the industry, it is essential to develop a habit of attending software or design based networking meeting in your market. For instance, the world biggest names in the web design such as Adobe and Dribbble have taken the initiative of meeting all the groups across the globe. Henceforth such an opportunity to interact with large corporations gives a freelancer a rare opportunity of office chitchat on the new products.

Use and Learn New Software

Through the use of Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription, the latest and greatest tools of web design are placed in your hands. Thus, it is easy to learn new habits and in the process keep you at par with new products. In the event a major update coming out, you will be on the know and in the process learn

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