If I were to ask you, what a UX designer is or even how to become one. Most people would have no idea what I was talking about. UX designers are apart of everyday life, you just would never know unless someone explained it to you. UX designers are in extreme demand and the job opportunities are only increasing. The best thing about becoming a UX designer is you do not have to go to school and get a degree or in debt with student loans!

According to the experts, UX designers are hidden people that work on digital and physical websites, apps and other things, to make it more user friendly. They provide a nice balance between humans and technology. UX designers just dont work on one part of a product, they work on multiple interfaces. They have to do a lot of research and testing. UX designers sol purpose is to make the users experience more efficient to the customer from beginning to end.

In order to become a UX designer, you need to be able to make an emotional connection between technology and the users. To become a UX designer you don’t need to go into debt in college, because you don’t need a degree! Most are self taught, and from many different educational groups. Visual design, coding, marketing, and research are only four related fields that make it easy to transition to UX designers. UX designers jobs can be broken down into three categories: research, design, and testing.

There are common user experiences skills that all aspiring UX designers should know. Along with 25 design terms that are needed to know. But in order to learn these skills, there are plenty of opportunities. Free course, tutorials, paid bootcamps. Another great way is mentorship, other student supports, and many other services just by a simple Google search.

The best ways to start your way to a career as a UX designer is to start by doing the free courses and leg work of basic knowledge, but finding an internship, or volunteering. Start to build a solid and diverse portfolio. Develop a network, find a mentor, stay updated on trends, understanding the needs of people, subscribe to blogs to help yourself stay up to date. Most importantly if you have no work, work on fiction work, fake projects. Share your projects, but please don’t get upset with feedback. It helps you grow and get better at being or becoming a UX designer.

Do not forget to take full advantage of all the information and educational information available to you, on your exciting new career goal. If not today maybe for the future. UX designers are only supposed to increase moreover the next few years. Without needing to go to college and getting a degree.

If you are looking for a career that is forever changing, creative, and you are understanding, trendy and know how to relate to human emotions this is perfect for you. To further look into becoming a UX designer look at these extra areas to search. Free learning paths, e-books and guides, there is even a career tracks that offer scholarships. Remember never stop being curious, never stop learning.

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