In most instances, the majority of the individuals find it hard to pinpoint the differences between essay writing and creative writing. As a result of the confusion, different definitions have been adopted in order to explain the two scenarios. The two aspects of writing have some similarities that even make it difficult for the readers to distinguish them. However, one of the main distinction between the essay and creative writing is primarily the styles used. The stylistic devices used in essay writing is mostly defensive. The main aim of writing an essay is to prove, defend a theory, a point or an argument. Therefore, in the course of writing the essay, an argument has to be developed in order to defend the point from any objections that may arise in the course. In addition, the other stylistic difference that arises between creative writing and essay writing is the need to have a thesis statement in the latter. Failure to have a thesis statement in essay writing makes it difficult for the reader to understand the topic being defended by the writer.

Creative writing, cuts across different genres of writing including the essay writing since the purpose of writing is to discover a point at the end of it all. In the course of the writing a creative essay, the point arises naturally through the work. As the reader continues to read the story, the purpose of writing becomes more apparent. Thus, for creative writing, there is no set guidelines for introducing your point since there is no need for defending it unlike in the case of the essay writing.

The other difference between the creative writing and essay is the need to adhere to the rules and specific parameters of style. For instance, in academic writing or essay writing rather, there are set guidelines that ought to be followed to ensure cohesion in the work. Essay writing aims at educating and informing the reader about an issue, therefore the writer needs to follow the guidelines of structure and execution to ensure the reader does not get confused. The guidelines for writing essays are critical that they are included in the curriculum as part of learning. However, the creative writing guidelines are not that crucial since all that is required is the plot taken by the writer.

Essay writing or commonly referred as academic writing tends to be succinct and crisp. The writer, in this case, is writing to describe or define the purpose of aspects such as understanding the formula or any other task. However, for creative writing, it should be more descriptive in a way that the emotions of a reader are evoked. The main purpose of creative writing is to create an emotional bond between the reader and the events in the story. Thus, in order to achieve creating an emotional bond the writer must create an environment or mood that will trigger the reader to feel the plot of the story. Achieving such an environment in writing, the writer uses techniques such as metaphor, imagery among others. In essay writing, such writing techniques are not necessarily required since the report need to be brief and concise as much as possible.

The audiences of essay writing and creative writing is different in terms of knowledge and understanding of their contents. For instance, the audience of the academic writing or essay writing is highly trained and knowledgeable about the content being developed. Unlike in the case of creative writing whose audience is not adequately informed on issues being written. Therefore, when writing the essays the writers need to be careful to avoid providing incorrect information since the intended audience have the capability of discerning the truth.

Essay writing and creative writing differ significantly when it comes to the tone of communication. In the case of essay writing the target audience requires to be addressed in a formal tone since it involves parties such as business owners, management, suppliers, government and others and also you can get your writing done by top essay writing service However, for creative writing the audience is informal and so the tone should follow the same direction. Creative writing is different from essay writing since it is not confined by the restrictions of the standards and the traditions of academic writing. Lastly, essay writing is the guided by facts and cited for the purposes of credibility while in the creative writing the imagination of the writer takes the lead.

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