What is CDN?

Do all websites take the same loading time? Certainly not. While some sites load in the blink of an eye, others take a few more seconds to display its content. The worst ones keep on loading and test your patience. Notwithstanding the quality factor of all these websites, there is a small difference in its performance. The disparity lies in the means of delivering the content and loading all the website pages in the shortest time span. Here comes the role of Content Delivery Network or CDN.

Before getting directly into the topic, let’s first understand three important things connected to Internet- one, the origin of the website page; two, the geographical location of the user who has asked for the content; and three, the content delivery server. When a particular content is delivered from the website to the end-user, it has to connect these three dots into a system of distributed servers known as CDN.

As CDNs are spread across various locations, it facilitates faster content delivery in the minimum amount of time. With the help of CDN, you can transfer all your content elements i.e. HTML pages, JavaScript files, images, videos and stylesheets in a swift manner. The more the speed of transfer, the quicker your website loads in the device of your audience. Besides speedy loading of your website pages, CDN works wonders in drawing traffic from multiple platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc. Moreover, if you choose a well configured CDN, you go a step ahead in preventing spam and malicious attracts on your websites.

Why is it important for your Ecommerce website?

With a bouquet of features, here’s how you can improve the performance of your site by using CDN:

• Improve Content Delivery

Content delivery is the cornerstone of your ecommerce business. Running such a portal, you must be aware that modern consumers lack patience. They want immediate solutions to their needs and problems, and blank or unorganised website pages are among the things that irritate them the most. Therefore, if you want to impress upon such mass of people, you must ensure that your site delivers content even before the customer moves his/her eyes into the screen. To achieve this, the need of the hour is to use a CDN for quick content delivery and errorless display of the web pages in the computer or other e-devices.

When customers fetch online information, it travels through servers and finally reaches the destination, i.e. IP address of the device. At every moment, lot of data are transported from these servers to end-user devices. As a result, servers face huge traffic- the prime reason for delay in content delivery. CDN perfectly manages such problems and of all the servers connected between the origin of information and user location, the data is transferred from the edge server with the highest content delivery speed to the device of the user. This reduces bounce rates from individual web pages, enhances site experience and retains consumers for longer period of time. In less time, people can access higher volume of information. Hence, they enjoy your site, peacefully browse their desired products and may also be inclined to purchase.

• Improve Loading Time

Of all other websites, ecommerce platforms are known for 24*7 traffic. It may so happen that your content gets delivered on-time but due to heavy website traffic, your site does not load on time for many users. In this case too, consumers become impatient and move out from your portal. CDNs assure great importance in such situations for reducing the size of files through minimising and compressing files. As size of files gets smaller, loading time of website automatically improves.

CDNs are also spread around the globe. This reduces the distance between the originating point of information and its ultimate destination. As a result, data travels faster and loading time gets smoother. In addition to these, CDNs optimises hardware and software by means of efficient load balancing, solid-state hard drives, etc; all of which improves the loading time of your ecommerce website.

• Reverse Proxy

In ecommerce platforms, where on one hand you deliver information, on the other you also require customer information. Modern CDNs provide an extra advantage to customers while uploading their personal details. Unlike traditional systems which require the first-time consumers to upload data directly into the cache, modern CDNs auto fetches and preserves data from the origin server of the customer, as per request. Hence, you can do away with front loading the cache servers. Besides these, new-age CDNs support dynamic content, which boosts website performance despite peak traffic.

• Reduce Bandwidth & Infrastructure Expenses

As ecommerce portal acts as a bridge between the product and its end-users, there’s constant flow of information among the servers. The originating server keeps responding to customer requests; thereby consuming bandwidth round the clock. Thanks to the CDN technology, you can now quickly reduce the bandwidth stress by limiting the data flow while fulfilling a request. This will further reduce your traffic, which in turn will lower your bandwidth charges and save a lot on your overall hosting costs.

CDNs are known for its enhanced infrastructure and dynamic capacity. Using this, you can reduce the burden of site infrastructure that goes into managing static information in your website. Instead, you can now use this for storing your dynamic content. With this, you shall gradually trim down your hosting resources, which will further reflect in lower charges.

• Enhance Website Security

In addition to keeping your site live and active 24*7, CDNs protect your site from harmful viruses and malicious content. It also preserves all information in a secured domain. Your site is secured with a fresh TLS/SSL certification which enhances its standard of authentication, integrity and encryption.

• Web Analytics

Look for advanced CDNs which can deliver appropriate web analytics of your site. By studying them, you shall know the overall performance, loading time of individual pages, pages which are most frequently visited by your customers, how long the users spend time in your site, etc. The best that you can do is to gather such statistics and closely examine your website. Such information will also help you to bring relevant changes in your site or change your marketing strategy or the way you advertise. By doing so, you shall frame better strategies, target your customers in a better way and skyrocket your ecommerce business in the near future.

• Scalability & Flexibility

Lastly, CDNs are highly scalable and flexible. Being stable in nature, they quickly integrate with your site software and ensure smoother flow of data to your customers. Its excellent cloud support is another noteworthy feature. With this, you enjoy greater access to fetch all CDN-specific information on-the-go. As cloud platforms are way cheaper than conventional hosting domains, keeping your CDN on a cloud-based server will eliminate huge amount of costs.

When it comes to flexibility, CDN is the best. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, it is easy-to-use besides being cost-efficient. At the same time, it is safe, secured and more efficient. All these make Content Delivery Network a must have for your ecommerce business.

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