Buy Votes to Win Instagram Story Poll

Recently, Instagram made some changes to its algorithm and added new features to support business world. Now it is possible to add a special sticker to your Instagram story polls, and it can definitely attract more audience towards your business. You can ask questions relevant to your niche and motivate your followers to leave comments below. Never forget to add replies to promote conversation. It will also help you to get Instagram story votes in a bulk amount that can further keep you ahead of your competitors online. One can also customize stories by adding special characters, emojis, and stickers.

Note that, Instagram stories stay online for 24 hours, so you have to bring best results for your campaign within that limited time. It is possible to promote your products and services via story polls, and it can also bring more audience to your business. However, the overall impact of your story poll depends upon how interactive and creative it is. Below we have highlighted few trusted methods to use Instagram story polls for your business. Hope! They will divert potential results for you:

Ask Yes/No type questions:

The simplest thing that you can do about your polls is asking creative questions about your business with Yes and No in the answer field. Such type of questions appears easier to answer and can bring more engagement to your polls. Your questions can be “Would you prefer black for this summer? Do you like orange juice?” People will definitely love to leave their opinion on such quick answer type questions.

This and That type questions:

When you need to collect audience feedback about your new products or services, you can know their preferences via This and That questions. Such type of questions can help you to make the more informed decision for business, and you will find opportunities to satisfy your customers online. Experts say that it really works and make your audience feel connected with your business. You can also prefer to buy Instagram votes to improve engagement.

Grow mailing list:

In case if you are interested in growing your subscribers and connecting more audience to your business via emails, story polls can again help you. You can ask people some creative questions that encourage them to share their emails addresses with you. Prefer to pick something relevant to their interests and your business like, would you like to have updates on our recent home décor products? If they say yes, you can ask them to share email address via inbox.

Get their opinions:

Story polls can also be used to collect opinions of your audience regarding your business, products, and services. Their response will help you to make decisions about your business, and you will be able to keep them satisfied. Pick some interactive elements that can bring more exposure and drive engagement. You can also buy real Instagram votes to improve results of your Instagram poll marketing campaign.


The logo of your brand is emblematic; it should convey the essence and mission of your brand and needs to be concise and clear at the same time. The logos these days are creative and speak a lot about the brand (thanks to the creative logo makers in the market). There are few logos are visually aesthetic but are constructed in a bit detailed manner. They occupy lot of space and unfortunately are not eye catchy in few cases. However because of their detailed nature, it becomes easier to convey the mission of your brand (it can be said that it’s an old school strategy). When we speak about logos, less is often more! This stands true for font choice, colour, pattern and everything else! Minimalism can be tricky to achieve and if executed improperly, it can come across as too simple or boring! Few examples of minimalist logo designs would be ‘Apple’, ‘Airplane’, ‘Cloud Bed’, ‘Burj Khalifa’, ‘Lionlink, Snapchat, Audi and so on.

This post is to help you in understanding what is minimalistic logo design and how can it be beneficial for your brand. It will provide a food for thought for all those who are stepping into customer oriented and also for existing customers who are of opinion that their brand need refurbishing. If your brand is already embellished in hearts of people then there is nothing wrong in reviving it with a contemporary twist.

Definition of Minimalism in logo design

Minimalism in logo refers to philosophy of incorporating a minimalist approach into your logo design. These logos are chic, clever and have potential to push all the boundaries of creativity. In layman words, it refers to stripping away embellishments and transforming art to its simplest form so it becomes memorable and distinctive. The design required perfect use of colours, typography and white space!

Often people confuse minimalist logo with a plain and dull design! The truth is minimalist designs are used to reveal the ingenuity of design so that it becomes easier to connect to customers through its bare form.

Benefits of minimalist logo design

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, these are the words of respected Leonardo Da Vinci which are a perfect fit for this topic. Bringing simplicity and sophistication in your logo design can be hugely beneficial for your customers and customer prospects.

  • Easier to look at & remember: The industry is changing and customers no longer have time to study a particular logo for hours! One glimpse should be enough to get associated with the brand and minimalist logos provide that opportunity. They are evolving with least amount of ornamentation and thus make it easier for the customers to memorize. Adding complicacy to your logos make it harder for customers to recall! Do you think if you see logo of Snapchat or Audi for the first time, will you find it difficult to memorise it next time? This is the beauty of minimalist logos; they are simply designed to earn brand recognition.
  • Timeless: Minimalist logos never grow old; they leave forever mark in the minds of their onlookers. Has it ever happened with you that you found a logo attractive and since you didn’t know the brand, you searched it on internet? It personally happened with me after seeing Michelin tyres logo! Minimalistic logos have broad staying power and will grow with your business for years to come! Businesses these days want a clutter-free logo for contemporary brand and minimalist logo designs are attractive and successful in fulfilling this purpose.
  • Clean & crisp: We all hate traffic jams and congested places because as humans we are claustrophobic. Any logo which has too many lines, designs and patterns make it look clumsy and populated and often the essence of logo is lost. These logos lack the spark and charm which should ideally get generated after seeing any logo and can even confuse them. Minimalistic logos attract attention of people to what is important which helps in passing on the clear message to customers. If the logo is for car brand, it need not have car in it! The logo of Mercedes is a symbol of class, comfort and pride that this brand has to offer to all its customers.
  • Leave a mark in minds of customers: The span of our attention is lower than our memory! As a business, you get one chance to turn those heads and leave a mark in their minds. There is an adage which says that “fewer things people have to remember, the longer they will be able to remember them.” Do you think it would have been easier to remember Nike’s logo if it had characters and four assorted colours? Umm… most likely not!

It is true that less is more in case of logos but don’t forget to add little ‘you’ in your logo. If there is anything which you adore (could be anything from a specific shade of colour to a pattern), let the shade of uniqueness leak into your logo.



The content of any online and offline post plays a very important role in conveying the essence of topic and this is the reason why writers have a full time job! Along with the content, what matters is the displaying beauty, reader-friendliness and professionalism. There was a time when content on almost every website looked to be similar. In other words, it was next to impossible to guess the name of website with the snippet of its content! Every website was using standard fonts as typography was the last thing that mattered to anyone. People thought content alone can evolve audience and hence, least attention was paid towards font designing.

The notion changed when Google Fonts was released in 2010 and web designers started paying attention towards the font style. Font combinations are not only required to distinguish the look and feel of website but also to highlight and solidify the areas which require attention! This is to ensure that customers should not miss out on important details while reading the post in flow. Google font combinations are easy to download, straightforward and offer hassle free execution for all its customers. There are various combinations which can be optimal for your website and the good part is you don’t have to break banks for these beautiful fonts. This post is to understand top 10 beautiful pairings of Google Fonts to assist you in finding the one which can create variety of moods and effects in your post!

  1. Open Sans & Open Sans Condensed: Both of these fonts make a versatile combination and are perfect for headers. They are simple yet classy. People use it for headlines at their landing pages as they are large block of texts offering a great readability. It can be said that combination of these two fonts can create influential headers for any website.
  2. Serif & Sans- Serif: You always want to choose a font that can help in making easy distinction between headlines and paragraphs. Few people use same font of varied sizes for headers and paragraphs but using different fonts is comparatively influential. Serif & Sans-Serif contrast and blend with each other beautifully making them perfect for headings, sub-headings and body of the content.
  3. Ruda Regular & Roboto Slab: Sharp yet concise can describe this combination in best manner. Every alphabet is squeezed to occupy less space which makes the content look interesting and short.
  4. Playfair Display & Source sans Pro: Playful Display is one of those timeless designs which display old charm with contemporary touch. Together, these fonts provide an engaging and creative typography which allow you to personalise your content with clean and modern appearances.
  5. Spirax with Open Sans: Open Sans is a loose font that goes well with anything which has a story attached to it. Spirax is a fancy font with twisted edges of few alphabets to make them look imaginative and is perfect header for mystery and story contents. Open Sans complements this font beautifully to keep the essence.
  6. Corben with Nobile: Corben is a bold copper black font for prominent headers. The unique use of rounded serifs, make it bubbly and different from others. Nobile (noble in nature) is a gentle and simple font which is subtle and clean but can easily grab attention. A simple and slim font like Nobile makes the details and curves of Corben stand out even more.
  7. Dancing Script & Josefin Sans: Similar to its name, dancing script font flows as if it is dancing on the piece of paper where it is written. It is feminine and is considered to be appropriate for any products or websites with a female skew. Josefin Sans is a thin, subtle and sleek font that brings perfect balance between the two font styles.
  8. Palanquin & Dark palanquin: It is a versatile family of fonts consisting of characters with varied thickness. The character’s shape defines the thickness of this font. For instance, two walls of ‘O’ will have less thickness as compared to one wall of ‘C’. This is to ensure that boldness of a character should not occupy lot of space. Palanquin can be used for paragraph text and dark palanquin can make perfect title.
  9. Poppins & PT Serif: With its elegant stroke, Poppins give an original and singular touch to the title of the content. The characters are larger than palanquin and occupy enough space in a line. It can be paired up with PT Serif which is like an attentive font with sharp edges, less spaces, smaller and thinner text making it a perfect pair for Poppins.
  10. Cherry Cream Soda & Raleway: Cherry Cream Soda is an artistic and creative font which makes you feel that you have stepped back in 1950s. Raleway is a font with modern twist. Its interesting shapes and gentle design make a perfect pair with timeless Cherry Cream Soda.

Why Get Facebook Contest Votes Online

Most big brands these days are launching social media contests online. It is the most trusted trick to promote the brand online. The prime target is to get votes in bulk amount. And to do this, many experts even try to buy votes online. It is well proven that Facebook contests can effectively boost engagement online. However, in order to win the battle, one needs to follow trusted strategies. Soon, you can attract more participants to your business via contests. The prime reason to beat the competitive forces online is to prove your edge against other brands. And it is possible if you allow people to win handsome prizes and rewards through contests.

Make best out of Facebook contests:

If you are new to the business world, you might be looking for the latest marketing tricks to win the battle. Well, Facebook contests can work as a potential marketing tool online, and they are easier to launch as well. However, one need to work strategically to achieve the desired results with contests-based marketing. The main target must be to attract more participants. And it is possible only when people find something interesting on your platform. Then only they will buy votes for contests. It is the most trusted method to make your brand stand out in the competitive market.

In order to attract participants to your platform, prefer to promote contests on multiple channels. It can help you to grab audience attention from multiple networks. And naturally, it can help you to stay ahead of the competitors. However, beginners may find it a little difficult to build an impression in the market. But if you use trusted methods and tricks online, it is easier to ensure desired results. You can definitely motivate participants to buy Facebook contest votes online.

How to get more votes for contests online?

If you are planning to launch contests online, it is also important to find ways to get more votes fast. You may need to motivate your participants to handsome prizes. Then only they will buy votes fast online. Those who are taking part in contests and are interested in winning the battle online are advised to get more votes. The winners for the contests are announced on the basis of a number of votes. The one who gets a higher number of votes wins amazing gifts from the organizers.

First timers might be worried about how to get more votes. Well, the process is quite easier, simply follow these steps as listed below:

  • First of all, visit the official website of the service providers online. Check their available vote packages. You may need to compare the number of votes and the package price.
  • You will get pack online, place an order by filling some essential details into the order form.
  • The website will soon take money for contest votes.
  • As soon as you confirm the order to buy contest voices online, they will soon start delivery on your platform.

Participate in Twitter Contests to Stay Ahead

Are you interested in boosting awareness about your business on the Twitter platform? Well! That’s a great idea for your promotional campaigns. Social media has become the most powerful network for developing healthy connections between service seekers and service providers. It helps marketing professionals to use creative methods for boosting engagement in the market. They are always curious to buy votes for twitter polls and contests to stay ahead of the competitors online. Continue reading “Participate in Twitter Contests to Stay Ahead”

5 Things Your Law Firm’s Website Should Have

As more and more lawyers continue to flock the legal arena with each dawn, it is now more critical than ever that attorneys take their firms online. The internet is where a majority of their prospects are, and is also the only place where they get a leveled competing ground. If you are planning on taking your firm online below are some of the essential elements that your website should have so you can attract and retain clientele.

1. Great UX design

They say that first impressions matter and this, as vague as it might sound it is true and applies even in the case of your law firm’s website. The UX design is often one of the main contributing factors to lead conversion. In other words, your UX design is what determines whether the prospect will stay or will leave your website immediately after they are redirected here by search engines. Therefore go beyond attractive when creating your law website by incorporating all essential features that make up an excellent UX design. For instance, ensure it has excellent response across all devices, it doesn’t take ages to load images, and it is easy to navigate from one page to another and is easy to use because not all clients who visit your site are tech savvy.

2. A strong about us page

Another vital element to every law firm website is a strong about us page. Most people tend to confuse this page with the blog, but it is essential to note these are entirely different. An about page is where you get to tell the world about your services while the blog is where you give more info on your practice areas. A strong about us page acts as your ID to the world, as here you get the chance to tell potential clients why you are in business, how you can help them and a little more about your firm. It helps add a human touch to a law firm’s website thereby creating a comfortable environment for new visitors thus encouraging them to take things further by contacting you.

3. Clear contact information

The primary reason why you are creating a law firm website is to attract and retain online clients. Once they find your site and are impressed, don’t make it hard for them to reach you. Therefore, every law website needs a clickable phone number which acts as a direct bridge that prospects can use to reach out. A good website should look like this website of los angeles criminal defense lawyers.

If you want them to contact you via email, ensure that the contact forms you put in place are easy to fill in, and if possible, have the live chat option in your site where they can leave their info for you to reach out later.

Also, ensure that your NAP is clear and consistent on every platform to prevent confusion. If prospects have to hunt for your contact information on the first day they visit your site they tend to have a negative opinion of you. They feel that you’ll be inaccessible even during the litigation process, hence giving them a reason to seek help from other lawyers.

4. A blog with great content

Great content is not only loved by both potential clients but the search engines, which explains why the catchphrase, “great content is king” was coined. Content is even more essential to a law firm website because most people are often in the dark when it comes to legal matters. Therefore when you create a blog that addresses their concerns, they are more likely to reach out to you as they feel you are experienced and knowledgeable enough to help them with their cases.

Again, it should be categorized accordingly for clients to find what they are looking for without breaking a sweat. For instance, if you specialize in multiple areas of personal injuries, separate them so every prospect can have an easy time. In other words, create a high quality and engaging blog page.

5. Client testimonials and a portfolio

Regardless of how great your UX design and content are, your clients will need proof of why your services are better than those offered by other lawyers; therefore, another critical must-have element on a law website is a good portfolio and testimonials which prove that the attorney met and surpassed the expectations of previous clients. Thus highlight your most recent successful cases and ask clients to write down a review both on your site and on Google as well. This helps build confidence in prospective clients.

Final Thoughts

The above tips help set you in the right direction if you are an attorney seeking success in this highly competitive arena.

What is Merchant cash advance ?

Merchant Cash Advance is when a lump sum payment is given to a business in exchange for a percentage in future credit and/or debt card sales, this is what it was originally structured to be for. It can also be for small businesses to have a way to have access to cash on hand instead of having a business loan. It is mainly the way that some businesses have to gain a percentage of future sales of other businesses, especially small businesses that may not have the capital to continue to do business. This helps the small business and the larger one at the same time, for one it helps out with the capital that it needs to carry on with their business dealings and the other to get a set percentage of future sales, so both sides gets what they are wanting and or needing.

As with anything, MCAs has good and bad sides to consider when deciding on whether to take out a conventional loan or to go with a MCA. One thing to consider is that while both regular loans and MCA, they both have annual percentage rates on repayment. However MCA’s most of the time carries a triple digit rate which can cause a small business to flounder and even go bankrupt if not extremely careful and thoughtfully planned out. While the businesses that historically use MCA’s are ones that are restaurants and retail shops this is by no means restricted to these types of businesses. They use them mainly because they rely on credit and debit card sales, but other businesses that does not are using them as well. Basically, the MCA’s are for those whose needing cash up front for a percentage of future sales, so other businesses are utilizing them as well but it has been shown that along with the high interest rates the daily repayment can break a small business if not structured well.

There are two ways for repayment of a MCA; one way is to give a percentage of future credit and debit card sales as repayment or have repayments fixed debits from the business bank account on a daily or weekly basis. The second way is for the ACH to make weekly even daily debits from the business bank account along with their fees instead of making monthly payments. This way have become more of a main stream way of doing business with MCA than any other form of repayment plans. An ACH stands for Automated Clearing House which charges a fee to use so along with the fixed amount the business pays for the cash advance they also have the ACH fees to pay as well. The amount that would be repaid is dependent upon a risk assessment and the ability to repay. Either way, until the advance has been repaid the business will be assessed fees along with interest and the original advance as well.

A good example of how this works is the following:

A) Let’s say that a business needs $50,000 to purchase some equipment needed to continue to do business. The business owner applies and gets approved for a $50,000 so, the provider assigns a factor rate of 1.4 on the contract, so now to repay it will be $70,000. A typical repayment period usually is 12 months (1 year) the higher the credit card sales the faster the repayment will be. Let’s say that the provider deducts 10% of the monthly credit card revenue to the repayment of the advance and the business is really busy and makes $100,000 in credit card sales a month. $10,000 would be repaid monthly which would mean that the money would be repaid in about 7 months instead of 12. That would mean that $333 would be repaid daily, However if business dropped to just $70,000 a month then it would take 10 months to repay and only paying $233 daily. Also, remember that business fluctuates and most the time it always takes longer to repay than originally projected therefore causing the APR to go into the triple digits.

B) Fixed Daily Withdrawals is another way of repayment of the MCA. This type of payment is daily or weekly and does not depend on credit card sales and does not fluctuate with sales. It stays the same no matter what the business makes that month or doesn’t. It stays the same amount each withdrawal of repayment each time until repaid.

Here are some of the good and the bad with MCA’s to think about when considering which one that would be the right loan to apply for:

  1. Quick Cash – No heavy paperwork or waiting periods. Usually received within a week or less. Providers usually look at the daily receipts especially the credit card receipts to determine repayment.
  2. Unsecured – MCA’s are unsecured and won’t have to forfeit assets if not repaid. However, an MCA may want a personal guarantee in case the business goes out so that they may be able to recoup their money.
  3. When Sales Are down Repayment May be too – Sometimes it can be worked out that depending on how sales are is how the repayment is. If sales goes down then payment can be reduced as well.

Some Downsides are:

  1. Total borrowing cost can be anywhere from 40% to 350% APR.
  2. Higher sales means higher repayment amounts
  3. No benefit in early payoff of loan
  4. No federal oversight
  5. Credit Scores may be pulled
  6. There is a debt cycle danger which means that with the ease and speed of an MCA can put a business in debt cycle that they can’t pull out of which can put them in default if they aren’t careful.
  7. Confusing contracts – MCA’s does not provide APRs which makes it hard to be a smart shopper when trying to get financing to begin with.

These are just a few of the things that one may need to consider when trying to decide on the type of financing that they can afford and that they believe they can be comfortable with when it comes to the terms. Caution is always advised.

There are some Merchant Cash Advance service such as from delancey street.

Should You Hire a WordPress Consultant to Help You with Your Online Business’s Website?

WordPress is by far the leading web platform available today. It’s estimated that 30% of all websites online are powered by WordPress. It’s cost-effective, easily customized, and you don’t need to maintain a development team to keep it up and running.

So, it’s natural that you’re thinking of a WordPress site for your online business. But should you hire a WordPress consultant to help you with your online business?

We help you make that decision.

What’s the Difference Between a Consultant and a Freelancer?

The biggest mistake people make is assuming that a consultant and a freelancer are the same thing. They’re similar but different.

A freelancer is someone who takes orders from you the client. They carry out their orders and you’re largely required to come up with your favored result. The freelancer has no interest in whether it works and they’re not going to argue with you.

Someone with a firm idea of what they want will find a freelancer to be the best thing for them.

On the other hand, a consultant is someone different because they’re there to provide expert advice. They’ll address all aspects of a successful WordPress site to educate you on how your business should look online.

Do You Want the Best Results?

A WordPress consultant will always provide you with better results because they know exactly what to do to make your WordPress site successful. We recommend you hire a WordPress consultant for this reason.

They know more than you and they go beyond the building of a WordPress website. Consultants can educate you on design, content, and, crucially, how to market your business using that website.

There’s a reason why WordPress has a 60.2% market share of the web development market. Your consultant can help you make the most of it through his or her expertise.

A Consultant Takes Responsibility

Consultants are highly flexible and work according to the brief you set them. If you only want to know about customer functionality on your new WordPress site, they can do that. Likewise, they can manage the whole process from start to finish.

Furthermore, consultants continue to remain with you after the completion of the project. It’s their responsibility to ensure that their work stands the test of time.

Freelancers, on the other hand, are done with your business after they complete their initial project brief. It’s unlikely that they’re going to care about your questions after payment. That is unless you set them a new project.

Consultants are different in that they are a more long-term investment. And that’s what you should be concentrating on.

Understanding the People Who Use WordPress

Another advantage WordPress consultants bring to the table is that they know customers and they know WordPress users.

Building a great website is about knowing what users want. It’s no longer enough to simply build a website and assume that people will find it because you posted about it on social media.

With a consultant you won’t just get a website you’ll get a website that targets the pain points of web users. For example, a consultant may opt to use customer success software to get the job done. Freelancers are unlikely to do something like this.

You’ll improve interaction and ensure that your website accomplishes the goals you set for it.

Go Beyond Standard WordPress

Many freelancers will build you a website using a template you settle on. Consultants are able to go deeper than that and create a truly unique website for you. They’ll be able to create a more advanced website on the frontend, without increasing complexity on the backend.

Unlike many agencies, you’ll have a finished product you can use without additional help from anyone else.

This is vital for giving you the independence and self-sufficiency you need for your brand new WordPress site.

Last Word – Making the Most of WordPress

WordPress consultants are the people who will allow you to maximize the potential of WordPress. They can do so much more than provide you with a template where they will fill in the content boxes. With their help, you’ll be able to create a marketing machine that fulfills your goals.

Additionally, WordPress consultants are a much cheaper alternative to hiring a whole agency to build your website. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get the consultant you want.

Are you going to hire a consultant to help you erect your WordPress website?

Author Bio: Douglas Pitassi is a freelance writer and small business blogger.

How Law firm SEO services can help your law firm get more leads and clients

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps your business by letting you get noticed in the vast world of the internet overwhelmed by information and competition. It’s tough out there. You firm could provide the most valuable and trusted service. It could equally have published great case studies online for your potential to clients to see, but say your potential leads google law services and you are nowhere to be found or buried under hundreds of other results, then its all to waste. Without traffic, all your hard work and achievements may get unnoticed.

This is where SEO optimization comes in and a law firm SEO company can use a number of techniques to raise your site’s position in the searches.

You need law firm expert SEO services that can guarantee high traffic to your website. SEO for law firms’ websites ensure that you rank high on search engine return pages (SERPs). Search engines work with users search terms and then provide links to the best websites related to those terms. If those terms are lacking however, well, how can you be found amongst the competition? It’s not easy to be a step ahead if you don’t really know what you’re doing. Most law firms have already discovered this fact and therefore invest heavily in their SEO optimization and website development.

Search engines identify websites by their keywords for example “law” or “law services”.

Just as there are relevant terms naturally there are terms that are not relevant. “cooking” or “car services” would not be relevant to a law firms.  There could be equally relevant but mediocre keywords that could also not work towards your advantage if nobody actually searches them.

As soon as a user types their desired keywords for the service they wish to hire, the search engine then uses computer programmes called spiders or crawlers to search and analyze pages. They then index these pages according to frequently occurring terms and relevant sections.

Therefore, a SEO company for law firms ensures your website is using the right keywords in the right places.

However, keywords are only the beginning of effective SEO marketing and not the most important or decisive factor. Search engines also look to the webpages linked to the pages in question. This being called link analysis. To illustrate, if a search engine sees that hundreds of other pages related to law services link to your webpages, then the engine will rank your page higher. Furthermore, if the pages linking to your website are ranked higher themselves, your pages will get boost yet again.

Providing you with excellent content is crucial SEO marketing for law firms. Once you get noticed, it is important to keep the attention and provide value to your visitors in order to keep them coming back, sharing your pages and recommending them to friends.

Ultimately the biggest challenge that SEO approaches face is finding the right content balance that can keep both the visitors and those search engine spiders happy. On the one hand, a website can be interesting and useful but lacking the recognition by search engines. On the other hand, a website can be extremely well optimized but lacking the value to your potential clients and therefore the balancing act begins.

In some ways, you could even call it a battle of contradicting needs. While most users look for media related content such as video and pictures, the spiders actually ignore anything that isn’t text. Balancing text with interesting media is a task that needs to be handled by experts. You want your law firm to have an engaging interface and content but enough text so the little spiders can build an index and tell the whole world about you.

So how can you use the right keywords, links to and from the best pages, and ensure you have the most excellent content? By seeking the services of law firm seo company that can give you the best possible law firm website design and seo service. Website optimization is rarely simple and straightforward which is why firms often hire the help of seo consultants. What you want is to find the consultant that is right for you. A consultant that understands law firm needs and specializes in law firm website design and seo.

Perhaps your website is new or existed for a long while with unsuccessful history of being able to attract leads and clients, you need a law firm SEO expert that will make sure you start really being noticed.

We can help tweak your pages layout, include the right keyword and facilitate link exchanges with the most suitable prospects. We stay informed about SEO developments so we are always on top of the latest developments so you don’t have to be. As law firm SEO specialists, we know exactly what strategies to leverage to help your business along the SEO ladder.

If your business is new, you may not even be listed on the SERPs yet. As part of your law firm SEO marketing strategy, we submit your website to the most popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Listings can be made to many other relevant websites so that you are coming up in more than one desirable place.

Our leading law firm SEO experts will ensure that your web pages have all the needed elements to get ahead in the race to the top in the search engines. Elements including providing useful information, exciting photographs and the right links to guide visitors to other pages.

At a time when an online presence means everything, law firm SEO is crucial. It could make that difference from being literally impossible to find to being one of the top search results.

Now imagine what difference that could make to your business? More people clicking on your website, reading about your business, being able to compare your services alongside the big names. All it takes is showing up and what you need is a company for law firm SEO and we are the best law firm SEO company to do that for you.  If you chose to go ahead the road alone, you may find that your results are short lasting without the components needed for a long term strategy boost. Going to road alone means you are hoping for results that may or may not come any time soon. That’s where we come in. We give you the tools and strategy to speed up your climb to the top page number one result that everyone wants to own.

It can be a headache trying to get your head around all the information surrounding SEO optimization and implementing it as a long term practice. The practices for legal SEO companies is constantly changing but we stay on top of it so you don’t have to.

SEO consultants are a worthy investment which is exactly why big companies spend money for SEO services because more visitors to your website translates into more leads therefore more potential clients and more money.

We know all the paths to getting you noticed. We make sure your law firm website pages are attracting visitors and they are a destination that other users want to link to. Whether its link exchanges with other websites that have relevant information to your content or making sure that you trade links with the right websites.

According to The National Law Review, 96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine and 74% of consumers visit a law firms website to take action.

Most law firms know this so they invest abundantly into their website and SEO, making law the most competitive field online.

Services a law firm seo company can provide include research and monitoring of SEO impact, creating the most appropriate links, creating valuable content, local search ranking, creating a website structure that is most favourable, keyword management and more.

The competition is high and therefore your strategy has to match the spot you want in the race.

So what are some tips and advice you can start to implement by yourself or hire us to do for you?

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How to Create Donation form with WordPress

WordPress is the perfect platform for non-profit and charity organizations. It is free open-source Content Management System. So you have access to a large community of developers and users who can help you set up and manage your website.

Among the most important characteristics of a nonprofit’s website is influencing people to donate money. With a smidge of effort, you can swiftly start receiving donations on your WordPress website.

In this post, we will show you how to set up a non-profit donation form in WordPress. Continue reading “How to Create Donation form with WordPress”