What is the best PHP framework of 2019?

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, more commonly known as PHP is a programming language that was introduced in 1994 for the purpose of designing websites. This language was introduced by Rasmus Lerdorf and the acronym PHP originally stood for Personal Home Page. PHP can be introduced as a server side script language that can be used to develop static or dynamic websites as well as web applications. In order for PHP scripts to run on a certain network, it is imperative that PHP is installed in the respective server. Continue reading “What is the best PHP framework of 2019?”

5 Popular Websites Build with WordPress

WordPress has been widely used over a long time and still its gaining more popularity because of the ability to create a website with it. If you are working or even thinking about starting a certain project, website creating should be the first thing to run in your mind. Therefore this has led to an increase in usage of WordPress to create the website. Continue reading “5 Popular Websites Build with WordPress”

6 Best Web Hosting for WordPress of 2019

The fact that WordPress has become a very important platform for publishing content on the Internet is indisputable. WordPress takes almost to web hosting, and many people use it. It has captured the global market. Companies use them to report on global events and are led by those who have a hobby in other areas, such as writing and maximizing its use to share news and opinions with the public. It is advisable to learn more about WordPress hosting services. Continue reading “6 Best Web Hosting for WordPress of 2019”