Recently, Instagram made some changes to its algorithm and added new features to support business world. Now it is possible to add a special sticker to your Instagram story polls, and it can definitely attract more audience towards your business. You can ask questions relevant to your niche and motivate your followers to leave comments below. Never forget to add replies to promote conversation. It will also help you to get Instagram story votes in a bulk amount that can further keep you ahead of your competitors online. One can also customize stories by adding special characters, emojis, and stickers.

Note that, Instagram stories stay online for 24 hours, so you have to bring best results for your campaign within that limited time. It is possible to promote your products and services via story polls, and it can also bring more audience to your business. However, the overall impact of your story poll depends upon how interactive and creative it is. Below we have highlighted few trusted methods to use Instagram story polls for your business. Hope! They will divert potential results for you:

Ask Yes/No type questions:

The simplest thing that you can do about your polls is asking creative questions about your business with Yes and No in the answer field. Such type of questions appears easier to answer and can bring more engagement to your polls. Your questions can be “Would you prefer black for this summer? Do you like orange juice?” People will definitely love to leave their opinion on such quick answer type questions.

This and That type questions:

When you need to collect audience feedback about your new products or services, you can know their preferences via This and That questions. Such type of questions can help you to make the more informed decision for business, and you will find opportunities to satisfy your customers online. Experts say that it really works and make your audience feel connected with your business. You can also prefer to buy Instagram votes to improve engagement.

Grow mailing list:

In case if you are interested in growing your subscribers and connecting more audience to your business via emails, story polls can again help you. You can ask people some creative questions that encourage them to share their emails addresses with you. Prefer to pick something relevant to their interests and your business like, would you like to have updates on our recent home décor products? If they say yes, you can ask them to share email address via inbox.

Get their opinions:

Story polls can also be used to collect opinions of your audience regarding your business, products, and services. Their response will help you to make decisions about your business, and you will be able to keep them satisfied. Pick some interactive elements that can bring more exposure and drive engagement. You can also buy real Instagram votes to improve results of your Instagram poll marketing campaign.

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