What is amazon FBA

Want to start making money online but don’t know where to start? Many people today are making money online in many different ways that its almost impossible not to make money online. Lots of people make money online by either making websites for others or writing stories that have a specific genre. Besides general labor hard work to make money there is also decorating houses, flipping houses, and creating art to sell at any price possible. If you have plenty of time and the positive energy to use you can accomplish at making money with any type of skill at your arsenal.

So now, lets talk about Amazon FBA. What is it? What can you do with it? Well, remember how I was talking making money online? Amazon FBA is one of the money making online ways to get you started making that quick dollar. The way to start earning more than just spare change with Amazon FBA is by selling all kinds of product by shipping it with Amazon FBA. There is a certain amount of product you can ship out each day with the company. So many customers are waiting for the next best or new product that is standing out for them to buy. Before you start selling, You need to make an account or as other folk would say and recognize, you need to register. When you register there are two plans which you have the option of one to choose and then switch to the other whenever you choose to. The first plan which is, The Individual plan, allows you to sale less than 40 items if your the kind of person that wants a short and stable business running. But, if your more of a tycoon seller with all kinds of items in your mind your able to think of that would be sure to sell then The Professional plan is the plan for you my friend. With The Professional plan your able to go all out with any items you want to sell for your business. You also get access to advanced selling tools along with add-on programs like Amazon Business, launchpad, or handmade that can help further your selling skills. I forgot to mention, there are items that are placed in different product categories and only The Individual plan is limited to few while The Professional plan is unlimited and allows its user to have the authority to sell certain products The Individual plan cannot sell. Certain category products The Individual plan cannot sell would be part of Assembly, Handyman, Electrical, Plumbing, House Cleaning, Business-relevant, special priced, parts, tools, equipment, accessories, graded collectible coins minted by governments, US Mint packaged products, gold coins, silver coins, platinum coins, palladium coins, earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, Paintings, drawings, Mixed Media, Limited edition prints and photographs. Other category products I must mention The Individual plan cannot sell are new products such as beverages, breakfast, canned goods, household supplies, snacks, meat, seafood, chocolate, desserts, and gift baskets. This is what Amazon FBA is about.

Buy Votes to Win Instagram Story Poll

Recently, Instagram made some changes to its algorithm and added new features to support business world. Now it is possible to add a special sticker to your Instagram story polls, and it can definitely attract more audience towards your business. You can ask questions relevant to your niche and motivate your followers to leave comments below. Never forget to add replies to promote conversation. It will also help you to get Instagram story votes in a bulk amount that can further keep you ahead of your competitors online. One can also customize stories by adding special characters, emojis, and stickers.

Note that, Instagram stories stay online for 24 hours, so you have to bring best results for your campaign within that limited time. It is possible to promote your products and services via story polls, and it can also bring more audience to your business. However, the overall impact of your story poll depends upon how interactive and creative it is. Below we have highlighted few trusted methods to use Instagram story polls for your business. Hope! They will divert potential results for you:

Ask Yes/No type questions:

The simplest thing that you can do about your polls is asking creative questions about your business with Yes and No in the answer field. Such type of questions appears easier to answer and can bring more engagement to your polls. Your questions can be “Would you prefer black for this summer? Do you like orange juice?” People will definitely love to leave their opinion on such quick answer type questions.

This and That type questions:

When you need to collect audience feedback about your new products or services, you can know their preferences via This and That questions. Such type of questions can help you to make the more informed decision for business, and you will find opportunities to satisfy your customers online. Experts say that it really works and make your audience feel connected with your business. You can also prefer to buy Instagram votes to improve engagement.

Grow mailing list:

In case if you are interested in growing your subscribers and connecting more audience to your business via emails, story polls can again help you. You can ask people some creative questions that encourage them to share their emails addresses with you. Prefer to pick something relevant to their interests and your business like, would you like to have updates on our recent home décor products? If they say yes, you can ask them to share email address via inbox.

Get their opinions:

Story polls can also be used to collect opinions of your audience regarding your business, products, and services. Their response will help you to make decisions about your business, and you will be able to keep them satisfied. Pick some interactive elements that can bring more exposure and drive engagement. You can also buy real Instagram votes to improve results of your Instagram poll marketing campaign.


The logo of your brand is emblematic; it should convey the essence and mission of your brand and needs to be concise and clear at the same time. The logos these days are creative and speak a lot about the brand (thanks to the creative logo makers in the market). There are few logos are visually aesthetic but are constructed in a bit detailed manner. They occupy lot of space and unfortunately are not eye catchy in few cases. However because of their detailed nature, it becomes easier to convey the mission of your brand (it can be said that it’s an old school strategy). When we speak about logos, less is often more! This stands true for font choice, colour, pattern and everything else! Minimalism can be tricky to achieve and if executed improperly, it can come across as too simple or boring! Few examples of minimalist logo designs would be ‘Apple’, ‘Airplane’, ‘Cloud Bed’, ‘Burj Khalifa’, ‘Lionlink, Snapchat, Audi and so on.

This post is to help you in understanding what is minimalistic logo design and how can it be beneficial for your brand. It will provide a food for thought for all those who are stepping into customer oriented and also for existing customers who are of opinion that their brand need refurbishing. If your brand is already embellished in hearts of people then there is nothing wrong in reviving it with a contemporary twist.

Definition of Minimalism in logo design

Minimalism in logo refers to philosophy of incorporating a minimalist approach into your logo design. These logos are chic, clever and have potential to push all the boundaries of creativity. In layman words, it refers to stripping away embellishments and transforming art to its simplest form so it becomes memorable and distinctive. The design required perfect use of colours, typography and white space!

Often people confuse minimalist logo with a plain and dull design! The truth is minimalist designs are used to reveal the ingenuity of design so that it becomes easier to connect to customers through its bare form.

Benefits of minimalist logo design

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, these are the words of respected Leonardo Da Vinci which are a perfect fit for this topic. Bringing simplicity and sophistication in your logo design can be hugely beneficial for your customers and customer prospects.

  • Easier to look at & remember: The industry is changing and customers no longer have time to study a particular logo for hours! One glimpse should be enough to get associated with the brand and minimalist logos provide that opportunity. They are evolving with least amount of ornamentation and thus make it easier for the customers to memorize. Adding complicacy to your logos make it harder for customers to recall! Do you think if you see logo of Snapchat or Audi for the first time, will you find it difficult to memorise it next time? This is the beauty of minimalist logos; they are simply designed to earn brand recognition.
  • Timeless: Minimalist logos never grow old; they leave forever mark in the minds of their onlookers. Has it ever happened with you that you found a logo attractive and since you didn’t know the brand, you searched it on internet? It personally happened with me after seeing Michelin tyres logo! Minimalistic logos have broad staying power and will grow with your business for years to come! Businesses these days want a clutter-free logo for contemporary brand and minimalist logo designs are attractive and successful in fulfilling this purpose.
  • Clean & crisp: We all hate traffic jams and congested places because as humans we are claustrophobic. Any logo which has too many lines, designs and patterns make it look clumsy and populated and often the essence of logo is lost. These logos lack the spark and charm which should ideally get generated after seeing any logo and can even confuse them. Minimalistic logos attract attention of people to what is important which helps in passing on the clear message to customers. If the logo is for car brand, it need not have car in it! The logo of Mercedes is a symbol of class, comfort and pride that this brand has to offer to all its customers.
  • Leave a mark in minds of customers: The span of our attention is lower than our memory! As a business, you get one chance to turn those heads and leave a mark in their minds. There is an adage which says that “fewer things people have to remember, the longer they will be able to remember them.” Do you think it would have been easier to remember Nike’s logo if it had characters and four assorted colours? Umm… most likely not!

It is true that less is more in case of logos but don’t forget to add little ‘you’ in your logo. If there is anything which you adore (could be anything from a specific shade of colour to a pattern), let the shade of uniqueness leak into your logo.



The content of any online and offline post plays a very important role in conveying the essence of topic and this is the reason why writers have a full time job! Along with the content, what matters is the displaying beauty, reader-friendliness and professionalism. There was a time when content on almost every website looked to be similar. In other words, it was next to impossible to guess the name of website with the snippet of its content! Every website was using standard fonts as typography was the last thing that mattered to anyone. People thought content alone can evolve audience and hence, least attention was paid towards font designing.

The notion changed when Google Fonts was released in 2010 and web designers started paying attention towards the font style. Font combinations are not only required to distinguish the look and feel of website but also to highlight and solidify the areas which require attention! This is to ensure that customers should not miss out on important details while reading the post in flow. Google font combinations are easy to download, straightforward and offer hassle free execution for all its customers. There are various combinations which can be optimal for your website and the good part is you don’t have to break banks for these beautiful fonts. This post is to understand top 10 beautiful pairings of Google Fonts to assist you in finding the one which can create variety of moods and effects in your post!

  1. Open Sans & Open Sans Condensed: Both of these fonts make a versatile combination and are perfect for headers. They are simple yet classy. People use it for headlines at their landing pages as they are large block of texts offering a great readability. It can be said that combination of these two fonts can create influential headers for any website.
  2. Serif & Sans- Serif: You always want to choose a font that can help in making easy distinction between headlines and paragraphs. Few people use same font of varied sizes for headers and paragraphs but using different fonts is comparatively influential. Serif & Sans-Serif contrast and blend with each other beautifully making them perfect for headings, sub-headings and body of the content.
  3. Ruda Regular & Roboto Slab: Sharp yet concise can describe this combination in best manner. Every alphabet is squeezed to occupy less space which makes the content look interesting and short.
  4. Playfair Display & Source sans Pro: Playful Display is one of those timeless designs which display old charm with contemporary touch. Together, these fonts provide an engaging and creative typography which allow you to personalise your content with clean and modern appearances.
  5. Spirax with Open Sans: Open Sans is a loose font that goes well with anything which has a story attached to it. Spirax is a fancy font with twisted edges of few alphabets to make them look imaginative and is perfect header for mystery and story contents. Open Sans complements this font beautifully to keep the essence.
  6. Corben with Nobile: Corben is a bold copper black font for prominent headers. The unique use of rounded serifs, make it bubbly and different from others. Nobile (noble in nature) is a gentle and simple font which is subtle and clean but can easily grab attention. A simple and slim font like Nobile makes the details and curves of Corben stand out even more.
  7. Dancing Script & Josefin Sans: Similar to its name, dancing script font flows as if it is dancing on the piece of paper where it is written. It is feminine and is considered to be appropriate for any products or websites with a female skew. Josefin Sans is a thin, subtle and sleek font that brings perfect balance between the two font styles.
  8. Palanquin & Dark palanquin: It is a versatile family of fonts consisting of characters with varied thickness. The character’s shape defines the thickness of this font. For instance, two walls of ‘O’ will have less thickness as compared to one wall of ‘C’. This is to ensure that boldness of a character should not occupy lot of space. Palanquin can be used for paragraph text and dark palanquin can make perfect title.
  9. Poppins & PT Serif: With its elegant stroke, Poppins give an original and singular touch to the title of the content. The characters are larger than palanquin and occupy enough space in a line. It can be paired up with PT Serif which is like an attentive font with sharp edges, less spaces, smaller and thinner text making it a perfect pair for Poppins.
  10. Cherry Cream Soda & Raleway: Cherry Cream Soda is an artistic and creative font which makes you feel that you have stepped back in 1950s. Raleway is a font with modern twist. Its interesting shapes and gentle design make a perfect pair with timeless Cherry Cream Soda.

Why Get Facebook Contest Votes Online

Most big brands these days are launching social media contests online. It is the most trusted trick to promote the brand online. The prime target is to get votes in bulk amount. And to do this, many experts even try to buy votes online. It is well proven that Facebook contests can effectively boost engagement online. However, in order to win the battle, one needs to follow trusted strategies. Soon, you can attract more participants to your business via contests. The prime reason to beat the competitive forces online is to prove your edge against other brands. And it is possible if you allow people to win handsome prizes and rewards through contests.

Make best out of Facebook contests:

If you are new to the business world, you might be looking for the latest marketing tricks to win the battle. Well, Facebook contests can work as a potential marketing tool online, and they are easier to launch as well. However, one need to work strategically to achieve the desired results with contests-based marketing. The main target must be to attract more participants. And it is possible only when people find something interesting on your platform. Then only they will buy votes for contests. It is the most trusted method to make your brand stand out in the competitive market.

In order to attract participants to your platform, prefer to promote contests on multiple channels. It can help you to grab audience attention from multiple networks. And naturally, it can help you to stay ahead of the competitors. However, beginners may find it a little difficult to build an impression in the market. But if you use trusted methods and tricks online, it is easier to ensure desired results. You can definitely motivate participants to buy Facebook contest votes online.

How to get more votes for contests online?

If you are planning to launch contests online, it is also important to find ways to get more votes fast. You may need to motivate your participants to handsome prizes. Then only they will buy votes fast online. Those who are taking part in contests and are interested in winning the battle online are advised to get more votes. The winners for the contests are announced on the basis of a number of votes. The one who gets a higher number of votes wins amazing gifts from the organizers.

First timers might be worried about how to get more votes. Well, the process is quite easier, simply follow these steps as listed below:

  • First of all, visit the official website of the service providers online. Check their available vote packages. You may need to compare the number of votes and the package price.
  • You will get pack online, place an order by filling some essential details into the order form.
  • The website will soon take money for contest votes.
  • As soon as you confirm the order to buy contest voices online, they will soon start delivery on your platform.

7 Must Have Tools for Web Dev & Design Teams: 2019

In 2019, developers and designs should be focussing on working smarter, not harder. By working together more effectively, both sides of the table can improve workflow and prevent simple tasks from taking up too much time. When you have one designer and one developer working on a project, that’s complicated enough. But when you add a whole team of designers and developers, it’s easy to see why projects can easily get derailed.

Productivity experts Abacus Marketing know a thing or two about keeping everyone on the same page throughout the design, development and handover process. If you want to improve productivity in 2019, you need to have these 7 design and development tools in your toolkit.


If you’re still relying on Photoshop to mockup your website designs, you need to try Sketch. This vector UI design tool allows you to quickly and easily wireframe your websites in an intuitive way. Since this platform was built for one thing and one thing only, it offers plenty of shortcuts and helpful plugins to make the design process easier. And since it’s all vector based, your file sizes will be much smaller than Photoshop. This means that handing design files over to the developers won’t take as long, leading to a much smoother process.

Chrome Developer Tools

Debugging websites is made far easier with the addition of Chrome Developer Tools. This free feature is automatically bundled in with Chrome and Safari. It allows you to edit your HTML and CSS in real-time and even debug your Javascript. It also offers helpful insight into your site’s performance. If teaching junior web developers are part of your job, then Chrome Developer Tools offers a really helpful visualisation tool that will enable students to see exactly what is happening and why.


This repository hosting service isn’t just a great tool for collaborating with people all over the world. You can also use this as your version controls system (VCS). If you’re working on a project and mess up a line of code, rather than painstakingly working through the edits, you can simply revert to an earlier version and start again. GitHub also offers an open-source development community and even a wiki for every project, making documentation a breeze.


Working on a design project that involves more than one designer is nothing short of a nightmare. Passing files back and forth and realising you’ve made edits to the wrong version can lead productivity to plummet. Thankfully, there is a better way. Figma allows you to collaborate in real-time on the same projects. You can use it in your browser, or download the Windows, Mac or Linux version. This is great for teams on the go as it means you don’t need to have access to your own computer to be included. From a quick mockup to a complete wireframe, you can create stunning designs in a fraction of the time.


Handing the design files to the development team is typically a process fraught with tension. This is where Avocode can take some of the stress out of the handover. This tool automatically analyses your PSD or Sketch files without the need for specialist software. This gives your dev team access to everything they need without having to rope in the help of a designer. By empowering both teams, you can increase productivity and ensure projects move forward smoothly.


Similar to Avocode, Zeplin makes it easier to hand over design assets to the dev team. It converts Photoshop and Sketch files into something that developers can actually access without the need for specialist software. However, this tool takes it ones step further by offering extra information, such as colour references and even fonts. It can even generate CSS and style guides to help speed up the design process and allow developers to focus on the technical elements.


Why are these two lumped together? Both can be used for communication, but Trello offers extra functionality in terms of project management.

Let’s start with Slack. Love it or loathe it, Slack helps teams to communicate. If you’re in the same office, it can help to cut down on distracting chatter. And if your design and development team work remotely, it can help to ensure that all communicate remains in one place. Perhaps the best part of Slack is the ability to share files quickly and easily. Rather than emailing versions back and forth and having important documents tied up in individual email accounts, Slack keeps everything in one place.

Trello helps to keep projects on track and ensures that everyone on the team knows what is expected of them. If you regularly find that key aspects of a project get missed because they fall between the cracks, then Trello will help to resolve this.

Participate in Twitter Contests to Stay Ahead

Are you interested in boosting awareness about your business on the Twitter platform? Well! That’s a great idea for your promotional campaigns. Social media has become the most powerful network for developing healthy connections between service seekers and service providers. It helps marketing professionals to use creative methods for boosting engagement in the market. They are always curious to buy votes for twitter polls and contests to stay ahead of the competitors online. Continue reading “Participate in Twitter Contests to Stay Ahead”

What is the best PHP framework of 2019?

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, more commonly known as PHP is a programming language that was introduced in 1994 for the purpose of designing websites. This language was introduced by Rasmus Lerdorf and the acronym PHP originally stood for Personal Home Page. PHP can be introduced as a server side script language that can be used to develop static or dynamic websites as well as web applications. In order for PHP scripts to run on a certain network, it is imperative that PHP is installed in the respective server. Continue reading “What is the best PHP framework of 2019?”

5 Popular Websites Build with WordPress

WordPress has been widely used over a long time and still its gaining more popularity because of the ability to create a website with it. If you are working or even thinking about starting a certain project, website creating should be the first thing to run in your mind. Therefore this has led to an increase in usage of WordPress to create the website. Continue reading “5 Popular Websites Build with WordPress”

6 Best Web Hosting for WordPress of 2019

The fact that WordPress has become a very important platform for publishing content on the Internet is indisputable. WordPress takes almost to web hosting, and many people use it. It has captured the global market. Companies use them to report on global events and are led by those who have a hobby in other areas, such as writing and maximizing its use to share news and opinions with the public. It is advisable to learn more about WordPress hosting services. Continue reading “6 Best Web Hosting for WordPress of 2019”