What is Broken Link Building Techniques in SEO

SEO is still a very important part of marketing. There have been changes to SEO over the years but this form of marketing can help a business gain traffic online and lead to additional sales. Broken Link Building is a technique that is used in SEO and it often used in a discrete manner. This technique will include fixing broken links and helping gain popularity online at the same time.


There are many things that can happen online. A webpage can go down and a person may get the error 404 Not Found. This happens and there are many sites that are often not found. Once a website is down the link to them often shows up as invalid and they are considered to be broken. If the site goes down, not all of the webmasters are told about this right away. For SEO uses this can be done for the webmaster.
Broken Link Building Trick
The first trick is to look for a site that may have links that are broken. This can be done with a simple Google reach. All a person has to do is type in their niche followed for inurl and resources and the information will appear in the search results. When the results come up to ignore the ones that are powerpoint, documents, or similar types of files. Once the choices are narrowed down there are sites that will check the websites. Some of the top sites to use are Screaming Frog or Xenu Link Sleuth. This information will give a person an idea of what the webpage was about and the topics that they have covered. There are some other methods of finding out this information as well. For users that are using Firefox as their main browser they can download the Linkchecker to find the broken links. For those that like the Chrome browser they can download Check My Links and this will tell a person the topic of the broken webpage. This method will take some time to do. A person will need to go through each of the pages that are broken and will tell them with the site is about. This will take some time to do but many people are willing to put in the time.

Fixing the Broken Links

To fix the broken webpage it to make one that is similar to a user’s own webpage. The user may have to add similar content or they can copy and paste the content from the site if they are able to retrieve it. After getting this dead content onto the webpage, the webmaster needs to be asked to fix the broken link. All a person has to do is sent the webmaster an email saying that a broken link was discovered and that the webmaster should check out the link again. At this time a replacement can be suggested. The replacement will be the information that was taken off the broken link and all of the SEO that went along with it. The webmaster will not know that the content can from the broken link. The replacement page should be clean and professional. It will then make it look like all a person was doing was trying to fix the broken link and they were not using the content for SEO purposes.
Benefits of Broken Link Building
There are many benefits to fixing a broken link. The webmaster gets a link that works and relevant information. When a person is fixing this broken link, they will get to add a backlink to it. The backlink is the source that was found on the site. This is a great link building technique and is a great way to get a number of bank links. This technique is also not commonly used by link builders. This way there are no too much competition and people to rush with to get the broken links.

Broken Link Building Tips

There are some tips for a person that is looking to get backlinks for SEO purposes by working with broken links. When a person is surfing the internet they should keep an eye out for broken links that are related to their niche. There are always broken links popping up. There are extensions that can be turned on and always kept active. This will make it easy if a broken link is found.

Reasons to Fix Broken Links

When a person is looking to fix the broken link, they do not have to research and verify the information. It is a good idea to check over the broken link and make sure the content appears to be high quality. Broken links lead to a poor experience for the users and no one with a website wants the users to have a bad experience. All a person needs to do is recreate the content that was found on the site and link this content to their new page that was recreated. This saves time doing research and in some cases will save time with the main design. When a person has a broken link on their site, they are more than happy to replace the broken link with a site that is working. A person can change the broken link to their new one or they can reach out to the webmaster and tell them the link is broken and suggest that they can it to the recent design link with the working content. The link is often changed right away lead to positive SEO.
When a person is looking to increase SEO and traffic to their website they should look for broken links and repairing them. This will help them gain some trust with the webmaster since they are willing to fix something that is broken. No one wants to be known for having broken links. Broken links will allow a person to build up their backlinks and is great for SEO. It is a win-win situation for all when a person decides to repair the broken links.

Social Media has the real-time power in our life

The Expressway for Activism Social media has revolutionized communication between humans forever. Gone are the days of sending graphite etched lines on sections of dead trees through the same impersonal and inefficient way that millions of other people sent messages: the United States Postal Service. Messages could not be mailed on weekends, or holidays, or if there was a bad storm. Also, people had to pay each time they wanted to send one. These messages took days to reach their destinations, or even weeks depending where in the world they needed to go. Yet, people accepted this as quick.

In the past century several large social movements have been started and carried out, including the women’s movement of the twenties and the civil rights movement of the sixties. Gathering enough organized support for these changes took decades. To attend meetings or conferences people had to put their daily lives on hold, drive to their destination (which could be hundreds of miles depending on the state of residence versus the meeting location) and then spending the time required before returning home. Those who could not do this relied on newspapers to cover the story and word of mouth to cover all the details that were not publicized. Not only is this slow, but it can be unreliable as newspapers have biases and people can unintentionally misconstrue details. Finally, once all the information had been disbursed and paper petitions signed, it had to be sent back to law makers to review and hope that this would be enough to call for change.

Just before the turn of the century, the World Wide Web was created, linking millions of people across the globe together on one digital sequence. The only problem? Getting those people in contact with each other. Finding strangers whom you could connect with in the dark vast digital landscape was near impossible. But then, social media was born. First starting as chat rooms, then growing into now outdated outlets like MySpace, and now the most recognized social media outlets are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There are many ways to improve your social media fans either you can buy real Instagram followers or even on Twitter & Facebook. These outlets allow people from every country to gather on one website, even including translations for information that pops up in different languages.

In today’s day and age, we can connect with people all the way across the globe within a nanosecond, which was unheard of only a few decades ago.. Sure this is great for inviting friends to a cookout. Instead of buying all the invitations, mailing them all out, hoping they get to the recipient and back to you in time, you can create an event on Facebook and invite all your friends instantly, and receive reservations in real time. For the everyday person social media is a great convenience, linking friends who are only a few miles from one another yet can’t seem to line up their schedules with enough time to hang out. But for the activists, the leaders, the revolutionaries, the humanitarians, and those who simply dive head first into change this is a game changer.

With various platforms of social media, pictures, posts and information can be shared instantaneously and spread like wildfire, also called “going viral”. While this may be bad news for the college student who got drunk at last night’s biggest party on campus, it is fantastic for those who want to change the world. Individuals can now search for groups of people with the same interests as them by simply using keywords and asking to join the group. Members can be located across the nation or even across the world, yet they will all see the same posts in their feed.

Problems can no longer be hidden in ignorance. As soon as an issue arises, even if it is halfway across the Earth, it can attract international attention within hours. Suddenly, the victims of genocides and natural disasters are receiving relief from countries they may have never heard of before, and people they may never meet. Relying on pen and paper does not allow information to be spread as quickly, but the digital age allows such things to occur. In addition to relief, people can now gather in large groups to pressure lawmakers, company CEOs and even people in other countries to take action against injustices internationally. Through hashtags, online petitions, and the infamous share and retweet buttons, information is passing through hands as neither fast as lightening, until nobody can hide from nor ignore the truth.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Great a bunch of people holding their phones complaining to a bunch of other people with phones.” But this is simplifying the cause and effect. The alternatives and solutions that took years, even decades, to gain enough popularity, support, and funding to be implemented in the past century, can now be pushed in the matter of a few days. Social media outlets allow other webpages to be linked to personal pages, business pages, and even in comments. So now when an environmental activist is attempting to gain support for their clean up event, environmental pages can share the information, volunteers can sign up from the comfort of their living rooms months before the event, and those who cannot volunteer can donate money in real time from a debit or credit card through various campaign funding platforms.

Social media allows activists to gain support, funding, and volunteers in record time and numbers. It also allows victims to share their stories and be heard around the globe. Movements that took decades in the last century, like women’s rights of civil rights, now take the world by storm in a few years, like gay rights. The evolution and usage of social media has grown beyond the original boundaries of friends talking to friends. Today, strangers are talking to strangers, discussing political issues, climate change, humanitarian crises, and most importantly, solutions. The exponential amount of idea sharing is unprecedented and gives way to an increased number of solutions and compromises. Through social media, individuals and the human race as a whole will progress quicker than it ever has before.

Jennifer Miele


Is it Real to Make Money Dropshipping?

In the last several years the Internet has been flooded with dozens of uplifting stories about people starting to make money dropshipping and accomplishing more than they initially expected. However, for some people those stories look fishy. Accepting the idea that entrepreneurs earn money without producing any goods is too overwhelming for them, or they just think someone tries to trick them into doing something illegal for getting their money. In fact, it is real to make money dropshipping. Just put your suspicions aside and take things as they really are.

Dropshipping is a new stage of business history that broke the mold of running ecommerce business. The existence of online stores is equally beneficial for both the manufacturers and for the internet entrepreneurs. For manufacturers it means the possibility of focusing more on production rather than marketing, while dropshipping store owners take the responsibility of promotion.

The most ordinary people can make money dropshipping

It is easy to see this idea through the real stories of people who decided to start dropshipping. The instance of Mousslim is really illustrative. When buying products in China and selling them on eBay, he came up with the idea that it would be far better to send  goods to his clients straight from China without his direct participation. After discovering Alidropship plugin, he got all the leverage he needed. It let Mousslim find suppliers and add products to his website without much efforts. After conducting some research, he found goods to sell and started to sell them. He earned $3500  within 45 days.

That would have looked more inspiring if you had met Mousslim later. In a year, he made over $455000. According to his words, the only problem he has is tied with managing the money he makes.

Another example of a successful person who made money dropshipping is a man known under the nickname Kingpin. He had no experience of running an online business at all, though he had been working in internet marketing for a while. He had not given it a try due to the complexity of designing and keeping up web stores until he learned about the plugins which complete these tasks automatically. He spent only two hours setting up his first store and made $28000 within the first month. In 2017, Kingpin already had 7 online stores.

Is it really easy?

One thing is obvious – there is nothing difficult to start it up.

  • All tools that help alleviate the difficulty of launching and running your drop shipping business are accessible Many plugins and apps have been released in recent years. It is up to you to choose one that you like the most.
  • It does not cost much to maintain your store, so you do not need to take out a loan to set it up. Almost everyone can afford this.
  • You should not be afraid of failing. If you do everything right, you will definitely make money dropshipping in a short period of time. If you mess up somewhere, you will not lose anything and can fall back on something else.

Considering all that, the whole process boils down to several steps:

  1. Make up your mind what products you want to dropship. Pick up goods which you know well and which your customers are eager to buy.
  2. Set up your store. Many options are available nowadays. Shopify and WordPress are the most popular. You can build your site using Shopify with uploading Oberlo app, or design an independent store with WordPress plus AliDropship plugin.
  3. Choose a marketing strategy. Your success in dropshipping goes hand in hand with the tools you have chosen for your website promotion. Actually, that is the most complicated part of your work. As it was mentioned above, manufacturers put that burden on you to focus on making their products. So it is your responsibility to increase sales with digital

As you can see, there is nothing extremely difficult to make money dropshipping. You can get over  all the obstacles which hinder launching your online business by using various plugins and apps. The path to your financial independence has never been so effortless and safe.

Useful Tips to Stay Organized

I’ve talked quite a lot about becoming organized which means more productive, but we really did not discussed some tools to stay focused. Some tips and piece of advice you can practice. Plainly speaking, I’m addicted to planning even though it looks hard to start. Never-the-less, once you are in a game, you won’t believe how your life has changed.

Lets discuss some apps, tips and programs which can help you to stay organized and focused without stress. You will also find out some habits which will make you more productive.

1. Write Down Everything You Can

To be frank, I do not care you use a blank piece of paper or ‘Notes’ on your iPhone X, the major principle here is to fix every idea, every thought and every insight. It will help you to unload your brain since it really does not need to carry all information you receive. Your phone or notebook can handle any.

I recommend you to test a simple paper and applications available for both iOS and Android. For instance, you can try Evernote (one of the most popular app for notes), Google Tasks, Doist and others. Check ‘top’ apps for organization and business in Google Play or AppStore to find out more.

If you use a laptop in your office, a tablet at home and your smartphone while stuck in a traffic jam, choose application which will synchronize all of your notes. Some people are obsessed with real paper since crossing out of all tasks they have done brings real pleasure. Here the only one way to find out which planner suit you best is to try it out.

In case you don’t have ideas which thoughts and information to write down, I can offer you to make a calendar of B-Days and important dates, your logins and passwords to social networks and mail, your postulates and life motto, motivational quotes and on. Plus, you may divide all notes by folders to make organization even more clear.

2. Have a Weekly Planning Habit

Similarly to daily planning and annual goals, try to make a habit of weekly planning. It is harder to miss a workout if you have written it down on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, 9 PM. Daily planning is also important, but weekly plan is a skeleton of your schedule. You can start weekly planning with Google Calendar or buy a special weekly planner where you can fill in all appointments and tasks.

There are some ideas which activities and appointments you can write down in your weekly schedule. For instance, sports or important business meetings, family time (I know it sounds unusual, but your family will thank you), time for meditation and relaxation, plans for weekend, etc. Planning both time for business and time for rest will surely help you to keep life-work balance and stay organized.

3. ‘Good morning’ and ‘good night’ Rituals

According to one of the most popular motivational speakers of our times Brian Tracy, we live in a word of screens. You check Instagram every single spare moment, you play games on your smartphone while stuck in a traffic jam, you are constantly chatting with your friends. It is no surprise that in the evening of your busy day you are not able to relax, you need a phone with 100+ apps to check.

Morning and evening rituals is a must: just try not to check e-mail, Instagram and other applications one hour after you woke up and one hour before you’re going to bed. It will calm your brain and will give you more concentration during the day.

You can make up your own rituals, but putting off any digital devices is a must. You cannot even picture how much information we receive in a world of digital and how hard to cope with this thread. Moreover, I recommend to limit laptop/mobile phone usage during the day since it will make you more focused on your current tasks and goals.

4. Pile up Small or Similar Tasks Together

C. Bailey, the author of The Productivity Project claims that having a maintenance day depends on how carefully you take care of errands and all other life stuff. For instance, such small tasks as calling to your bank, your daughter’s school or submitting auto insurance form. What is the idea?

Pile up small or similar tasks all together making a to-do list. You may check special to-do lists online to write down all small tasks. What about me? I have 45-minute blocks of time every evening when I can look throughout similar and not significant tasks which take 5-10 mins each.

You can make up your own ‘small tasks list’ or ‘check list’ together. Some people make their own lists of belongings to take for traveling, some of them like to delegate homework. Planning and scheduling is all about testing out, so you need to try all variants to find your perfect one.

5. Be Patient

The secret of success is being patient. Every goal can be reached if you make small steps to your dream. The key phrase here is ‘every day’. We eat sweets and fast food for ages, but we want to lose weight in a month. It is not fair.

Being patient in planning means putting your goals on practice with a taste of reality. Keep in mind that getting organized and staying organized takes time, especially if it’s first time in your life you write down your goals, dreams and ams tasks. You have been accumulating bad habits for years and planning is the first step to start living your dream life.

Another piece of advice is to make super-small and sustainable changes, because nobody needs fast changes and nervous breakdowns. Nobody needs 3-hours night sleep for months, to lie in bed for a year later. If you strive to wake up at 4:30 AM, start with 6:00, then with 5:50 and then wake up at 5:40 and on. In other case you won’t be able to keep up because you didn’t take the necessary systems in place and it’s just a huge stress for your mind and body.

Instead, try to stick to the world-famous concept of C. Duhigg’s The Power of Habit — it does not matter how fast you change yourself, it is all about the result. Try to focus on one small thing you can change during the day and total all the pluses in the evening.

When it comes to goals, I’d like to give you a personal advice. For the past few years I found out that there is no sense to set more than 2 goals for a year. Everybody can write down his goals, but you cannot be concentrated on 3 or more goals.

Use D-G-P (Dream – Goal – Plan) principle to write down your goals and make up monthly, weekly and daily plans to make your dreams come true in the nearest future.

Essay Writing vs creating writing – What is the different?

In most instances, the majority of the individuals find it hard to pinpoint the differences between essay writing and creative writing. As a result of the confusion, different definitions have been adopted in order to explain the two scenarios. The two aspects of writing have some similarities that even make it difficult for the readers to distinguish them. However, one of the main distinction between the essay and creative writing is primarily the styles used. The stylistic devices used in essay writing is mostly defensive. The main aim of writing an essay is to prove, defend a theory, a point or an argument. Therefore, in the course of writing the essay, an argument has to be developed in order to defend the point from any objections that may arise in the course. In addition, the other stylistic difference that arises between creative writing and essay writing is the need to have a thesis statement in the latter. Failure to have a thesis statement in essay writing makes it difficult for the reader to understand the topic being defended by the writer.

Creative writing, cuts across different genres of writing including the essay writing since the purpose of writing is to discover a point at the end of it all. In the course of the writing a creative essay, the point arises naturally through the work. As the reader continues to read the story, the purpose of writing becomes more apparent. Thus, for creative writing, there is no set guidelines for introducing your point since there is no need for defending it unlike in the case of the essay writing.

The other difference between the creative writing and essay is the need to adhere to the rules and specific parameters of style. For instance, in academic writing or essay writing rather, there are set guidelines that ought to be followed to ensure cohesion in the work. Essay writing aims at educating and informing the reader about an issue, therefore the writer needs to follow the guidelines of structure and execution to ensure the reader does not get confused. The guidelines for writing essays are critical that they are included in the curriculum as part of learning. However, the creative writing guidelines are not that crucial since all that is required is the plot taken by the writer.

Essay writing or commonly referred as academic writing tends to be succinct and crisp. The writer, in this case, is writing to describe or define the purpose of aspects such as understanding the formula or any other task. However, for creative writing, it should be more descriptive in a way that the emotions of a reader are evoked. The main purpose of creative writing is to create an emotional bond between the reader and the events in the story. Thus, in order to achieve creating an emotional bond the writer must create an environment or mood that will trigger the reader to feel the plot of the story. Achieving such an environment in writing, the writer uses techniques such as metaphor, imagery among others. In essay writing, such writing techniques are not necessarily required since the report need to be brief and concise as much as possible.

The audiences of essay writing and creative writing is different in terms of knowledge and understanding of their contents. For instance, the audience of the academic writing or essay writing is highly trained and knowledgeable about the content being developed. Unlike in the case of creative writing whose audience is not adequately informed on issues being written. Therefore, when writing the essays the writers need to be careful to avoid providing incorrect information since the intended audience have the capability of discerning the truth.

Essay writing and creative writing differ significantly when it comes to the tone of communication. In the case of essay writing the target audience requires to be addressed in a formal tone since it involves parties such as business owners, management, suppliers, government and others and also you can get your writing done by top essay writing service However, for creative writing the audience is informal and so the tone should follow the same direction. Creative writing is different from essay writing since it is not confined by the restrictions of the standards and the traditions of academic writing. Lastly, essay writing is the guided by facts and cited for the purposes of credibility while in the creative writing the imagination of the writer takes the lead.

Facebook Launches Digital Literacy Library to Help Youngsters learn How to Use the Internet Safely

The social media king has been taking a lot of negative coverage from all over the world. Facebook is trying hard to amend the Cambridge Analytica issue. Facebook ever since has been trying to underline and show that they have been providing solutions for all the communities all over the world. One of the recent updates is that Facebook is now announcing new digital resources for teachers and businesses that belong to all communities.

safe internet

What Facebook Says

According to an official statement by Facebook, they are launching the Digital Literacy Library. It is one of the biggest collections of lessons and lectures which is for the young people to learn, “how to think critically.” These lessons also cover the topic, how to share thoughtfully. The basic idea behind this effort by Facebook is to address concerns about the children exposed to the various elements of the internet.

Empowering youth

In this update, Facebook also launches a Youth Portal. It is somewhat similar to the one which they launched back in 2016. The purpose here is to empower youth. The portal offers various tips and tricks for the youngster followers to keep their stuff safe. As instagram is also under facebook, now you can get instagram followers. It teaches them about privacy and safety information. This Youth Portal is where the young people can hear the issues from other youngsters of their age. It is a positive move and will help broaden the thoughtfulness of the young people. There are more than 830 million users of Facebook who are all youngsters. It will be a great help to them. Facebook is also trying to remove the accounts that are owned by the children under the age of 13. It is a huge step, it may be difficult to achieve, but it is not impossible.

For educators and teachers

This new Facebook digital literacy library is for educators so that they address the digital issues and help youngsters build the skills necessary to root out evils and safely enjoy the digital technology. These lessons are 100% academic research which was carried out by an expert Youth and Media team over the past ten years. The lessons are a huge advantage for those who wish to learn. These lessons are the voices of young people from all around the world from various ethnicities, educational backgrounds and geographic. The purpose of these lessons is to address privacy, security, online reputation, positive behavior, community engagement and identity exploration.

Facebook makes these courses and lessons available through the Facebooks safety Centre and Digital Literacy Resource Platform by Berkman Klein.

For businesses

Besides initiating new and intuitive resources for educators, Facebook also expands the initiative for businesses. The program is also to provide necessary digital information and digital education for the business owners in the USA. Facebook introduces new and advanced tools to educate the businesses and provide training on privacy and security. These lessons can help businesses with more knowledge on how to conduct businesses safely and with security. It will also allow them, to learn how to keep the critical information safe and secure.

How to Buy Telegram Members

Telegram is a popular non-profit instant messaging service that works on cloud network. This messaging app is rated high for its dynamic and secure platform. The best thing to know about Telegram is that it offers free of cost services and ensure quick results. Software developers have finished it with latest technologies and intuitive interface. It appears super amazing with its vital features.

Telegram allows users to share text messages, stickers, audios, videos, images and many other multimedia files. You will be happy to know that this app works perfectly on almost all platforms including Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Windows NT and Linux as well. Telegram is one of the best platforms for individuals to communicate with near and dear ones. But at the same time it allows business owners to promote their brand. It is possible to broadcast your products and services online up to unlimited subscribers using Telegram groups. This channel can bring more traffic to your business. But in order to success with your marketing campaign, you need higher number of group members on Telegram. In such situation, it becomes essential to buy telegram members.

Why you should buy telegram group members?

Note that members connected to your telegram groups are the real asset for your business. They can help to boost reputation of your brand online within very less time. Note that, with increasing influence of digital media, most of business owners these days are looking forward to boost their presence online. From past several years, marketers were more influenced by social media sites like Facebook and Twitter etc. But now it is time to create a responsive marketing campaign.

Most of people stay connected to their tiny handsets and wish to get all service highlights on these devices. For marketers as well, it becomes much easier to update details about latest products and services to individuals in a personalized way. This process can generate higher traffic for your business online. But in order to make your telegram marketing campaign successful, it is important to have higher number of members on telegram groups.

In order to boost your brand reputation, it is good to create a group with millions of members. Having higher number of message receivers means your business stays on the mind of many people at a time. Preferably, they will find your business more reliable and preferable choice for their needs.

But in order to get higher number of members for your telegram groups, you need to buy telegram group members. Many service providers online can help you to buy telegram group members for your business. It is the easiest way to boost your audience on the channel and naturally you will divert more traffic to your website. Keep people updated with your latest offers and services on Telegram. Buy telegram channel members fast and soon you will be able to boost your business on global level. It will naturally create more returns for you.



Why You Should Monitor Your Backlinks for SEO

Are you ready to get more traffic coming to your website? Do you want to build your success and reputation within your industry? If so, you have to pay attention to the backlinks you build. There are quite a few reasons this is important with the bottom line being if you want to achieve a good place in Google search rankings – and stay there – checking the backlinks you build is essential.

Google Penguin and Your Site

Google Penguin was an algorithm update rolled out by Google a few years ago that begun to crawl websites, penalizing any ones that posted low quality backlinks. This is the primary reasons that as part of any best-practices SEO strategy, backlinks need to be monitored regularly. Failure to keep up with the links can lead to serious penalties, including disappearing from the SERPs altogether.

Helpful Tip: There are now a number of automated tools that can be used to monitor the backlinks on your page. If any issues arise, they will alert you so you can make changes.

Backlinks to Avoid

There are many types of good backlinks you can have, such as links from site that are high quality, authoritative and relevant to your niche.  Example of good links are links on high quality blogs and news sites, high quality directories, and even links acquire through podcast guesting and podcast booking services.

There are certain backlinks that will hurt your site. Try to avoid backlinks from:

  • Gambling or adult websites
  • Unrelated websites to your niche
  • Website using aggressive or violent language
  • Sites you are not proud to be connected to

Take a Proactive Stance against Negative SEO Attacks

If you are in a particularly competitive industry, then you may be at risk for a negative SEO attack. This is when a competitor attempts to bombard your site with low quality links to trigger this response from Google. If you are proactively monitoring your links, this can be avoided.

Barnacle Links

A barnacle link is similar to a barnacle on a boat. While one or two may not do any harm, after a while a large accumulation can lead to issues. While these links are not necessarily nefarious in themselves, they should be eliminated or handled. They have no positive affect for your website; therefore eliminating them altogether is usually the best option.

Keep Tabs on Your Competitors

You can monitor your competitor’s backlinks just like you do for your own site. You may wonder what the benefit of this would be, and it is actually fairly simple. By seeing where their backlinks come from, you can also target the higher quality sources in order to try and get a link from the same sites.

Helpful Tip:  If you are in the process of hiring a web design firm, ask them about their SEO knowledge and keep in mind that the best web design companies will always perform a competitive analysis on your high performance competitors.

Take some time to manually review your backlinks from time to time in addition to using the automatic monitoring software. This will help ensure you are not being hit by any type of penalties due to the backlinks on your pages. Eliminating low quality or unrelated links from your site will not only help you avoid being labeled as spam, but also help you increase your rank in search engines.

How to Stay Updated as a Web Designer

How to Stay Updated as a Web Designer

Keeping up with the web design is not an easy task. The main challenge web designers experience in keeping up with the new development is the constant changing of the products. Each and every day there are new JavaScript projects, a new app and so much more. Notably, it is difficult to keep up with new development in technology, however as hard as it may sound it is important to keep up. In order to remain in the know on the new trends in the web design industry, here are some goods tip about this from Tulsa Website Design: Continue reading “How to Stay Updated as a Web Designer”

3 Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins Reviews

3 Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins Reviews
When you are dealing with WordPress websites, increasing the traffic becomes utmost important. To improve the ROI and for better remunerations choosing a right WordPress SEO plugin is very important. People who are into this business seek for the best SEO tips and advice on WordPress SEO plugins. Continue reading “3 Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins Reviews”