Advantages of Promoting Business with Online Contests

There are unlimited advantages to promoting business with online contests; however, very few people are actually aware of them. If you are running a business online, Facebook can help you better with its contest-based promotions. In order to promote your brand, you can also take help from professionals to buy contest votes.

Social media networks like Facebook allow users to share a tremendous amount of information online. You can share details about new products and services instantly via images, videos, and text-based content. Facebook connects millions of users worldwide and allows business owners to establish an active communication channel with them. You can run a contest online to grab the attention of the audience from any corner of the world. This marketing strategy suits all kind of businesses and ensures delivery of impressive results. Continue reading “Advantages of Promoting Business with Online Contests”

Top 10 Free Traffic Source for Your Ecommerce Site

Website traffic is the most integral of ecommerce business. Even with the best brand of products and an excellent delivery network, you may lag behind others if you don’t pull in sufficient customers to your portal. Therefore, keeping all your resources aside, there is an urgent need to have a renewed focus on the end-users who will purchase the commodities from your site. There are two ways to capture the consumers- free and paid means. While paid means are dependent on social media platforms and engines, the free sources are entirely dependent on your capability. So even without spending a single amount, you can draw higher traffic than the paid sources and transform your business forever. Continue reading “Top 10 Free Traffic Source for Your Ecommerce Site”

CDN & Its Importance for your Ecommerce Site

What is CDN?

Do all websites take the same loading time? Certainly not. While some sites load in the blink of an eye, others take a few more seconds to display its content. The worst ones keep on loading and test your patience. Notwithstanding the quality factor of all these websites, there is a small difference in its performance. The disparity lies in the means of delivering the content and loading all the website pages in the shortest time span. Here comes the role of Content Delivery Network or CDN. Continue reading “CDN & Its Importance for your Ecommerce Site”

Top 10 Paid Traffic Source for Your Ecommerce Site

With the world going digital, ecommerce platforms are one of the most thriving business sectors promising higher returns at minimum investment. Good quality products, quick delivery and excellent customer service are the three attributes to skyrocket your ecommerce business. However, despite being the best in these parameters, you may still fail to reap the benefits of your resources until you capture increasing traffic in your portal. Traffic can come in two ways-paid and free. Continue reading “Top 10 Paid Traffic Source for Your Ecommerce Site”

What is SEO and why it is important for your Ecommerce Website

To enhance the growth chart and profit rate of a business, marketing and branding of every single is product is the most important factor. When to launch a e-store on the web world, a business owner have to face a huge competition, as numerous of people on the internet are also believe to sell the same product as yours. Consequently, to establish your online store successfully you have to beat all of your competitors. For this, SEO and Digital Marketing is the best process. SEO plays the most vital role in the enhancement of a ecommerce website. You will be thinking what is SEO and why it is important for a ecommerce website. Here’s the answer.   Continue reading “What is SEO and why it is important for your Ecommerce Website”