A forum on your blog can be very beneficial. There are many open source forums available. A forum is a great way to facilitate communication with many people in the community, to which the blog can not refer.

A well-designed WordPress forum plugin helps you effectively deliver new content to your site through regular members. There are a lot of plugins to help you with this, Below are 5 Best WordPress Forum Plugins.

#1. A simple press

If you are looking for a plugin for an advanced forum, Simple: Press Forum is a configurable tool that allows you to customize a group of forums. This is the best solution for WordPress plugins. Simply: Press is a multifunctional forum plugin for WordPress. It has existed for several years, has faithful followers and is well supported by the community. It is fully customizable and contains many skins and icons. It offers many interesting features and can be fully customized to suit your needs.

#2. bbPress

Because it was one of the best WP forum plugins. bbPress is produced by Automattic, people for WordPress. This is one of the best known and developed plugins that provides a message board for WordPress. It was a simple WP-based forum that was easy to configure and configure. No support for this plugin means that if you have a problem, you will be alone. This plugin is also one of the most extensible and supported, offering an excellent opportunity to expand the community at no additional cost. bbPress is forum software that can make a difference and is designed exclusively for transforming tables by the WordPress plug-in assembly team.

For now, bbPress may interest you if you choose another WordPress forum plugin. This plugin forum integrates with WordPress and perfectly matches Internet standards, ease of use, ease of integration and speed of forum discussions, and is also suitable for low-bandwidth internet. bbPress should definitely be on your list if you’re looking for a well-supported and extensible plugin that integrates with your WordPress blog.

#3. WP Forum

The most popular forum of plugin installations is the WP Forum. This plugin is intended solely for creating a forum on your blog to discuss topics of interest to you. The WP Forum supports many skins, and administrators can enable or disable guest posting with an additional captcha. This is one of the easiest forum plugins for discussion. The tight integration with WordPress makes this plugin easy to use and manage. This is a plugin designed for a simple and transparent forum to start working on your blog.

#4. Mingle Forum

This WP forum plugin allows you to configure your own WordPress forum with full functions. Mingle Forum has been modified to be easy, reliable, safe, quick to configure, easy to use. The Mingle Forum was developed by Cartpauj to provide a simple and reliable forum for site owners. Mingle Forum’s mission is a continuation. The Mingle Forum plugin is compatible with many other Mingle plugins for WordPress and, most importantly, is now easily integrated with the Mingle plugin for social networks or without it.

#5. Speech

He says that this is a reset from scratch forum, taking into account the revolution in social networks. In addition to being a forum, it can be used as a mailing list and a long chat. Undoubtedly Open Source confirms the support of the community, which creates a natural immune system to protect against trolls, bad actors and spammers. Speech prides itself on being a perfect, immediate experience and therefore does not think it requires a huge collection of complex plugins.

#6. Vanilla Forum

Despite the fact that the Vanilla Forum is a completely open source, it is not unusual to have a related premium version, which is probably one of the reasons why it is so attractive and has such a simple installation procedure. Again the solution has several modules, and its default functions allow users to significantly extend the functionality of the forum.

Although free downloads are hosted on different servers and are provided on the basis of the software supports community enthusiasm that will help you if you break it! Good decision

Do not be afraid. The above are the 5 Best WordPress Forum Plugins and great if you’re ready to expand your community and use the forums created now on your blog.

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