What is a cache? This is a collection of stored data, especially temporarily, for fast access upon request. Computers store information on a hard disk. When the information is requested, it requires a command to run a number of processes before the presentation of the information. The cache provides a solution to this issue by processing the often requested info and proceeds to store it in a temporary memory or storage.

This concept can be applied by WordPress website to enhance performance which allows your site to load faster. WordPress can be defined as an ongoing content management system. Caches allow your site to jump many steps.

Why do individuals require a WordPress caching plugin?

Caching plugin allows an individual to:

  • Enhance user experience
  • Speed up your site
  • Improve SEO ranking
  • Reducing the strain on an individual’s server
  • Lowering time to the first byte

Importance of caching

Caching is essential because it minimizes the load on your WordPress hosting servers which makes your site run faster. An individual requires right caching set up to enhance his or her WordPress performance and speed. A faster site enhances skills and encourages individuals to visit more pages.

If an individual has a faster site he or she will drive more traffic from organic search. This is an SEO advantage which will help you in ranking your website high in search engines.

Below are 5 best WordPress cache plugin that will boost the speed and performance of your website.

#1. WP Rocket

This is the best type of WordPress in the current market. It is among the easiest and user-friendly for a large number of beginners. In addition, it is a huge help if an individual does not have knowledge about the technical terms used for various caching options.

It helps individuals to urgently cache their site with only one click. This caching plugin automatically turns on suggested WordPress caching settings which include page cache, gzip compression, and cache pre-loading. There is an optional feature in WP Rocket which you can turn on to enhance speed and performance. These features include CDN support, lazy loading images, minification, DNS pre-fetching.

WP Rocket allows an individual to attain a high search engines ranking. In addition, it is fundamental because it has the feature termed an image on request. This feature allows an individual to load an image only if it is visible on the screen of the computer.

#2. W3 Total Cache

This is among the most known WordPress caching plugins. It is unsuitable for beginners because it involves many options. It has all the needed features required for setting up WordPress caches such as object cache, page cache, limited minification support, gzip compression, CDN support and many more. W3 total cache has different settings for items like:

  • Page caching
  • Object caching
  • Database caching
  • Browser caching

In addition, W3 total cache has sixteen pages in the settings section. This makes it suitable for only individuals with experience, not startups.

#3. WP Super Cache

This is another type of commonly known WordPress caching plugin. This caching plugin is free as well as highly recommended by a large number of top WordPress companies. It has all the required features to improve the performance of your site.

These features include page cache, gpiz compression, advanced cache preload, CDN support, cache pre-loading, and many others. It has a highly detailed setting with easy setup due to separate tabs.

WP Super cache plugin offers an individual three distinct modes of caching which include expert, simple and WP-cache caching.

#4. Sucuri Firewall

This is the best option if you are searching for a security plugin or a WordPress firewall. Sucuri is the right option for your website because it is a DNS firewall. It gives your site the best performance boost.

#5. Built-in cache Plugins from Hosting

This type of caching helps you significantly in reducing the load on hosting servers making them perform ideally.

In conclusion

an individual should focus on installing a WordPress cache plugin to boost and enhance the performance of your site. Also, it enhances the experiences of an individual. What is the perfect WordPress cache plugin? This depends on what you are searching for. Some cache plugins are created for WordPress blogs while others are for e-commerce purposes. Plugin with complex setting should be used by advanced developers, not beginners.

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