In this day and age, the use of social media marketing is necessary for any business or brand to do well. The reach that comes along with having a presence on social media and the internet, is something that cannot be obtained on any other platform. There is no way in the world to reach as many people as fast as one can using the internet.

With that being said, knowing that this platform has so much potential, it’s important that these markets know how to navigate and use it right, as to use yield the tool correctly. There are many different assistants when it comes to generating traffic on websites and social media pages, including both Google Adwords and SEO. However, for one who is not briefed well on the subject, it may be confusing to decide which is the appropriate to use for the case at hand. While both Adwords and SEO have benefits, for each specific case, there is always one platform that will increase reach better than the other.

Google Adwords

In short, Google Adwords is a marketing platform that Google owns, that allows users to place their ads on many places, including Google search results, and on Youtube videos. Any platform where Google Adsense is used, these paid ads can show up on.
A benefit to using Google Adwords is simply how specified it is. This means that users can pay for their ad to show up at the top of the screen for a certian search, whereas using SEO or other platforms, it would take a bit more work to get a position that high in the search results, and even then, it is not guaranteed.

However, it should be noted that these will be displayed as ads, and it will show that these ads are paid, and not organic search results. This should be noted because this can potentially deter a user from clicking it, whereas SEO simply optimizes so that the website gets found more easily(like this website here), meaning it is not a paid ad, and will not be displayed as such.


  • Large reach (Google and its platforms are used by almost everyone)
  • paying to be the first or second result shown
  • specific targeted audience


  • will show as a paid ad, might deter users from engaging
  • the ad will cease as soon as payment stops


SEO on the other hand, which stands for Search Engine Optimization is not paid advertisements, but paying so that the website does better when it comes to ranking on various search engine sites, not only Google, but also Bing and Yahoo.

This concept is a good idea, not only because of the range, but because of the longievity. With SEO, it is not just for Google sites and platforms, but for all search engines in general. This includes other ones, like Yahoo, Bing and whatever other search engines that a party might use. Also, the SEO will be applicable even after the initial payment is complete. Once organic traffic is now on the website, it will continue to grow. Whereas with Google Adwords, once one has stopped paying to show the ads, they will cease in totality. Because of this fact, the usage of SEO might be better for the member who wants to bring in long term views and customers. Adwords is more for those of which want fast results, and quickly generator views, clicks and traffic on to their website or company page.


  • Multiple platforms
  • works even after payment ceases


  • harder to reach the top
  • may reach less people than Google

The Final Verdict

While both platforms have a multitude of uses, some situations simply are better fit for one or the other. For example, a company just starting out might prefer to use Adwords, simply because it generates hits and views faster. Again, this is because one is paying to be the first or second ad showing up in a search, whereas SEO is paying to help rank better in those same searches. For a company that may be a bit older, SEO may be the better choice. This broader range of hits and views may take longer to secure than Adwords, but assuming this older company already has a few customers, it should not be a problem as the diversity and range that comes with SEO will bring in a broader group of people. While Adwords will not boost a company’s orgranic search results, it will put the companies ad at the top of the search result that gets paid for. Again, it should be taken under consideration that these paid ads will be disclosed, meaning the searching user can see that it is an advertisement. This can lead them not to click it, depending on what exactly it is they are searching for. In short, Adwords is best for fast results, and for new customers for a company just starting out, and SEO is better for an already established company wanting to broaden their audience.


In totality, both platforms are useful when it comes to marketing, and generating traffic for websites, companies and brands. However, there are pros and cons, and features that each one has specifically, that the other does not. When it comes to deciding which one is most fitting for the project at hand, one needs to weigh the pros and cons. In short, if a specific targeted group or audience is sought after, Google Adwords might be the better option, whereas SEO would work better for a more generalized open group of people. With that being said, using both platforms in unison could also make a huge difference when it comes to generating growth and reach among the world.

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