As more and more lawyers continue to flock the legal arena with each dawn, it is now more critical than ever that attorneys take their firms online. The internet is where a majority of their prospects are, and is also the only place where they get a leveled competing ground. If you are planning on taking your firm online below are some of the essential elements that your website should have so you can attract and retain clientele.

1. Great UX design

They say that first impressions matter and this, as vague as it might sound it is true and applies even in the case of your law firm’s website. The UX design is often one of the main contributing factors to lead conversion. In other words, your UX design is what determines whether the prospect will stay or will leave your website immediately after they are redirected here by search engines. Therefore go beyond attractive when creating your law website by incorporating all essential features that make up an excellent UX design. For instance, ensure it has excellent response across all devices, it doesn’t take ages to load images, and it is easy to navigate from one page to another and is easy to use because not all clients who visit your site are tech savvy.

2. A strong about us page

Another vital element to every law firm website is a strong about us page. Most people tend to confuse this page with the blog, but it is essential to note these are entirely different. An about page is where you get to tell the world about your services while the blog is where you give more info on your practice areas. A strong about us page acts as your ID to the world, as here you get the chance to tell potential clients why you are in business, how you can help them and a little more about your firm. It helps add a human touch to a law firm’s website thereby creating a comfortable environment for new visitors thus encouraging them to take things further by contacting you.

3. Clear contact information

The primary reason why you are creating a law firm website is to attract and retain online clients. Once they find your site and are impressed, don’t make it hard for them to reach you. Therefore, every law website needs a clickable phone number which acts as a direct bridge that prospects can use to reach out. A good website should look like this website of los angeles criminal defense lawyers.

If you want them to contact you via email, ensure that the contact forms you put in place are easy to fill in, and if possible, have the live chat option in your site where they can leave their info for you to reach out later.

Also, ensure that your NAP is clear and consistent on every platform to prevent confusion. If prospects have to hunt for your contact information on the first day they visit your site they tend to have a negative opinion of you. They feel that you’ll be inaccessible even during the litigation process, hence giving them a reason to seek help from other lawyers.

4. A blog with great content

Great content is not only loved by both potential clients but the search engines, which explains why the catchphrase, “great content is king” was coined. Content is even more essential to a law firm website because most people are often in the dark when it comes to legal matters. Therefore when you create a blog that addresses their concerns, they are more likely to reach out to you as they feel you are experienced and knowledgeable enough to help them with their cases.

Again, it should be categorized accordingly for clients to find what they are looking for without breaking a sweat. For instance, if you specialize in multiple areas of personal injuries, separate them so every prospect can have an easy time. In other words, create a high quality and engaging blog page.

5. Client testimonials and a portfolio

Regardless of how great your UX design and content are, your clients will need proof of why your services are better than those offered by other lawyers; therefore, another critical must-have element on a law website is a good portfolio and testimonials which prove that the attorney met and surpassed the expectations of previous clients. Thus highlight your most recent successful cases and ask clients to write down a review both on your site and on Google as well. This helps build confidence in prospective clients.

Final Thoughts

The above tips help set you in the right direction if you are an attorney seeking success in this highly competitive arena.

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